Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Hero saving the beauty
The only thing left was the pockmarked man who had been turned into a pig face and that ruffian whose living status was unknown after being taken care of by the black clothed man.

“Master, good universal sleeve move!”  The blue clothed youth Xiao Si came from the corner of the alley.  He smiled as he walked over and he revealed a thumbs up at the black clothed man.

He was just flattering the black clothed man, but it was also said for Chen Ning to hear.

The black clothed man gave a cold snort and looked at Xiao Si with a cold gaze.

Xiao Si immediately knew that his flattery was no use, then he closed his mouth and lowered his head.  He took advantage of the moment that the black clothed man wasn’t paying attention to secretly stick out his tongue.

“This miss, this one has come late to save you and caused you to be frightened.”

The black clothed man turned around and looked at Chen Ning.  His voice was very calm without any fluctuations at all.

His voice was somewhat low, but it was very magnetic and good to listen to.  At the same time, it was a little dry without any warmth at all.

He was very tall and slender, having to slightly look down when he was facing her.  It actually gave her a kind of oppressive feeling, making it hard for her to breathe.

Chen Ning couldn’t help twitching her lip and moving back a step, wanting to move away from the pressure his body unconsciously emitted.

“No, no, this black clothed hero has arrived right on time.  If you came a second later, then we would have been in a bad situation.”  She gave a superficial smile as she spoke.

She glanced over at the corner of the alley and gave an satirical smile, “Actually the view from that area is not that great.  Next time, you should try going to a different spot, it’ll give you a better view.”

Although the black clothed man had appeared in the dangerous situation and saved her and Xiao Ru, she did not feel any bit of gratitude.  Rather she just felt that this was all ridiculous.

From the moment she saw the black clothed man appear, she could guess that him and the one called Xiao Si must have come earlier, but didn’t make a move.  They were hiding in a corner and silently as those ruffians assaulted the two unarmed girls.  They were waiting until the last moment for the black clothed man to suddenly appear in front of her as her savior and to defeat all the ruffians.

If one made it sound good, it would be called “hero saving the beauty”, but if one made it sound bad, it would be called “taking advantage of someone in danger”!

If it was any other girl that encountered this situation, they would definitely be grateful towards the black clothed man.

But Chen Ning was not that easy to trick.  She had seen through the black clothed man’s intentions with a single glance.  She did not feel the slightest bit of gratitude towards him and instead felt contempt!

Once she finished talking, Xiao Si’s face suddenly turned red.

He immediately lowered his head and did not even dare to look at Chen Ning.  He blamed his master in his heart.  Why didn’t you just help them earlier?  The result was…..not receiving any gratitude, but rather being scolded by the girl until he didn’t dare raise his head.

The black clothed man’s face remained expressionless, but there was a trace of embarrassment that flashed in his eyes.  He couldn’t help covering his mouth and coughing twice.

He had not expected Chen Ning to see through him like this.  Moreover, she directly exposed him, not being polite at all.

He couldn’t help feel his face turning red, like being slapped by someone.

While the black clothed man and Xiao Si were feeling embarrassed, a pleasantly surprised voice sounded out.

“Lots of money…...You’re young master lots of money!”

Xiao Ru recovered from her fright.  When she saw the black clothed man, her face filled with surprise.

“Young miss, look, the hero who saved us is lots of money…...Young master money!”

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