Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The sequence of events
Today, other than picking up a beautiful girl, everything else has been unlucky.
In the morning I had received a phone call.  It was about me being dismissed by the company.  Then my cell phone was dropped into the river while I was excited, that poor $300 Motorola.
After that, I went to pay my rent, but the money was stolen by a thief.  Then my ATM card was swallowed.  Oh almighty bank, that $500 in my card was supposed to be used to pay my rent!
Then the bike that had been with me for over three years had left me.  Because it was too old to be used in the city, the inspector confiscated it from me.  
Without even any dinner for me to eat, the crestfallen me walked back to my neighbourhood.
Then I discovered, there was actually a BMW parked downstairs!
Looking across at the window, I could vaguely see that the driver was a girl.  She was bending down on the driver’s wheel, her shoulders were slightly moving.  I didn’t know what was happening.
I didn’t care that much about it and walked into the neighbourhood.  I looked around and saw that there was no one around!
I didn’t know which family had planted these small vegetables, but they could be considered hard working.  I reached out and picked up a small vegetable, then I brushed off the mud.  I could make vegetable porridge which wasn’t bad since the vegetable would be considered fresh.
My room was on the fifth floor, with three rooms on one floor.  I rented the middle apartment and it cost me $500 per month.  The reason why it was so cheap is because no one else wanted to rent it.  I originally thought it was because of ghosts, but it turned out that it was because the neighbours were quite special.
The left side was being rented by several young girls who frequently brought middle aged men back with them, then a “un, un, ah, ah” sound could be heard from their room.  Of course, I as an honest unemployed youth had no idea what they were doing.  As for the room on the right side, it was being rented by several university students who were studying  music.  They had a group that liked to bang their drums and play music everyday.  
So, I was frequently awoken by the noises coming from the two rooms.
“Un, un, ah, ah”
“I want love even if I die……”
“Un, un, ah, ah”
“I want love even if I die……”
So, on every lonely night, I often wish that I was dead!
Shaking the rice bag, I found that there were less than a hundred grains inside!  Carefully counting them, it found there was perfectly 56 grains, great!  56 nationalities, 56 ethnic flowers.  56 nationalities was a family!
I was very excited, yes, I was very excited because, at least I wouldn’t starve!
I skillfully washed the little vegetables, slicing them into little pieces and then I threw them into the pot.  This way I could eat more pieces as I’m eating.  At least this would make it feel like I’m eating more, so I won’t feel hungry and I can make my stomach not grumble, then it would be over.  Many times, fooling oneself was the law of life!
The porridge began to boil, then I went my room and turned on the computer.  I found that many websites were full of news of «Spirit of Grief» officially opening at 6pm tomorrow.  To the declining game market, Spirit of Grief was sure to cause a large stir.  It would be enough to revive the game market!
It was a pity that I couldn’t afford to buy a game helmet.  Although I had special purpose gaming internet cable, but it was impossible for me to even hope of entering the game as soon as it opened.
Then after all the happiness and sorrow, after I went downstairs courageously to save the beautiful girl driving the BMW, in the end I was still locked out of my own house!
The thing that the beautiful girl left in the hallway, it was a Spirit of Grief gaming helmet!
I was shocked, this was a Spirit of Grief gaming helmet?  Wasn’t it said that the gaming helmets would begin selling in each region tomorrow?  How did she have it now?
His heart was filled with questions.  The beautiful girl sleeping in my room, who was she?
At this time, cheerful ringtone rang out.  I found that the girl’s cellphone and car keys were still inside the bag!
Looking at the screen and found that it was “elder sister” calling!
Yi?  Her elder sister was calling her?
That's great!  Let her come and take this little beautiful girl occupying my room away.  Fuck, although I asked God for a beautiful girl, there was no need for me to be locked out of my room right?
Thinking of this, I immediately answered the phone.
A sweet sound came through?, “Hey?  Ling Xue, where are you now?  Why aren’t you home yet?”
The voice was just like the voice of the girl inside the room.  It seemed like it really was her elder sister!
I said, “Are you her elder sister?”
The opposite side was immediately on her guard, “Who are you?  Where is Ling Xue?  What did you do to my little sister?”
I quickly said, “Your little sister is fine, she’s in my room right now!”
She anxiously said, “You…..You bastard!  What did you do to my little sister!”
I was couldn’t hold back my anger.  I’ve had bad luck all day and I clearly saved this girl called Ling Xue, now I’m being insulted by her elder sister!?
So I angrily said, “You fierce old grandma, listen to me finish explaining alright?!”
The other side was shocked as they said, “Speak, where is she right now?  I’ll drive over right now!”
I was about to speak, but I heard the phone make a sound, “Out of battery……”

That’s fine, let the phone turn off…...

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