Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Are you considered that old?
“Where are the people living in this courtyard?  Old Mother Lin has already appeared and yet no one is here to welcome me?  You can’t even be considered deaf and blind!”
An arrogant voice came from outside the courtyard gates.
Xia He’s face fell as she said in a low voice, “This is bad.  It’s too late, Mother Lin is already here.  The one speaking is the most trusted servant Mother Lin has, Maidservant Feng.  She is the most ruthless dog that Mother Lin has by her side!”
The expression she showed seemed to be filled with anger.
Once Chen Ning saw this, she knew that Xia He must have had some kind of disagreement with this Maidservant Feng.
The door suddenly opened and Chun Tao ran in with a panicked look.  She screamed, “Princess, this is bad.  The steward of the king’s palace, Mother Lin is here.  She’s calling you to come out and greet her.”
Hearing this, Chen Ning could not help smiling.
This Mother Lin seemed to put on quite the air of importance.  She was just Chu Shao Yang’s nanny, so she should have an air of humility.  She was the servant and I am the lord, she actually expected this noble princess to come and to greet a servant like her?  This was truly funny!
It was clear that not a single person in this King Ding Yuan palace had placed her, the princess in their eyes.
Good, very good.
“Princess, Mother Lin is already in the courtyard.  You…….You should go and greet her.”
Chun Tao saw that Chen Ning was just casually sitting in the chair without moving.  She could help trying to remind her in a small voice.
As a servant of this palace, she naturally knew who she could never offend.  This Mother Lin was the number one person on this list.
Daring to not pay respects to Mother Lin, one should not hope to remain in this prince’s palace from now on.
Chen Ning raised her eyebrows.  Not only did she not stand up, she even laid back in the chair.  She lazily said, “Mother Lin?  Is she that old?  She wants this princess to go out, then doesn’t that mean this princess has no face?”
Chun Tao and Xie He’s faces turned white, as they looked in dismay at Chen Ning.
Oh god, the princess actually wants to not pay respect to Mother Lin?  Wasn’t this like stirring up a nest of wasps?
The flower engraved windows were half open and Chen Ning’s voice was not low.  From the open window, her voice was casually heard by the dozen maids and Mother Lin in the yard.  
Mother Lin had received Chu Shao Yang’s orders and had brought several law maids to come help uphold the family law.  Everyone one of them were filled with arrogance and none of them had put the an ignored princess like Chen Ning in their eyes.  They all thought that once Chen Ning had heard her maidservants’ reports, she would obediently come out to greet them.  Who would have thought they would be waiting to hear this sentence!
Maidservant Feng suspected that she had heard wrong and could not help digging her ears.  Then she asked the people around her, “Did you hear it clearly?  What did the people inside just say?”
The maids all had strange faces.  Finally a brave person said, “That princess seemed to have asked whether Mother Lin is really that old!”
Mother Lin was so angry that her face turned pale.  Her hand heavily grabbed onto the crutch she used and she sternly said, “The little people inside the room, come out for me now!”
She had been in the King Ding Yuan Palace for over twenty years, there was no one that dared to disrespect her in this palace.  Even his highness would also show respect to her.  Today this dumb little girl actually dared to disrespect her, how could she not be furious?
Chen Ning looked out the window, then she laughed and said, “There seems to be someone who farted outside, it smells really bad.  This princess will not go out to smell it.  Whoever farted, can be the one to bear with it.”
After she finished talking, Xiao Ru couldn’t hold it in as she burst out into laughter.  She quickly realized the trouble she caused and immediately covered her mouth.
Chun Tao and Xia He almost couldn’t hold in their laughter either, but the two of them were afraid of Mother Lin, how could they dare to laugh?  They could only try and hold it in.

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