Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 33

Chapter 33: A ghost in front of the bed
Chen Ning leaned back in the chair as she lazily said, “My eyes have never read anyone wrong before, that Xia He wasn’t lying.  I don’t think she’ll go and report to Chu Shao Yang.  Un, I’m tired.”
She gave a yawn, then she stood up and slowly walked over to the bed.
There were too many things that happened in just a single day.  She was very tired and just wanted to have a good sleep.
She had to recover her energy because what was waiting for her tomorrow was definitely a violent storm.
She fell down on the bed and closed her eyes, instantly falling asleep.
“Young miss……”
Xiao Ru hesitantly stood in front of the bed.
Chen Ning suddenly opened her eyes.  She tapped the tip of Xiao Ru’s nose as she intimately smiled and said, “Little girl, if I don’t dispel the doubts in your heart, will you not be able to sleep?”
“That’s right young miss.”  Xiao Ru bitterly nodded her head, “Please tell this servant.  This servant is about to die from curiosity.”
“What you want to ask me is why I’m certain that Xia He didn’t lie to me, right?”  Chen Ning smiled.
“That’s right young miss!”  Xiao Ru’s chin fell down.  Her thoughts had been guessed by Chen Ning once again, how was this possible!
“Come and sleep with me, then I’ll tell you.”  Chen Ning saw the black bags under Xiao Ru’s eyes and felt her heart ache.
Xiao Ru immediately and obediently got on the bed, lying down beside her.  Her eyes were open wide and she didn’t turn her head.
Just like a little girl who was looking forward to hearing a story.
Chen Ning lightly laughed as she lovingly rubbed Xiao Ru’s hair.  She blew out the candle and the two of them lied down together.
The moonlight was like water as it dimly shined in through the window, turning the room silver white.
“If you want to see if a person is telling the truth or lying, it isn’t very difficult.  You need to pay attention to every one of their movements, especially their eyes.”
Under Xiao Ru’s anticipation, Chen Ning finally began to slowly speak.  She tried to say it in a way that was as easy as possible to understand.
“When she was telling the truth, her eyes wouldn’t move or would just move a tiny bit.  When she was lying, then her eyes would unconsciously move to the top right.  Now think carefully, when I suddenly asked Xia He if she was the one who poisoned me, didn’t her eyes move to the top right?”
Xiao Ru tilted her head as she thought for a bit.  Then she suddenly clapped her hand and shouted, “She did, she did!”
She looked at Chen Ning with a face of awe, “Young miss, how do you know this much!  This servant remembered that you weren’t like this before, it seems like you’ve become a completely different person!”
The smile on Chen Ning’s face froze for a second.
That’s right, she had become a different person.
But she felt that she couldn’t tell Xiao Ru the truth.  If she knew that she was a wandering spirit from the modern era, this honest little girl would be scared beyond compare.
“Alright, now you should close your eyes and sleep!”  She stared at Xiao Ru.
Xiao Ru instantly stuck out her tongue and then obediently closed her eyes.  After a while of deep breathing, she fell into the land of dreams.
Chen Ning also closed her eyes in exhaustion as she prepared to go to sleep.
As she was feeling hazy, just like she had just woke up from sleeping, she heard a light “chi” laughing sound coming from beside her ear.  It was like someone had blown a breath of air at her ear which made her suddenly wake up.
“Who?”  She opened her eyes and asked in a low voice.
A person was standing in front of her bed with their back facing the moonlight.  It was hard to see their face and their clothing was fluttering in wind, making them seem like a ghost.
Opening one’s eyes in the middle of the night, suddenly realizing there was this ghostly figure in front of their bed.  Anyone that was human would have fainted in fright.
However Chen Ning was very calm.  She picked up the candle beside her bed and threw it at the ghostly figure.
“I don’t care if you’re human or ghost, scram!”

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