Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Acting out a good play
Chu Shao Yang returned to the palace and walked right for the Intoxicated Flower Pavillion where Chen Bi Yun was staying.
He had a very heavy look on his face.  The palace servants that saw him all quickly became silent.  When they saw that his highness’ mood was this bad, no one dared to offer their greetings.
Chu Shao Yang indeed had a stomach filled with anger.
After the court was dismissed, a group of officials had came over and offered him their congratulations, hoping that he would have a child soon.  He had no way of responding and could only smile as he faced the laughing crowd, he almost exploded from holding it in.
All of this embarrassment was given to him by his princess, Chen Ning.  Thinking of it all, he felt the urge to kill someone.
Once Chen Bi Yun saw his face filled with killing intent, she was shocked.  She quickly came over to comfort him.
Chu Shao Yang sat down and said through gritted teeth, “Where’s Mother Lin?”
Once Mother Lin heard that Chu Shao Yang was back, she quickly rushed over.  Hearing his highness call her name, she quickly came forward.
Chu Shao Yang raised his head and looked at Mother Lin in the corridor.  He said in a cold voice, “How was the thing I asked you to do?”
Mother Lin bowed and replied, “Reporting to your highness, as per your orders, this old servant led a group of family law enforcers to the princess’ abode.  The princess has been punished according to the family laws and is currently lying in bed, unable to move.  This old slave estimates that it will take around ten days to half a month before she recovers.  During this time, she will not be able to leave her bed.”
Once Chen Bi Yun heard her, she could not help but reveal a look of disappointment.
Only making her stay in bed for ten days to half a month?  Why didn’t you just beat her to death!
She looked down and hatred filled her eyes.
Chu Shao Yang felt like he finally vented out some of his anger.  He viciously said, “That cheap girl didn’t die, it really is letting her off easy!”
He did not have the slightest bit of doubt about Mother Lin’s words.  He waved his hand and said, “It’s been hard on you Mother Lin.  You’ve performed this task very well, go and receive your reward.”
Turning around, he saw that Chen Bi Yun’s eyes were red.  She said with misty eyes, “Your highness, the reason my sister caused trouble at our wedding and ran away from the palace is all because of this concubine.  Because this concubine adores your highness too much, she couldn’t help herself.  This concubine did not steal your highness away on purpose and not my sister is hurt, this concubine feels truly guilty.  Your highness, please send the best doctor to cure my sister and let her recover faster.  Otherwise, how could this concubine face her elder sister?”
Her tears began to stream down her face and she began to sob, it was just like rain falling off a pear flower.  Seeing this, Chu Shao Yang felt pain inside his heart.
Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help holding her in his arms, “Yun’er, you’re too kind.  She treats you like this and you’re still thinking about her.  This king truly likes a good girl like you.  As for a ruthless elder sister like Chen Ning, it’d be best if she was beaten to death!”
Once he mentioned Chen Ning, the gentle look in his eyes disappeared.  It was replaced with a sinister look.
“Your highness, no matter how badly she treats this concubine, she is still this concubine’s elder sister.  This concubine will never blame her sister.  Moreover, everything is this concubine’s fault.  This concubine clearly knew that your highness and elder sister were engaged, yet towards your highness she…..”  Chen Bi Yun’s voice slowly became quieter as she shyly buried her head down.
She knew that more pitiful she seemed by putting all the blame on herself, the more sympathetic Chu Shao Yang would feel towards her and the more he would be disgusted by Chen Ning.
Naturally, Chu Shao Yang completely fell for her act.  He forcefully pulled her in closer and said in an even more gentle voice, “Yun’er, when talking about the love between this king and you, it was this king that fell in love with your kindness.  You must remember, you never have to feel like you’ve offended that vile woman, you never have to feel like you’ve done her wrong!”

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