Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 584

Chapter 584: Hei Wu Chang (Part 1)
“Little girl, don’t be afraid.  This old man will treat you properly.”  Hei Wu Chang saw Ye Yu Xi’s appearance and guessed what she was thinking, so he tried “comforting” her.

But, it was better if he didn’t say those words of comfort.  In the ears of others, it just sounded creepy!

“The King of Hell’s Palace are filled with things like you who aren’t human or ghost.”  Bai Jin Yi gave a cold snort, but he became more vigilant. Bai Jin Yi had only heard a bit about the King of Hell’s Palace’s cultivation techniques.”

The situation in front of him, Hei Wu Chang had killed countless people to reach his current cultivation.

“Brat, stop being this arrogant, this old man will suck you dry!”  Hei Wu Chang raised his skeleton like hand and large amounts of black energy came out.  It surrounded him and became a “cloak”.

“Look for a chance to make a move, I’ll hold him.”  Bai Jin Yi said to Ye Yu Xi in a low voice. After that, his spiritual energy swelled and formed a set of golden clothes.

But looking at concentration, the golden clothes around Bai Jin Yi were much less dense that Hei Wu Chang’s black clothes!


In the air, the two of them disappeared at the same time.  When they reappeared in front of Ye Yu Xi’s eyes, the two had already slammed into each other.

“Brat, you have some skills!”  Hei Wu Chang’s mouth opened and he spat out, sending black energy into Bai Jin Yi’s face.


Bai Jin Yi’s head was surrounded in golden flames that blocked the black energy.  However, although it blocked the black energy, it also blocked Bai Jin Yi’s line of sight.

“Be careful!”

Ye Yu Xi shouted.  That Hei Wu Chang, there was actually a third hand that came out of him!

No, it wasn’t a hand, it was a skeleton!


That skeleton club’s head was in the shape of a hand and there was sharp nail on top of it.  It flashed with light which suggested that the nail was not normal.

The skeleton club swept out and left a mark on Bai Jin Yi’s arm.

But there was no blood that came out, rather it made a long ear grating scratching sound.

With this sudden hit, Bai Jin Yi was forced back over ten meters.  His wings were flapping hard before he could stabilize himself.

Bai Jin Yi golden clothes had a large opening on the arm and the things inside were revealed.

Under the light of the sun, the clothes Bai Jin Yi were wearing revealed their true form.

“Heavenly Silkworm Silk?”

Hei Wu Chang was a bit confused.  With his skeleton club, even if he didn’t take care of this brat, it should have at least taken one of his arms.  When Hei Wu Chang saw Bai Jin Yi’s clothes, he suddenly understood.

“Good thing, no wonder this little girl is willing to follow you.  Being able to wear clothes made of Heavenly Silkworm Silk, your family backing must not be simple.  But, this kind of good thing, I want it all today!” Hei Wu Chang chanted a few words and the black energy around him surged again.

“I don’t have much spiritual energy left.  I will stop him and you seize the chance to make a move.  His weakness is his heart and head.”

Bai Jin Yi said to Ye Yu Xi.  He raised his spiritual energy and Bai Jin Yi formed a flame net!

“Insignificant skills.  Brat, with your cultivation, you’re wasting this treasure!”  Hei Wu Chang’s sunken eyes revealed a red glow and even his body was surrounded by a red glow, which also included the skeleton club he was holding.

The mountain wind blew.  Hei Wu Chang was only releasing a stench before, but now there was a bloody smell to it.  When Ye Yu Xi smelled this scent, it was like smelling a mountain of corpses or a sea of blood.


The skeleton club in Hei Wu Chang’s hand swept out with two red glows, slashing into that flame net.

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