Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 372

Chapter 372: My feelings towards you has never changed
Chu Shao Yang was silent for a second before replying, “This minister told the emperor that I would treat her well, cherish her, pamper her, and love her, never changing how I feel.”

“Very good, you still remember!”  Mo Chuan coldly said, “Then the three reasons your princess just mentioned, are they all true?”

Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth and said, “They are.”

Mo Chuan slowly nodded, “Alright, since it’s like this, you have admitted to wronging young miss Chen, breaking your promise.  So, this one will make a decree today for your separation.  Do you have anything else to say?”

Chu Shao Yang looked up, not avoiding the emperor’s gaze as he spoke in a calm voice.

“This minister can only say a single thing, I do not agree!”

His back was straight as his eyes slowly swept across the hall, seeing everyone look at him with gazes filled with contempt.  It was already enough to make Chen Bi Yun wish she could die from the shame, but he revealed no shame at all on his face.

“Chu Shao Yang!”

If it wasn’t for Mo Chuan’s firm as a mountain disposition, even he would have gone forward to slap this shameless person in the face.

The contempt everyone felt for Chu Shao Yang peaked.

The eldest princess would not even look at him as she lifted a jug of wine to her mouth.  She was afraid that she would lose control and kill that brat right now.

Chu Shao Yang no longer looked at the crowd.  He reached out and pulled Chen Ning up from the ground, looking at her without even blinking.

“Ning’er, if this king tells you that the truth is not as you described it and none of those three things are true, would you still want to separate from this king?”

It wasn’t true?

Everyone was stunned as they stared at Chu Shao Yang.

Chen Ning was also stunned for a second before coming back to her sense and coldly pushing away Chu Shao Yang’s hand.

“Chu Shao Yang, do you mean to say that I’ve wronged you?  I’m just telling lies and the one that was wronged is you?”  She gave a sarcastic laugh.

The facts were given, but he didn’t give up, refusing their separation.  Did he really care about her face that much?

“Ning’er, everything you said today is right and this king has wronged you, but it wasn’t this king’s fault.  This king did not wish to wrong you and betray you, but it was all because this king did not know that person was you!”

Chu Shao Yang slowly said this.

As his voice fell, Chen Bi Yun’s body trembled and her face instantly turned white.

What did he mean by not knowing that person was you?

No matter how smart Chen Ning was, she still could not understand Chu Shao Yang.

“Chu Shao Yang, what do you mean?  In front of the emperor, you still want to play your tricks!”

She revealed a frown and angrily glared at him.

“This king will never betray your heart!  Because this king’s feelings towards you has never changed!  The heavens and earth can testify to this and the sun and moon can be my witness!”  Chu Shao Yang firmly said.

“Chu Shao Yang, do you even want face!  Lying like this, aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning!”

The one angrily shouting wasn’t Chen Ning, but rather the eldest princess.

She couldn’t endure it any longer as she flew out of her seat.  This movement was even too fast for Ye Ting Xuan to stop.  Her sword quickly flew out, stabbing at the distracted Chu Shao Yang.

Everyone in the hall suddenly called out.

Chu Shao Yang just stood there without moving.  His unblinking eyes continued to stare at Chen Ning, as if there was no one else there.  He even ignored the cold glowing sword approaching him.

He did not move, dodge, duck, or block it.  The tip of the eldest princess’ sword stabbed into the clothes covering his chest.

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