Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 238

Chapter 238: You can watch it, but you can’t obtain it
Lan Xiang had already left quite early, preparing the bed for the two of them before leaving.

On the high and soft bed, the two of them slept together.

Chen Bi Yun felt like she had just eaten honey.  Turning her head, she watched Chu Shao Yang’s handsome face and that straight, jade like nose.  She couldn’t help reaching out and touching his chest, feeling his smooth and soft skin.

Chu Shao Yang slightly opened his eyes and then held her hand, not letting her touch.  Revealing a smile, he asked, “Yun’er, what are you doing?  Are you provoking this king?”

Chen Bi Yun’s face went red with shyness as she coyly said, “Your highness, you’re making fun of me.”

With her eyes filled with affection, she kept looking over at Chu Shao Yang.

Even a blind man could see what she meant.  Chu Shao Yang revealed an evil smile and blew out the candle, throwing the bedroom into darkness.

He reached out his arms to pull Chen Bi Yun in and let her lie down on his chest.  Stroking her hair, he said, “Have a good sleep.  You suffered a huge shock today and the doctor already said that you need to properly rest.”

After he finished speaking, he just silently hugged her.  His eyes closed and his breathing became calmer as he quickly fell asleep.

Chen Bi Yun was stunned as her heart filled with burning love quickly turned cold.

She laid there in Chu Shao Yang’s embrace, not daring to move at all.  However, smelling his fragrance coming from him, she found that her heart became even more moved and her body felt hot and bothered.  She really wanted to take off her clothes and let him make love to her, using as much force as he wanted…...

But she did not dare do so.  As a proper lady, she did not dare to speak of or take the initiative in relations to these kinds of things.  That was something the shameless women of the brothel did.

But she really did feel uncomfortable, like her body was being bitten by little bugs, but she couldn’t scratch the itch.  There was only one way to solve it.

Chen Bi Yun tightly bit her lips.  The more he hugged her, the more bothered she was.  She did not dare to move, but she felt so uncomfortable that she almost began to cry.

That taste, it was hard to forget after trying it once.

She already could not remember the last time she did that with Chu Shao Yang.  Ever since she married into the king’s palace, he had not touched her since.

Weren’t men all greedy cats that always wanted more fish after a single taste?  Why was it possible that he could hug her fragrant and gentle body, but not make a single move?

Chen Bi Yun began to think of all the time she spent on making that ginseng deer tail soup and couldn’t help grinding her teeth in anger.

It’s all that cheap person’s fault!

It was unknown how long passed, but she finally suppressed the emotions in her heart and finally fell asleep.

When she fell asleep, Chu Shao Yang suddenly opened his completely clear eyes.

His lips had a kind of faint smile as he looked at Chen Bi Yun with a mocking gaze.

How could he not understand what she was thinking?  The more she wanted it, the more he wouldn’t give it to her.

Ginseng deer tail soup?

He laughed at this!

Did he, Chu Shao Yang, need something like this!

This girl actually gave him this kind of stew!  He would let her taste what it would be like to want something and not get it.

Seeing her bothered appearance and hearing her heavy breathing, his heart was like an ancient well, not being displaced at all.  Rather, he felt that Chen Bi Yun’s current appearance was quite funny.

His eyes suddenly turned dark and the smile on his lips froze.

He was wondering what she was doing right now.

Thinking of Chen Ning, his sleepiness completely disappeared and he revealed a cold as ice stare.

If she dared to do anything that she shouldn’t do with that bodyguard, he, Chu Shao Yang would swear that he would make her…...wish she was dead!

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