Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 67

Chapter 67: The treasure that fell from the sky
The black clothed man was feeling very uncomfortable.
He couldn’t help touching his nose.  He couldn’t think of when he had offended this girl.  Why did it seem like she didn’t want to deal with him?
Was it because he had been tricked out of fifty silver coins by that swindler when they had met for the first time?  Did he leave the impression that he was a silly person with a lot of money and would never have the chance to change that?
“Divine chef, the pen and paper is here.  Please demonstrate your skills to us.”  The waiter brought over the pen and paper and placed it in front of Chen Ning.  His voice was filled with ridicule.
Everyone had a mean spirited smile on their face as the prepared to see Chen Ning fail.
Chen Ning slowly picked up the pen.  Then she turned her back to the audience and began to write.
Everyone could see her hand moving, but they couldn’t see what she was writing down.  That did not stop the crowd from laughing at Chen Ning.
“What cooking?  You seem more like you’re painting!”
“I read about a joke in a book before, it’s called drawing cakes to stave off hunger.  I never thought that I would actually see it today, ha, ha.”
“Everyone needs to look carefully, there might be a phoenix that flies out of the paper soon!”
Everyone pointed and laughed at her.
The shopkeeper was thinking the same thing as everyone else, he was certain that Chen Ning was just painting the four dishes.  He was prepared for the moment that she showed her painting so he could ruthlessly denounce her.
Chen Ning’s pen stopped and she looked at what she wrote.  Then she raised a corner to let the ink dry and she handed it over to the shopkeeper.
“Shopkeeper, do you think this paper is worth one thousand silver coins?”
Her lips curved up and she revealed a very relaxed smile.
Everyone’s eyes popped out.  When they looked at the piece of paper, they saw that it was completely filled with words and did not contain a single drawing.
But what they thought in their hearts was: This girl really knows how to boast.  How could this one piece of paper be worth one thousand silver coins?
Only the renowned Mister Zhang of the Lin Han Academy that even the emperor respected could sell a single word for a thousand silver coins.
The shopkeeper looked at the piece of paper with a look of disdain.  He gave a snort and his eyes filled with contempt as he disapprovingly looked at it.
With a single glance, his expression began to change.  From carelessly looking at it to becoming absorbed with what was written.  His eyes did not blink as he stared at the paper.  It was like what he was looking at wasn’t words, rather he seemed like was enamored by a flower.
Everyone in the crowd began feeling curious.  They stretched out their necks, wanting to see what was written on the paper.
But the shopkeeper suddenly turned around and blocked everyone’s view, the crowd could only see his face filling with excitement.  Then he grabbed onto the piece of paper and began to shake it, just like he had received a treasure that fell out of the sky.
“Waiter, go to the accounts room.  Bring over a thousand silver coins and give them over to this young miss.”
There was no hesitation in his voice.  He had not read the piece of paper for long before quickly folding it up and placing it in his sleeves.  He even quickly looked around himself, as if he was afraid that other people would covet it.
The surrounding crowd was all dying from their curiosity.  What was written on that paper that it could make this shopkeeper not hesitate to give away a thousand silver coins?
The waiter’s chin fell down as if he could not believe what he had just heard.
The shopkeeper kicked his butt as he scolded, “Stinky brat, are you deaf?  Why are you not getting the money yet!”

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