Virtual World: Conquering the World

Virtual World: Conquering the World

Initially I am just another ordinary gamer. I often wondered how my novice skills compare with real masters, the professional gamers.
Then one day, two stunning beauties asked me, “Are you willing to be a professional gamer, and conquer the world?”
I replied: “Yes, I am willing”
After that, bit by bit, I unknowingly become a professional gamer, and conquered the world!
This is my story.
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  1. I just wanted to point this out for you but gravity and someone before it has already started and I believe it is translated up to 20 some chapters
    They have stopped so I am very glad that someone is translating it because I quite enjoyed it

    1. I've talked to GGP from gravity and he was fine with my continuing this. The reason why I started from the beginning was because I felt like retranslating all of it.

  2. Any new chapters being translated?

    1. I'm doing new chapters and reTled chapters at the same time.

  3. Just curious as to howw often we can expect new chapters to be released? Haha currently just checking daily << more than a few times a day haha

    1. Alright thanks :) Any specific day of the week or just whenever?:P thanks for translating by the way appreciate it!

    2. I just pump out a chapter whenever I have the free time from the series that I have a regular schedule for.

  4. hey man how many projects r u handling? u are a god man

  5. Really have to say thank you for all the hard work

  6. Anything we can do to up the update rate to this story? It not even on your Patreon list and with your current update rate (roughly 1 chapter every 9 days) well end date is somewhere around 28yrs from now. This is actually my favorite story of yours.

  7. Hello, why they are no translation since chapter 45 ? Do you stop it ? :(

    1. Seems like this story might have been dropped.... Again :( boo hope that isn't the case.

    2. Hmm, I'm busy so I only have time to work on this side project when I have free time. That usually means 1 chapter per 2-3 weeks.

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  9. Thanks for the chapters really like this novel

  10. Hi, masse realeses for when ? Thx

  11. Hey man,is the novel dropped? I think it hasn't updated sometimes for now. I really enjoyed reading it😣

  12. can you put (Virtual World: Conquering the World) on patreon for earlier releases? would pay for it