Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Entering the game
Blue Star Digital Square, it was the closest digital company near my neighbourhood, I had heard about it a long time ago.  The square where it was located was not that far from my house and running there would only took twenty minutes!

So, I could only run over since my bike was confiscated by the inspector.

When I arrived at Blue Star Digital Square, it was already late in the morning.  There were already many people working and there were many people in the square.  Most of them were students.

I quickly entered the back and asked where the development department was.  Then I walked right over.

The office was in the attic of the mall.  Seeing the development department plate on the door, the sight I witnessed next gave me quite a scare.

Inside of the little room, there were actually four beautiful little girls sitting there!

Sitting on the two sofas, there were several girls holding a pile of paper while happily chatting.  What was even more shocking was the fact that they were all wearing revealing clothes.  Low ride tops that showed off their full chests and pairs of snow white legs revealed below their dresses that made people’s throats go dry!

At this time, a formally dressed beautiful girl in a suit walked out.  She looked at me and said, “You are the one that Ling Xue introduced to us?  Bookworm or something?”

I nodded my head, “Un, that’s right.  Is this the development department that Ling Xue mentioned?”
The beautiful girl smiled and raised a hand out.  She smiled and said, “Welcome to the Xue Yue Studios!  I am Bing Cha, I’m one of the workers here!”

This beautiful Bing Cha girl was very graceful and had a slender body.  I was slightly surprised. “Xue Yue Studios?”

Bing Cha smiled and said, “That’s right!  Our studio was made specially for the «Spirit of Grief» grand opening.  Currently we are affiliated with the Blue Star Group’s development department, but in the future, we will be the official Blue Star Group’s Spirit of Grief team!”

I couldn’t help realizing.  It seemed like Ling Xue had introduced me to a studio!

At this time, the other beautiful girls walked over.  One beautiful girl wearing a blue skirt blinked her eyes, then she smiled and said, “I’m called Last Year’s Summer, you can just call me Summer.  What is this handsome brother called?”

I looked at the girl and discovered that even though she didn’t have a large chest, the legs under revealed under her skirt were delicate and tender.  It was very attractive.  So I said, “Uh…...I’m called Bookworm……”

Summer laughed, “Hello big brother Bookworm!

Beside Summer, a very quiet girl stared at me.  She smiled and said, “My ingame name will be Quiet Rain Fall, but you can call me Rain Fall.”

I nodded my head and looked at the young girl beside Rain Fall.  She was also looking at me and she smiled as she said, “I am called Zi Yue, please take care of me from now on!”

I wasn’t used to this kind of polite talk so I waved my hand and said, “No problem!”

Bing Cha pointed at a nearby chair and said, “Sit down then!”

It was obvious that Bing Cha was the person in charge of the studio.  Seeing how all the other girls were respectful to her.  So I sat down, but I didn’t see a single trace of Ling Xue here.

Bing Cha saw my confused look, so she smiled and said, “No need to doubt anything.  We were all professional Moon Monochrome players.  Now that Spirit of Grief is opening, we were hired by the Blue Star Group as professional players and to be the leaders of the company.  In the future, when the company begins to invest in the game, we will have a whole division to share our tasks with!”

I nodded my head and said, “So do I count as a member of the Xue Yue Studios?”

Bing Cha couldn’t help but smile as she said, “Of course.  Currently Xue Yue Studios has six people.  If we add you, then there are seven!”

I counted and found that there were a total of five people.  Other than me, they were all beautiful women.  I couldn’t help but feel satisfied in my heart, “In the future, I’ll be spending time with these flowers!”
But in the end, I still didn’t see Ling Xue.  I ate dinner at the company and then bought a cake as a midnight snack.  After all, tonight was the night that Spirit of Grief opens.  There was no time to sleep for sure!

Just before we left, Bing Cha place a pile of documents on the table and loudly announced, “There are orders from higher up.  All members must enter Spirit of Grief tonight and must be at level 10 by tomorrow morning.  Also everyone must collect 2 gold coins and hand it into the development department!”

I said, “2 gold coins?  I heard that it is very hard to collect gold coins at the beginning……”

Bing Cha smiled and said, “Even if it is hard, you still have to do it.  Bookworm, you don’t know yet, but a higher up of our company, Director Wang said that we have to establish ourselves in «Spirit of Grief».  We need to develop with the game and become a large company!”

I couldn’t help being surprised, “It’s like this.  This Director Wang really has some kind of insight…..”

Bing Cha couldn’t help smiling, “Of course not!”

As for how the company works, I didn’t really care that much.  To get to level 10 in a single night wasn’t hard, but to get two gold coins, that was going to be very difficult.  Everyone knew that in the beginning of Spirit of Grief, the beginner monsters only gave out copper coins.  100 copper coins was a silver coin and 100 silver coins was a single gold coin.  That meant that two gold coins was equivalent to 20000 copper coins.  Who knew how long that would take to collect!

Forget it, I believed in my years of experience.  I definitely wouldn’t lose to the girls from the studio!

Bringing my midnight snack, I went home.  The sky was already dark and looking at the time, there was only half an hour before «Spirit of Grief» opened.  I felt very excited!

Returning to my room, I locked the door and carefully installed the gaming helmet.  Hei hei, this was something that Ling Xue gave me, even though the method of getting it wasn’t pretty.
I put on the gaming helmet and the system scanned my iris.  After confirming my identity, it put me into the game!

Seeing only an empty space, a little elf girl was flying in the sky.  Coming down from the branches, she smiled and said, “Hello, I am the system spirit of Spirit of Grief.  Welcome to opening interface for the first time!  Currently you do not have any characters.  Do you want to make a character now?”

My heart skipped a beat.  I almost forgot, one could make a character an hour before the game started!

So I quickly went through the selection and made a normal human character.  It scanned my face and I didn’t make any corrections.  After confirming the character’s appearance, I inserted the character name: Made in China!

It’s a joke, but I do love my country!


A “ding” sound rang out -

“Sorry, this ingame name is taken!”

“Nighttime Gigolo!”

“Sorry, this ingame name is taken!”  It was already taken.
“Simple Duckling!”

“Sorry, this ingame name is taken!”

Fuck! It was also taken!
I suppressed my anger.  Forget it, I’ll think of a more personal one!

So, I quickly entered a new ingame name: “History’s most handsome Bookworm!”


“Sorry, this ingame name is taken!”

Fuck!  Let’s try again: “Bookworm didn’t eat today!”

The system calmly said, “Sorry, this ingame name is taken!”

Out of desperation, I grit my teeth.  Stepping on the big dipper, treading through the stars, taming dragons and stepping over tigers.  I entered: “Easily angered Bookworm!”

Finally a ding sound rang and the system said -

“Congratulations, you have successfully created a character!  The game will begin in twenty one minutes, please wait patiently!”

So I slowly waited for the time to pass.  Time had never passed by so slowly before!

Before, all my classmates used to play together.  Now, I was the only one left.  After entering Spirit of Grief, I didn’t know if I would have the chance to meet an old friend!

After twenty minutes, a delightful sound rang in my ears.  The countdown from 60 seconds had begun!
It’s said that some games gave special equipment to players that entered first.  So, I was determined to be the first one into the game!

So, I stared at the countdown, ready to enter the game at any minute!


“System Announcement: Beloved players, please note that the game will open in 10 seconds!”








“System Announcement: The game is now open!”

I had already put the system’s countdown to the back of my head.  The minute the countdown turned to 0, I had already entered into the game!

A flash of light appeared in front of me and I appeared in a small village.  It seemed like it was from the stone age and the buildings were so crude that it drove people crazy!


“System Announcement: Hello, you are the 6th player to enter  the game.  You have gained 100 experience points!”

I was surprised as a warm sensation passed through my body.  A golden light sparkled and I had gained a level!

I opened the status window and found that my experience was at 0.  It seemed like it took exactly 100 experience points to go from level 1 to level 2!

I was a little disappointed since I didn’t get any kind of magical weapons, but it wasn’t that bad to get to level 2 right away.  At least it saves me a couple of minutes!

Opening my inventory, I found that there was only a wooden club.  As well as cloth clothing that didn’t seem like it could defend against anything.

[A lousy stick] (Trash Tier)
Attack power: 0-1
Required level: 0
[Cloth clothing] (Trash Tier)

Defense: +1

Required level: 0


Un, two great pieces of equipment.  I’ll just put them on!
So, I held the wooden bat and wore the cloth clothing to go level up.  At this time, there were countless rays of white light as large amount of players connected to the game.  I had to leave the village quickly or else there wouldn’t be any mobs left for him to kill!

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