Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Beautiful young girl
The little mage had a shocked expression as he opened his mouth to say, “God dammit!  I’m about to die like this…..”

After he finished talking, a white light suddenly streaked forward.  With a “pu” sound, the white light entered right into the Blue Wolf Guard’s mouth and shattered his head in an explosion of blood and brain matter!


It was a one hit kill.  My armour piercing arrow had killed this half HP Blue Wolf Guard!

Those players were still shocked.  When they turned to look at me, they said in an amazed voice, “Yi?  Isn’t this the ranker Easily Angered Bookworm?”

I smiled and said, “Your luck is good, but you should level yourself a bit quicker.  That’s right, why are you and your friends in this kind of condition?  Logically speaking, the monsters of the Gentle Breeze Forest shouldn’t be this high leveled, right!?”

A berserker spot on the ground and said, “Who knows?  Our team entered into the woods and suddenly found a deep canyon.  When we went in, we unexpectedly found a tall tower.  When we entered the tower, we saw that it was filled with these Blue Wolf Guards.  We originally had over ten people in our small team, but now there are only five of us left.”

I couldn’t help being surprised as I said, “A tower?  Was the map name called the General’s Tomb?”

“It wasn’t, it was the Ancient Ghost Tomb First Floor…..”

My heart began to beat wildly from my joy.  This was right.  It’s said that the General’s Tomb has seven floors and the first floor is called the Ancient Ghost Tomb First Floor.  All the way until the seventh floor where the true General’s Tomb was.  That was the habitat of the famous ancient hero!

So I said, “Where is that Ancient Ghost Tomb?  Can you take me there?”

The berserker was a little surprised, but he immediately smiled and said, “Easily Angered Bookworm, a master like you could easily tour around a forbidden zone like the Ancient Ghost Tomb, but as for us……”

The opposite side revealed a hesitant look.  I immediately understood his meaning and then I smiled as I said, “How about this, we’ll form a party.  All the leather armours will belong to me and you can split the rest as necessary.  Is that fine?”

“Ha, ha, of course, of course!”

The berserker loudly laughed as he immediately added me to his party.
I didn’t haggle with them that much.  The Ancient Ghost Tomb would go as far as level 60, so it definitely wouldn’t be easily to fight my way to the seventh floor.  This was a long term leveling area, so it was more important to me to find the Ancient Ghost Tomb for now.  As for having five level 24 party members, it wasn’t actually all that bad.  At least there was a cleric and berserker which made it a little safer.

The berserker lifted his axe and lead the way into the jungle.  The others all followed behind him and I also moved forward while gripping my Golden Bow.

A mist arose from the jungle and a variety of monsters around level 25 jumped us, but with my 195-250 attack, they were clearly not enough.  It took me up to two arrows to take care of a single level 25 monster.  My party just watched dumbfounded as they continued to call me expert.

After around ten minutes, we had walked quite a bit into the jungle.  Finally after pushing aside a cluster of green leaves, we saw an ancient temple in the distance covered in fog.  What was shocking was that this ancient temple was very high, piercing into the clouds, but from far away, we couldn’t see it clearly.  It was clear that the forest fog was too heavy!

The berserker pointed at the ancient temple and laughed as he said, “We’re here!  Do you want to go in first?”
I couldn’t help feeling contempt for him.  This fucking berserker was trying to get me to go first.  Did he really think that I was someone they could just leech off of?
But I still went it first.  They were only level 28 monsters with 240 attack power, they had no way of easily breaking through my 200 defense.  Moreover I had 1060 HP, so it was impossible for me to get instant killed!

The ancient temple was surrounded in stone lion statues known as Suan Ni, just like they were protecting the temple itself.  A solemn atmosphere was emitted by the Suan Ni statues, making the temple itself even more mysterious.

The bronze gast gates of the ancient temple were firmly closed.  It was covered in rust and had been worn down.  It had completely turned copper green.

When I placed my hand on the door and gently pushed, it would not open.  It was incredibly heavy!  So, I used all my strength and the gates finally opened.  Hearing a “long, long” sound, a violent aura burst forth!

“Ao, ao!”

There were three Blue Wolf Guards facing me!

“Pa, pa, pa!”

Three consecutive slashes fell on my chest and I felt a bit of pain.  I had lost a bit over 400 HP, but it wasn’t life threatening.  The cleric behind me immediately healed and the mage also began to cast his magic.

I quickly moved back and shot out two armour piercing arrows to kill a Blue Wolf Guard.  I turned my head to look back and I found that the two berserkers were both standing there, not daring to move forward.

“Fuck!  Damn bastards!”

I secretly insulted them and this reminded me of the dangers of this trip.  The two berserkers were not truly afraid of death, they were just waiting for my health to fall down.  Then they would get rid of my and then there would be the possibility that I would drop a piece of equipment!

A piece of equipment from the second rank expert would definitely be a good item!

I took in a deep breath.  The world was truly dangerous!  I had just save them, but they were not even grateful.  Rather they were even plotting against me.  This was truly despicable!

As if he had gotten a reminder from the berserker, the cleric stopped healing me and the two mages stopped sending out fireballs.  It was as if they wanted to see how I would take out the three Blue Wolf Guards alone.

Seeing this situation, I couldn’t help getting angry.  Fuck!  You think father is an easy person to trick?

With two “peng, peng” sounds, the two Blue Wolf Guards were hit with ice arrows.  I ran around in a loop and then stopped right beside a Suan Ni statue in the distance.  I loudly shouted, “Hey!  It’s your turn!”

As I expected, the long distance between us made the Blue Wolf Guards lose their aggro.  As a result, the aggro was transferred over to the other five people here.
Facing these two fierce Blue Wolf Guards, my five party members fell into distress.  The two berserkers almost dies, but I still used my armour piercing arrow to save them.

It wasn’t because I was benevolent, but rather it was because they still had their uses.  Since they were trying to use me, then we’ll let everyone make mutual use of each other!

After killing off the two Blue Wolf Guards, the mages sat down to recover their MP and the berserkers drank recovery potions.  I went by myself up the steps of the ancient temple.

On the way through, I was slightly surprised.  I was in a rush so I didn’t get to see it earlier, but now I had a much clearer view.  There were several ash gray cages all around the first floor, broken into countless little pieces.  On the main path, there was a cage every ten meters and there were several Blue Wolf Guards inside each cage.  Moreover, there were even more Blue Wolf Guards that had broken free of their cages and were walking around.  They used the sword in their hands to tear apart all the intruders that came to this ancient temple.

I looked around and found that there were several Blue Wolf Guards’ corpses on the ground to the east.  Immediately I asked in a doubtful tone, “Have people already been here?”

Behind me, my party member, the berserker smiled and said, “No, those were killed by my team.  But after… accident occurred and caused us to be chased out by the Blue Wolf Guard!”

I knitted my brows and said, “The two berserkers will go in front and we will continue onwards!”

Immediately, the berserkers were shocked.  They clearly did not think that I would give such a straightforward order.

Seeing the two of them silently standing there, I couldn’t help revealing a cold smile as I said, “What’s wrong?  Aren’t berserkers supposed to be in front of the team?  If you two don’t dare to do this, then you shouldn’t be here.  Go back to the city!  My team does not need anyone that is of no help.”

My words were very clear and the two berserkers revealed an awkward smile as they said, “Since you say this, we’ll definitely act as the human shields!”

The two of them looked at each other and a cold glow flashed in their eyes.

I saw this, but I didn’t call them out on it.  So I let them clear the way and with my armour piercing arrow was the main attack.  Like this, I could save on potions and would be safer overall.

After around half an hour, the six of us had cleared a path through the Ancient Ghost Temple’s first floor.  In front of us, there was a giant circular cage that was just like a fighting arena.  It should be the core of the first floor!

At this moment, the two berserkers looked at each other as if they had decided on something.

I was a little surprised, but suddenly darkness appeared in front of me.  Without knowing when, the giant door of the fighting arena had opened and a black shadow appeared.  Without knowing what flew into my arms, I was sent flying far into the distance!

The back of my head hurt from hitting the wall.  A fragrance hit my nose and I reached out to touch a person’s snow white skin.  What was thrown into my arms was actually a young girl.  She had been thrown into me and her body was completely squashing me.  The feeling of the two gentle bundles on her chest made it hard for me to breathe and as her hair brushed against my face, I felt my face go numb!

“Wu, wu…...So painful!”

The young girl clutched her arms and got up from my chest.  When she saw me, she couldn’t help opening her beautiful mouth wide in surprise.  Blinking her bright eyes, her beautiful snow wide face revealed shock.  After a while, she muttered, “Little fool…….”

At this moment, the sound of my party members shouting came from behind me, “This is the little girl that caused the death of our team, otherwise we would have killed the boss already!  Easily Angered Bookworm, kill her now!”

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