Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Well matched enemy
He wanted to make Chen Ning watch this man bleed in front of her.  He wanted her to wail and beg for mercy, letting her watch this man be tortured to death in front of her.

He wanted to let Chen Ning see this man be cut up into pieces and then slowly eaten by the dogs!

He wanted to let everyone know what happened when one approached Chu Shao Yang’s woman!

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes glowed with a cold and sinister light as his lips drew back into a cruel smile as if he could see the scene itself.

The sword in his hand was like a snake as it instantly appeared in front of Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan did not move out of the way at all.  It was unknown if he was frozen with fear or if he just could not dodge it at all.

“Xiao Hei, be careful!”

Although she had seen Mo Chuan reveal his amazing martial arts, seeing Chu Shao Yang’s mighty sword, Chen Ning’s heart couldn’t help feeling tight.

The reminder she gave made Chu Shao Yang even angrier.

She was his princess and his woman, but she was calling out for another man!  She did not even care about him, her own husband!

“Cheap woman, this king will first kill him and then I’ll kill you!”  He gave a wild roar and the Spirit Snake Sword stabbed at Mo Chuan’s wrist.

Chu Shao Yang revealed a grin.

“What’s wrong?”

His smile suddenly froze and his eyes turned white as he stared at the tip of his sword.

That sword did not pierce through Mo Chuan’s wrist, but rather it was caught between his two fingers just like magic.  It was frozen there, not moving at all!

Chu Shao Yang forcefully pulled back, but it was stuck in between Mo Chuan’s finger, completely unmoving.

His heart trembled and all the internal energy in his body was sent into his right arm.  He moved back and wildly shouted, “Come back!”

“Alright, then have your sword back.”  Mo Chuan gave a cold laugh and his fingers let go.

Chu Shao Yang used his strength, but he did not know that Mo Chuan would suddenly let go, sending him through the air.  All the blood in his body flowed up and his chest suffered a heavy impact, feeling like a hammer slamming into it.  He couldn’t help opening his mouth and then spat out blood with a “wa” sound.

Everyone was stunned and could not understand what just happened.

They saw his highness stab his sword at the black clothed man, but his sword was caught between the black clothed man’s fingers.  Then his highness had shouted to let go and the black clothed man had obediently let go.  In the end, his highness had spat out a mouthful of blood like he had been heavily injured.

What had just happened?

The others could not understand, but Chu Shao Yang understood deep down in his heart.

The anger and killing intent on his face disappeared and his expression turned serious.  He held his chest as he took in a deep breath and then slowly let it out.

With just this one cycle of his internal energy, he could already tell that he had been heavily injured.
Expert!  This was an absolutely unfathomable master.

Although Mo Chuan only revealed this one move and caught his sword with his fingers, in a fight between experts, a single move was enough to determine life and death.

As for Mo Chuan’s reflecting power move, it was perfectly used, being used at the perfect opportunity.  He actually used Chu Shao Yang’s own internal energy to shock his own organs!

This move not only showed that Mo Chuan’s martial art skills were strong, it also showed that he was very intelligent.

This was a worthy opponent that could not be looked down on!

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