Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 828

Chapter 828: Whatever you want
“I wasn’t leaving, I just wanted to find…..”  Her words stopped short.

Mo Chuan suddenly raised his head and kissed her lips.

Her eyes opened wide, looking at him in a daze.  Why does he always kiss when he wants, not giving her any bit of warning.

But following this, her heart began to beat fast.  He should have thought it through now, were they really going to the nuptial chambers?

This always began with a kiss.

She closed her eyes and began to focus on the kiss.  Her face was very red and her heart beat very fast. Her soft as cotton body began to slowly warm up inside his embrace.

His breathing became faster as his face was filled with a layer of red.  He just wanted to kiss her, but he gradually he couldn’t resist. His kissing became more and more passionate, reaching a point where he couldn’t stop.

He wanted to move away, but he couldn’t bear to do so.  Adding in the fact she was tightly being held in his arms, he was deeply mesmerized.

His temperature rose and Mo Chuan felt like his body was on fire.

So hot!

He suddenly pushed aside the blanket and pushed her down underneath him.  However, he didn’t put any of his body weight on her because he knew she couldn’t take it.

He closed his eyes and his heart was lost in kissing her.  He kissed her deeply and when he felt his response, he was so happy that he almost soared into the heavens.  It was becoming harder and harder for him to control himself.

Without knowing when, his hand had already moved down from her smooth face and down her slender white neck.  He was slowly moving downwards into her clothes. What followed next was the place he wanted to touch, but didn’t dare do so.

He stopped.

“Ning’er, I…..I want to touch you, can I?”

He took a breath and his lips moved to her ears.  He spoke in a low and hoarse voice that was filled with a suppressed excitement.

Chen Ning was in a daze from his kiss and her cheeks were flushed red.  She replied without even thinking, “Of course you can, we have already had our wedding ceremony.  I…..am already married to you, you can do whatever you want…..”

Before she even finished, Mo Chuan had already covered her lips.

He felt that if she kept talking, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Whatever he wanted!

Didn’t she know how much a temptation this was for a man?  His determination wasn’t enough, he couldn’t hold it back!

Mo Chuan’s breathing became chaotic, but his heart instantly calmed down.

It wasn’t the time to want her yet.

His hand came out of her clothes and he helped her fix her messy clothes.  He then held her in his embrace and put the blankets back on before kissing her face.  He said in a gentle voice.

“Ning’er, go to sleep.”

“Mo Chuan, you…..You don’t want me?”

Chen Ning just stared at him, biting her lips as her eyes filled with confusion.

He was clearly so excited that his body was trembling, but he still controlled himself.  What she couldn’t understand was why he was restraining himself!

“I do, so much that I’m about to go crazy!”  He replied in a low voice.

“Then why are you stopping yourself?  You’ve said before that you wanted to wait for the day we were in our nuptial chambers, but isn’t that time now?  Is it because you think I’m not clean? Is it because I’ve been touched by Chu Shao Yang? If it’s like this, I won’t force you!  You can leave now!”

Her chest was filled with anger.  Of course she knew that she was clean, but she wouldn’t tell him that.  If he truly loved her, he wouldn’t care about that!

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