Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 94

Chapter 94: People can’t be judged by their appearances
Chen Ning watched as the middle aged man left and then put away the red packet.  Her hand slightly sunk down.  Unexpectedly it was pressing down on her hand.

This red packet was not big, but it was quite heavy.  It was easy to tell that what was inside wasn’t just silver pieces, rather it was gold.

She gently brought back her lips and revealed a smile.

She hadn’t thought that there would be so many local rich folk in this era.

“Next.”  She placed the red packet into Xiao Ru’s hand and continued.

Xiao Si felt like he could not move his feet and his eyes just stared at Chen Ning.  He did not even blink as he watched her divine other people’s fortunes.

To be honest, before this moment, he did not feel that this girl was special at all.

The main thing special about her was her face which was a yellow colour.  As well as her clear and wise eyes, there was nothing special about her at all.

He could not understand why his master was so interested in this girl.

If he wanted a girl, there were many beautiful girls in his master’s house.  But even with all those beautiful girls, his master never spared them a glance.  Why would he be so entranced by this girl?
But after personally seeing her calculate people’s fortunes, he found that he had completely ignored the other party’s normal appearance and was completely captivated by the way she spoke.

He felt that he was completely being entranced just by listening and had completely forgotten about the things his master had entrusted him with.

The black clothed man just waited there.  When he saw that Xiao Si was not coming back, he couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.

The follower that went around with him was quite skilled in martial arts.  One should not look at his age because he was a genius in martial arts.  Normal people were not his opponents and even if it was an Jianghu expert, he could still cope with two-three of them.

So his first reaction was that Xiao Si had encountered a problem.

His figure flashed and like a hawk on the edge of the crowd he just watched the dense crowd without a single opening in front of him.

He very slowly began to walk forward like he was taking a stroll, just like the crowd in front of him did not exist.

The crowd felt an invisible pressure and they couldn’t help moving apart, creating a road for him.
“Xiao Si!”  He had not reached the centre and he had already spotted Xiao Si.

The kid had an enchanted expression as he looked forward.  He had no idea what he was listening to that made him so enthralled.

“Master…..”  The man’s deep voice awoke Xiao Si from his dream and he saw that the black clothed man was standing in front of him.  This finally reminded him of his task and he couldn’t help being filled with guilt.

“Did I send you here to listen to a script, un?”  The black clothed man’s voice had no anger or joy, but it contained a cold tone that made Xiao Si feel a chill run down his back.

“It’s not a script reading.  Master, it’s…...it’s that girl!  Look, she’s calculating other people’s fortunes!”  Xiao Si swallowed his saliva and quickly pointed at Chen Ning.

Sure enough, once he finished speaking, he saw his master’s cold eyes that were staring at him turn into the direction he was pointing at.

It’s her!

The black clothed man’s eyes suddenly focused on what he was staring at.

When his eyes fell onto the “accurately foretelling the future” sign, they slightly trembled.

Calculating people’s fortunes, she actually knew how to do this?

One could not judge people by their appearances.  A great mind could not be fathomed.

The black clothed man revealed an interested look in his eyes.

He just stood there quietly within the crowd as he watched Chen Ning sitting at the table divining people’s fortunes.

There was a thirty year old scribe sitting in front of Chen Ning.  He had a very handsome face and was wearing a blue robe.  The man gave of a heavy scholarly feel, but his brows were knit as if he was hiding something he could not talk about.

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