Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 65 part 2

Chapter 65: This is not good part 2
When she cured patients, she never ever neglected any potentially dangerous factors. When she had treated Long Xiao Nan, she even had the Stellar System in her arsenal. It was impossible for the Stellar System to also miss something if something did slip past her eyes. Even if she might make mistakes, the Stellar System would never make a mistake.
“I’m being serious. Fifth Brother almost destroyed the entire Nan He Palace,” clarified Long Xiao Ze, thinking that Mu Zi Ling didn’t believe him. He had not exaggerated a single word.
Only the gods would know the terror that clutched him when he watched his Fifth Brother roll on the ground, holding his head in agony. When his Fifth Brother’s illness had kicked in before, he would at least have some consciousness left in him. However, went he was over this morning, his Fifth Brother hadn’t even noticed he was there, and had continued to scream in pain.
Mu Zi Ling did believe in what Long Xiao Ze said, she just didn’t believe that something could’ve went wrong during his operation. She was refused to think that something had slipped past the Stellar System. But, Long Xiao Ze didn’t seem like he was joking around at all.
Her brows furrowed, she was lost in her thoughts. The situation wasn’t as simple as it seemed.
Stopping her train of thoughts, Mu Zi Ling looked up and ordered, “Stop the carriage.”
“Third Sister in law, what’s wrong?” asked Long Xiao Ze hesitantly. Did she change her mind about going?
Mu Zi Ling didn’t answer Long Xiao Ze, instead, she turned to Xie and commanded, “Xie, get off the carriage and head back to the manor by yourself.”
She knew that her current situation was already really precarious, so she didn’t want Xie to accompany her. This time, she was afraid that the chances of her leaving unscathed was virtually nothing. If something happened, she wasn’t about to drag Xie down with her.
“Young Miss, this servant wants to go with you.”

Xie understood what the things Long Xiao Ze had said meant. Something serious was going on, she didn’t want to leave her Young Miss’ side.
The Empress had placed the Gu into a soup in an attempt to hurt her Young Miss. If something was going to happen again this time, she didn’t want her Young Miss to go through everything alone again.
“No, get off.” Mu Zi Ling flatly rejected Xie.
It would be better for Xie to not touch the waters of the Royal Palace. If she wasn’t careful, it would be really easy for her to fall into a trap. She was a hundred percent sure that she had cured Long Xiao Nan’s illness. Whether it was really because Long Xiao Nan’s illness had recurred, or if someone was trying to set up a trap for her, she would have to be very cautious.
“But Young Miss..” Although Mu Zi Ling’s cold tone had scared her, it still didn’t stop her from trying.
“If you want to come, then fine. However, you won’t be welcome by my side afterwards.” stated Mu Zi Ling seriously without a shift in expressions.

Mu Zi Ling understood that Xie was only worried about her, but she wasn’t going to let Xie stay just because of a few words. Not only would Xie be useless when she was in the Royal Palace, she might also become a burden.

“This.. this servant will leave the carriage immediately. Young Miss, you must be careful.”

Seeing how serious Mu Zi Ling was, Xie obeyed her and obediently left the carriage.
Only after Xie leave the carriage did she finally feel calm again.

She suddenly remembered Long Xiao Yu’s words: “If it is unnecessary, do not visit the Royal Palace”. She laughed bitterly to herself. They had only talked about it last night, yet she was already going against those words today. This world really liked throwing unwanted situations at her.

After Xie left the carriage, the carriage started to move again.

“Third Sister in law, this matter has not spread to the Empress Dowager’s ears yet. Let’s pick up our speed and see my Fifth Brother first,” reminded Long Xiao Ze soberly.

Mu Zi Ling naturally understood what Long Xiao Ze was trying to say. However, she didn’t put it too much in mind. Since Long Xiao Nan was already making such a huge comotion, the news would spread sooner or later to the Empress Dowager’s ears.
Plus, this matter was not as simple as some recurring symptoms. There was a high chance that his condition had come about because of another party. The person who was making this mess probably wanted everyone to be in a state of frenzy.

“It doesn’t matter whether we get there first or not,” laughed Mu Zi Ling bitterly, helplessly waving her hand.
She had already proclaimed to the Empress Dowager that she had been the one to open up Long Xiao Nan’s head in front of everyone. Back then it had been her who cured his illness, so why would she have any punishments? She even stole the Empress Dowager of her face when she had retorted, and left her with nothing to say.
Now that Long Xiao Nan’s illness had recurred everyone would think that she had done something.
They would say that she had been shamelessly contradicting the Empress Dowager that day. The Empress Dowager probably hated her down to her bones now, so this would be a perfect chance for her to get revenge. The Empress Dowager definitely wouldn’t let her go so easily this time.
It would be great if it was good fortune instead of disaster. However, if was disaster, there was no hiding.
On that day, Long Xiao Yu had promised her that he would protect her. However, that was under the condition that nothing bad happened to Long Xiao Nan. If Long Xiao Yu knew that Long Xiao Nan’s illness had recurred, would he assume that she had been lying to him all this time? Would he still help her?
Besides, the Empress Dowager would probably turn this tiny problem into a huge one and try drag Long Xiao Yu down with her. When that happened, would Long Xiao Yu push all the responsibilities onto her?
“Third Sister in law, didn’t you say that you removed Fifth brother’s illness completely? Why did his illness recur?” asked Long Xiao Yu finally.

 Although Mu Zi Ling was not in the mood to talk, she still answered Long Xiao Ze since he was so worried about her, “He was cured. I’m also not sure why it has recurred. I have to take a look at him first to know what’s wrong.”

“Yeah. First thing’s first. Taking a look at him,” mused Long Xiao Ze as he thoughtfully nodded his head. Then he groaned, “Third Brother is not in the Royal Palace today, so he won’t be able to help us. Let’s hope that the Empress Dowager doesn’t come to look for trouble today.”

Gui Ying went to look for him last night to tell him that his Third Brother would be out of town to investigate something today. He had asked Gui Ying a few questions, but Gui Ying had been unwilling to answer any of them.

It was like talking to a block of wood. He didn’t even say a single thing when Long Xiao Ze had asked him about Long Xiao Yu’s whereabouts. All Gui Ying did was warn him to be careful. Now that something urgent had happened, he couldn't even find his Third Brother.

Long Xiao Yu was not in the Royal Palace? Hearing that sentence had Mu Zi Ling’s heart suddenly jumping around in terror. Why did she keep getting the feeling that something really bad was going to happen, especially since she had lost her support? The feeling was very nerve racking. She didn’t like this at all.
The moment they arrived at the Royal Palace, they were stopped by a group of people.

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