Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 838

Chapter 838: I’m not afraid, so what are you afraid of
She asked Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan knit her brows and replied after thinking about it for a while, “I think it should be because their ancestors are used to migrating and living in tents, so they aren’t used to living in buildings.  As for bridges, is it because they lack craftsmen who can build bridges?”

“Of course not!”  She shook her head.

“Then what is the reason?”

“The reason is very simple.  This is because the East Qin Country is mainly made up of grasslands and this soil is very loose, especially suited for plants.  However, this soil is not suited for building houses on because there is a sediment layer under the surface which does not allow one to build a stable foundation.  If the foundation isn’t stable, the house built on top will quickly crumble. This is why the East Qin Country has always lived in tents and never built any bridges across their rivers!  It isn’t that they don’t want to live in stable homes and not because they don’t have any master craftsmen, it’s because they can’t do it at all!”

Chen Ning said it very clearly that Mo Chuan immediately understood.  But what he couldn’t understand was why she was so clear on this.

What sediment layer, what can’t build houses without a stable foundation…...It was all clear and logical!

Even the well read emperor did not know as much as she did.

“Then the drawing you gave him was to solve the sediment layer problem, allowing them to build stable houses and bridges?”  He asked.

“That’s right!  I have read books on East Qin and understood this drawback on their land.  It was very hard for their ancestors to live in migratory tents, with bone chilling winters and incomparably hot summers.  They want to be like our West Chu, living in tall and spacious houses, but they can’t do so. The houses they make will collapse within a month and it is very inconvenient for them without bridges.  So, when Na Mu Cuo saw my drawings, naturally he treated them as a treasure since he is a talented man. Allowing the hundreds of thousands of East Qin citizens live in stable houses and building a bridge on every one of East Qin’s rivers, this was what he always dreamed of!  Compared to his dreams, I am just a trivial woman, what do I count for? Mo Chuan, if you were Na Mu Cuo, what would you have picked?”

Her voice was very clear as her bright eyes looked at him.

Mo Chuan replied with hesitation, “Of course I pick you!”

Yi!  His response actually surpassed Chen Ning’s expectations.

Mo Chuan held her and kissed her cheek.  He said with a smile, “Our West Chu already have stable houses and bridges, so of course I want you.  Na Mu Cuo treats those drawings as treasures, so he was willing to pick those drawings over you. He is named the smartest person in the world, but from what I can see, he isn’t that smart.”

“Why?”  Chen Ning looked at him.

“If I was him, I would pick you.  If I had you, would I be afraid of not having the drawings?”

She shook her head and seriously said, “This is because I told him that if he picked me, I would marry him, but he would never obtain those drawings from me.  When I said this, with how smart Na Mu Cuo is, he will never make the wrong decision.”

Mo Chuan took in a cold breath, “If he picked you, you would really marry him?”  The muscles on his chin couldn’t help tightening.

“Yes, I would, but I had confidence he definitely wouldn’t have picked me.”  Chen Ning smiled and poked his tense face, “I’m not afraid, so what are you afraid of!”

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