Legend of the Asura Chapter 13

Chapter 13: A soft and weak girl
Feng Xiao was about to say goodbye to the village chief and go off to complete blacksmith Wang’s quest, but he suddenly remembered the equipment in his inventory and asked the village chief, “Grandpa Village Chief, are there appraisers in the Beginner Village?”

The village chief said, “I am the appraiser of the Beginner Village.  Wind Spirit, do you have equipments you need appraised?  Don’t blame me for being surprised, there are rarely any White Silver Equipment that show up in the Beginner Village.  I have never seen one before and in the entire Chinese Server, there have only been less than 50 that have been appraised.”

“The entire Chinese Server has less than 50 pieces?  Then wouldn’t I be considered 5% of that?  Eh…..I also have Yellow Gold Equipment.”  The village chief’s words could be trusted, so Feng Xiao’s heart filled with pride.  He slowly pulled out the 6 pieces of equipment and placed them into the village chief’s hands.  Then he looked forward to the village chief’s reaction.

Naturally, every time Feng Xiao took out a piece of Yellow Gold Equipment, the village chief’s mouth grew larger.  Once all 6 pieces had been taken out, the village chief’s mouth formed a giant “o” shape which Feng Xiao believed could fit an entire elephant.

“You…..You…..You actually killed a level 30 Yellow Gold Boss?”  The village chief asked in a stuttering voice.


“Grandpa Village Chief, how did you know?”  The village chief was shocked, but Feng Xiao was even more shocked.  The village chief unexpectedly knew the fact that he felt everyone would doubt.  Feng Xiao was now suspecting whether the village chief could read people’s memories or if he had the ability to know everything that happened in the Beginner Village.

“Really…..Wind Spirit, although you are the first person to become level 10 in the entire Chinese Server, your strength still exceeded my expectations.  I am now looking forward to see how you develop in the future.”  The village chief quickly returned to normal, after all, he is someone that has been through everything.

“But Grandpa Village Chief, how did you know?”  Feng Xiao asked with a surprised face.

“Wind Spirit, do you know why the entire Golden Wolf Set was dropped at the same time?”  The village chief gave a meaningful glance at Feng Xiao as he spoke.

“Why?”  Feng Xiao already had his doubts.  After all, having the full set drop the first time was something that was hard to believe.

“If you want the full set to drop, you need to fulfil two requirements.  The first one is that the boss must be 20 levels higher than you and the boss needs to be White Silver Grade of higher.  The second condition is that it has to be a perfect kill.  Once you satisfy those two conditions, there is a one in a thousand chance that the entire set will drop together.”

“As for perfect kill, it doesn’t mean a kill where you aren’t hurt at all.  It means killing something with a single hit.”

“A Yellow Gold Boss that’s 20 levels higher?  Perfect kill?  One in a thousand?  The conditions are so harsh!  But I actually fulfilled these requirements accidentally, I really did get lucky.”  Feng Xiao was secretly speechless.

“Wind Spirit, although I don’t know why a level 30 Yellow Gold Boss appeared in the Beginner Village and I don’t know how you killed it, I believe you must have used a very strong item, otherwise there is no way for you to instant kill a level 30 Yellow Gold Boss with just your level 10 power.”  The village chief stared at Feng Xiao as he spoke.

Feng Xiao secretly thought that the village chief truly was wise, he had guessed everything.  So, he nodded his head without denying anything and said, “Grandpa Village Chief, can you appraise these for me?”  Although he had to reach level 30 to use them, Feng Xiao was still impatient about seeing their stats.

The village chief turned the equipment in his hand and pondered for a bit before sticking out three fingers.

“Three gold coins?  That’s so expensive!”  Appraising these equipment actually required three gold coins, that was worth 3 RMB.  He had worked hard to kill white wolves since yesterday, but he had only earned two gold coins.  It hurt Feng Xiao quite a bit to take out three gold coins, but it was a good thing that the system gave him quite a bit for killing the Wolf Emperor.

“Fuck!”  The village chief began choking when he heard what Feng Xiao said.  He began to swear as he angrily shouted, “Three gold coins?  You’re dreaming!  It’s three hundred gold coins!  Listen carefully, three hundred!”

“What, three hundred gold coins?!”  Feng Xiao almost jumped up, “Don’t think that just because we’re close that you can cheat me.  Appraising equipment will actually take three hundred gold coins?  Are you crazy or am I crazy!”

The village chief stared at Feng Xiao.  Are we even that close?  We’ve only met twice.

“These are level 30 equipments and there are six of them.  Three hundred gold coins is already half price since you’ve found my necklace for me.”  The village chief said with an aggrieved face.

“......”  Feng Xiao was speechless.  Three hundred gold coins was three hundred RMB, the Ascend Group was too ruthless.

“Forget it, you even look like a poor person, with all your equipment being level 0.  I am feeling good today, so I’ll appraise it for free.”  After the village chief finished talking, he didn’t even wait for Feng Xiao to refute before using the “Appraisal Skill” a few times.

“The stats are not bad, they could even be considered high class among Yellow Gold Equipments.”  The village returned the appraised equipment back to Feng Xiao and then he revealed an arrogant face as he stopped paying attention to him.

Golden Wolf Fang Sword: Yellow Gold Equipment
Requirements: Level 30 Warrior Job
Attack Speed: Normal
A dual handed sword forged from the golden fang of the Golden Snow Wolf Emperor.  It is sharp beyond compare.
Attack +200, Strength +20, Vitality +10, Critical Rate +10%, 5% chance of dealing a tearing wound, and 30% decrease in MP consumption.  There is a 5% chance of triggering the skill “Violent Golden Wolf” with each attack which increase attack by 20% and decrease defense by 20%.

Attached skill:
Bloodthirst: Passive Skill.  Turns 10% of damage dealt into HP.

Golden Wolf Battle Helmet: Yellow Gold Equipment
Requirement: Level 30 Close Combat Job
Defense +80, HP +100, MP +100, Critical Rate +3%, Attack +20, Strength +20, Vitality +10, Agility +10, Wind Resistance +5%, and Luck +1.

Golden Wolf Wristguards: Yellow Gold Equipment
Requirement: Level 30 Close Combat Job.
Defense +50, Agility +20, Wind Resistance +5%, Attack +2%, Accuracy +5%, and Critical Rate +3%.

Golden Wolf Battle Clothes: Yellow Gold Equipment
Requirement: Level 30 Close Combat Job
Defense +150, Magic Damage reduced by 50, HP +150, MP +150, Strength +20, Vitality +20.  Attacks will deal an extra 50 wind damage.  There is a chance of reflecting all damage received, this armour will reflect 30% damage received.

Golden Wolf Battle Pants: Yellow Gold Equipment
Requirement: Level 30 Close Combat Job
Defense +100, HP +100, Strength +20, Vitality +20, Intelligence +20, Wind Resistance +5%, and Abnormal Status Resistance +5%.

Golden Wolf Battle Boots: Yellow Gold Equipment
Requirement: Level 30 Close Combat Job
Defense +50, Agility +50, Dodge Rate +20%, Move Speed +5.  There is a chance of triggering the “Shadow Wolf” effect, which completely dodges an enemy’s attack.

The Yellow Gold Equipment’s stats were truly powerful, each one was enough to bring a person’s power to another level.  Feng Xiao was satisfied as he returned them into his inventory.  Now he wouldn’t need to worry about getting level 30 equipment.  It was a pity that he got the Golden Wolf Fang Sword since he already had the Xuanyuan Sword, so he would have no use for it.

After saying goodbye to the village chief, Feng Xiao ran off to the west side of the Beginner Village.  The mine was not far from the west side of the Beginner Village, but Feng Xiao had to pass through a place that was embedded deep into his memory - The rabbits’ territory.

Pitiful little white rabbits, now you will cry!  Father Feng will now take his revenge!  Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha.

The rabbits’ territory was not as crowded as yesterday anymore.  There were little rabbits holding carrots cutely jumping around on the grass meadow and it was these harmless little rabbits that had instantly killed Feng Xiao yesterday.

Feng Xiao with his total stats dropped by 70% only had 41 attack and 150 HP, but that was still enough to instant kill several rabbits.  Feng Xiao began to laugh as he charged at the rabbits.  You’ve killed me once, so I’ll just kill one group of you.  This could be considered letting you off easy.

(PS: Total Stats = HP + MP + Strength + Vitality + Agility + Intelligence + Luck + Attack + Defence + Magic Attack + Dodge Rate + Accuracy.  Total Ability = Attack + Defense + Magic Attack + Dodge Rate + Accuracy.)

Feng Xiao suddenly stopped moving and was surprised to see the scene in front of him.

Level 1 rabbits did not take the initiative to attack people, but no one had ever thought or believed that they would act intimately towards humans.  Currently, this scene was happening right in front of him and it completely stopped him from attacking.

A slender girl wearing the beginner clothes was sitting down on the grass, her jade like hands was rubbing a few little rabbits, almost as if they weren’t monsters and were her partners.  A small crowd of rabbits were happily jumping around her, there were even rabbits that dropped their cherished carrots to jump over to her.  The attractive young girl gave a gently laugh.

“I never thought that other than Yao’er, there would be another pure and ethereal girl.”  With such a beautiful scene in front of Feng Xiao, he appreciatively watched the girl’s back for a while.  Then he began to look for a new target.  Looking at girls was a small thing, getting revenge was more important.

Three rabbits passed through Feng Xiao’s line of sight and he called out the Xuanyuan Sword.  Then he impolitely sent out a “Shattering Slash” forward…...

“This…...This big brother, can you not harm these little rabbits…...Ah, I know they are monsters, but they are really cute and won’t hurt people.  If you want to level up…...Can you go and kill the level 1 slimes over there?”  A somewhat nervous girl’s voice came from behind him.  The voice sounded like the voice of nature and contained a trace of weakness that made people pity her.

The rabbits are cut, so they can’t be killed?  Cute my ass, this young master was killed by their carrot yesterday.  Feng Xiao was a little dissatisfied as he recalled his Xuanyuan Sword and then he turned around to look at the girl behind him.  The moment the nervous young girl’s face appeared, their eyes met and a moment of silence appeared between the two of them.

Seeing his little sister’s peerless grace and talent, Feng Xiao already had a immunity to women that normal people could never reach.  A girl that could make Feng Xiao stunned could not be described with just the word beautiful.

With a beautiful face, snow white skin, a small and straight nose, lips like rose petals, a divine exquisite round face, and a tall beautiful long neck, she looked absolutely perfect without a single flaw…...Her creamy face was a little pale and she had a slender body that seemed like it would be blown away by the wind, she seemed to make people unconsciously want to protect her.

The thing that shocked Feng Xiao the most were her eyes.  Her black and white eyes shined bright like stars and hidden deep within them was a love of life and a hope for happiness.  Her beautiful eyes rippled with different emotions and made people’s heart…...ache.

Feng Xiao felt as if his own heart had been ruthlessly grabbed…...

God is fair.  He might have given you beauty that could collapse a nation and a kind heart, but he would always take something away.  Something that other people can have.

Feng Xiao shook his head, “I never thought that other than Yao’er, there would be another girl that could make my heart ache.”

Feng Xiao did not reply and did not look back at the girl’s eyes.  He did not angrily look that rabbits anymore and just turned around to leave.

“This big brother, thank you.”  The girl’s nervous expression relaxed and she said in a grateful voice.

Feng Xiao did not notice it, but the moment he looked at the girl, the Xuanyuan Sword in his sea of consciousness seemed to have trembled slightly.

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