Legend of the Asura Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Undead Wolf’s Spirit Sword
Undead Wolf: Level 30 Normal Boss
HP: 4500
A pet that an undead knight subdued a thousand years ago.  It has a strong destructive might.

Innate Skills:
Undead Body: Grants a strong immunity to death attributed skills and adds 50 undead attributed damage to normal attacks.

Undead Rending Claws: Raises its claws to attack the enemy twice, increasing damage by 10%.

Undead Roar: Gives a roar of desperation that increases the user’s attack and move speed by 10% each.

Although he could not move, by controlling his mind, his “Spirit’s Eye” still gave him information on the Undead Wolf.

After three seconds, the Spirit Knight formed another spear in his hands and roared as he charged out with the Undead Wolf.  At this time, Feng Xiao was still in a dizzy state.

-312, -122, miss.  
The fourth second.

-302, -226, -118.
The fifth second.

After around 5 seconds, he finally recovered from the dizzy state and could move again.  Seeing that he lost over half his HP, Feng Xiao gave an angry roar as his sword slashed out at the Undead Wolf beside him.  A -629 damage figure appeared above the Undead Wolf’s head as a miss appeared above his own head.

There was only a Spirit Knight that barely had any HP left.  It used the same tricks and raised its spear as it prepared to throw it out…….

“Che, let’s see if your spear’s faster or if this young master’s sword is faster!”  The sword flew out as fast as a meteor, closing the distance giving it no time to escape.  So before the Spirit Knight could even make a move, a “Wind Wheel Slash” was sent at it.

With a “pa, pa” sound, two attacks landed and the Spirit Knight fell to the floor.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for killing the Silver Level Boss, the Spirit Knight.  You have gained 20 prestige.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for reaching level 15.  HP +20, MP +20, Strength +1, Vitality +1, Agility +1, Intelligence +1.  You have gained 5 free stat points to assign.”

When the Undead Wolf saw its master die, it gave a roar and charged forward.  Slashing out with its claws, Feng Xiao Easily dodged it and slashed the Undead Wolf with an Ice Shattering Slash.

The Undead Wolf lacked the monster classification, so he lost the 50% increased damage effect.  After Feng Xiao lost around 400 HP, he finally took care of the Undead Wolf.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for killing the boss, the Undead Wolf.  You have gained 15 prestige.”

After quickly killing the Spirit Spearmen that respawned, Feng Xiao finally let out a heavy sigh, “A Silver Level Boss is not something a normal boss could compare to.  That skill really is something special.  If it wasn’t for my abnormal stats, then I would have died today…..”

How strong were Gold Level Bosses compared to Silver Level Bosses?  It was proper to say that Feng Xiao had not experienced the might of a Golden Level Boss yet because the only one he met, the Golden Snow Wolf Emperor had been instantly killed by him before being able to make a move.

“It seems like I’ll have to be careful when I meet Gold Level Bosses in the future.”  Feng Xiao picked up the drops that the two bosses left for him.

The Spirit Knight had dropped two gold coins and two level 30 Silver Equipment.  Feng Xiao threw them into his inventory, then he went to pick up the sword by the Undead Wolf’s body which instantly released a golden glow.

“It’s actually a piece of Golden Equipment!”  Feng Xiao quickly looked at its stats.

Undead Wolf’s Spirit Sword: Level 30 Golden Equipment
Unidentified, unable to use.

“It’s a two handed sword!”  Feng Xiao helplessly placed the sword into his inventory.  With the Xuanyuan Sword, he did not need any other two handed swords.

Each player’s backpack only had 50 spaces and although Feng Xiao only picked up Iron Grade Equipment, his inventory was still almost full.  Feng Xiao could only throw out a few pieces of equipment, preparing for his future needs.  All the equipment in his inventory were for level 20 and up, so he had nothing he could use.  Currently, he was still wearing the level 0 beginner clothes, but it was a good thing that this wasn’t really a problem for him.

“Ding, there is nothing that can be collected from the Spirit Knight.”

“Ding, there is nothing that can be collected from the Undead Wolf.”

“Really!”  Feng Xiao had already wandered the Death God’s Tomb for around two hours and had collected nothing from the monster’s bodies.

“A bunch of poor ghosts!  I should have already known that monsters formed from death qi would not have anything.”  Feng Xiao raised his middle finger in contempt at the dead Spirit Knight’s corpse and then raised his sword to continue sweeping away Spirit Spearmen.

After killing for around half an hour, Feng Xiao’s level 15 experience bar reached 30%.  Looking at how long he had played today, he saw that he had been on for 7 hours and 50 minutes and could at most stay on for another hour.  At this moment, a system prompt sounded in his ear.

“Ding, attention all Chinese Server players, attention all Chinese Server players.  There have already been 1000 players that have changed Jobs and now the four large rankings will be opened.  All players should pay attention!”

“1000 people have already changed Jobs this quickly, they truly are worthy of being the elites of the «Rebirth» world, so many strong people gathering together!  It seems like I can’t let myself relax yet.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit, you have entered the level rankings.  Do you wish to reveal your name?”

“I don’t.  Also, could you only reveal my Job as Asura!”

The system did not reply which could be consider silent agreement.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit, you have entered the prestige rankings.  Do you wish to reveal your name?”

“I don’t!”

“Ding, congratulations player Wind Spirit, your equipment Asura’s Illusion, Snow Spirit Cloak, Protection Chain, Golden Wolf Fang Sword, Undead Wolf’s Spirit Sword, Golden Wolf Battle Clothes, Golden Wolf Battle Pants, and Golden Wolf Battle Boots have all entered the equipment rankings.  Do you wish to reveal your name?”

Feng Xiao: “......I don’t.”

Feng Xiao was shocked.  He expected to enter the level, prestige, and equipment rankings, but for eight pieces of equipment to enter the ranking was far beyond his expectation.

“This is…..too much, right!  Are Golden Equipment that hard to find?  But why is the Xuanyuan Sword not on the rankings?”  Feng Xiao was filled with doubts.  Even though the Xuanyuan Sword was still sealed, the stats that it had were more than enough for it to enter the rankings.

In order to create an active market that reflected the current players’ skill levels, the «Rebirth» world had a very low drop rate for high grade equipment.  This was especially true in the lower level stages where high grade equipment drop rates were so low that they could be ignored.  Most players right now had Iron or Steel Grade Equipment and having a piece of Bronze Equipment was considered quite good.  There were a pitiful amount of Silver Equipment and having one was already considered incredible.  As for Golden Equipment, out of all the several hundred million players in the Chinese Server, including the one’s in Feng Xiao’s hands, there were less than 10 pieces.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit, you have entered the wealth rankings.  Do you wish to reveal your name?”

“I don’t…….Hmm, how am I also on the wealth rankings?  Is money that hard to earn?”  Feng Xiao looked at his own 2730 gold coins with a strange look and then calculated it…...Killing the first boss earned him 500…..Killing the Golden Level Boss earned him 300…..Being the first one to leave the beginner village earned him 1000…..Being the first one to change Jobs earned him 1000…..Subtracting the amount he was fined in the Heavenly Dragon Square, the rest was everything he earned himself…….

Feng Xiao broke out in a cold sweat.  He did not buy potions or equipment and only focused on leveling which gave him a little less than 50 gold coins, so there was no need to mention normal players.  He finally understand why he could enter the wealth rankings.  The system gold coin reward made his wealth far surpass normal players.

One step at a time and then one after the other.  In «Rebirth», Feng Xiao was creating a firm foundation and his legend would soon be written!

“Ding, attention players of the Chinese Server, the four great rankings have been composed and have now been released.  They will be renewed in real time.”

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