Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Strong Gale Set
Ling Xue touched my elbow and said with a smile, “Little Fool, how about you take a look at what the equipment is like?”

I gave a faint smile and felt speechless.  How could these girls be this afraid of undead monsters?  The Spirit of Grief continent was filled with a force of light fighting against the forces of darkness.  Humans, elves, and orcs fought against the invasion of the Army of Darkness.  This Army of Darkness, the army of demon servants were made of evil wizards, undead knights, and skeleton warriors.  There was nothing cute about them at all.

But the monsters encountered after leaving the Beginner Village were things like Goblins and Slimes which were still decent, being things that girls like Ling Xue would like.  However, these were low level monsters.  Basically, Spirit of Grief made the game as realistic as possible.  The higher level the monsters were, the more terrifying they were like monsters like grand evil sorcerers and demonic evil dragons.

Thinking of this, I arrived beside the Beast Riding Corpse Knight and picked up the bracers and golden coins.  When I touched the bracers, I could feel a solemn aura wash over me.

So, I shared the stats of the bracers without any hesitation.

[Strong Gale Bracers] (Silver Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 72

Strength: +10

Vitality: +4

Additional Stat: Increase user’s attack speed by 1%.

Required Level: 40

Set Equipment Stat: ???


Suddenly, everyone was shocked into being speechless.  This Strong Gale Brace was actually a Silver Equipment and it was also a part of a set.  The most important thing was that it added attack speed which made it a great treasure!  Judging by this, if one collected the full set, then they would be able to increase their attack speed by 10% which was great!

I looked over at Ling Xue beside me and saw that she had just reached level 34, so I said, “You’re still quite far…..”

Ling Xue quickly took the Strong Gale Bracers from my hand.  She felt a little embarrassed, but she still revealed a happy smile, “I’ll save it for a rainy day!”

Everybody revealed a smile.  Then Purple Rhyme said, “Then let’s continue killing them.  We should aim to kill off the entire fourth floor by tonight.  It would be great if we could get all the parts to the Strong Gale set!”

I nodded and then asked, “Ling Xue, do you have any tests tomorrow?”

Ling Xue couldn’t help smiling, “Little fool!  Did you forget that tomorrow is the weekend!

I couldn’t help being stunned.  Looking over at Ling Yue, she revealed a faint smile, “Un, it means that you don’t have to go to work tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so you can focus on leveling!  Let’s see if we can be the first ones to reach level 40 and become get a proper Job.  I heard that there is a rich reward for those who get proper Jobs first!”

Ling Yue was filled with a bit of yearning as she said, “In these two days, there will be a lot of people having time off, so they’ll be trying to rush levels!”

I took a deep breath and said, “Since it’s like this, then I can’t rest for the next few days.  Let’s talk after reaching level 40.  We can’t let the first person to reach level 40 be a foreigner!”

Ling Yun nodded with a faint smile, “I’m of the same mind!”

At this moment, Purple Rhyme had already pulled in the third Beast Riding Corpse Knight, so everyone surrounded it and beat it up.

But what didn’t disappoint us was the low drop rate of the Silver Grade Strong Gale Set.  Other than getting a second piece, in half an hour, we killed dozens of monsters just to have nothing good drop.  All that dropped was a few pieces of Dark Iron Equipment.  Everyone was speechless, but we still picked up all the Dark Iron Equipment and very soon, our inventories were filled with these inferior equipment!

Without knowing it, several hours passed.  When I looked at the time, it was already 3 am.

The girls all had tired looks on their faces, but everyone was happy because these Beast Riding Corpse Knights gave good experience.  I had reached level 36 and Ling Yue was still at level 37, but she was certain that she would reach level 38 after killing the boss.  Ling Xue had just reached level 34, but person that leveled the fastest was Purple Rhyme.  She was level 30 when she came here and now she was already at level 34!

Two more pieces of the Strong Gale Set dropped, with only the helmet and boots not dropping.  The armour and leg guards had pretty strong stats, but the problem was that we had already killed all the Beast Riding Corpse Knight on the fourth floor.  It would be several hours before they respawned.

Ling Xue stood in front of me and gently rubbed her eyes.  In a soft voice, she said, “I’m so tired~~It seems like it’s impossible to get the Strong Gale Set today.  Little fool, let’s come again tomorrow night, alright?”

I happily nodded my head.  The leveling speed here was very quick and if I had the strong Ling sisters with me while I was leveling, then it would be perfect.  Of course, we couldn’t do without Purple Rhyme’s healing.

At this moment, Ling Xue looked at the distant battle arena in the center of the fourth floor and said, “I’ll go and pull over the fourth floor boss.  After we kill it, let’s log off and go to sleep?”

Ling Yue nodded with a smile and said, “Un, let’s sleep early.  Otherwise, dad will say that we’re neglecting our jobs!”

Ling Xue giggled.  Looking at the appearance of these two girls, my heart felt a bit sad.  I did not have sisters and my parents were divorced, having not seen my in years.  They went to another country, but I stayed with an aunt while finishing university.  Family love seemed far away from me, not something that I could obtain…..

“Hey, Bookworm, what are you thinking?”

Ling Yue’s voice sounded.  She stood shoulder to shoulder with me and gently hit my arm.

I recovered my senses and couldn’t help revealing an awkward smile, “Nothing.  I’m just thinking, I…...was wondering when I could find a group of friends.  I was wondering when I wouldn’t have to be alone again, like a general without an army!”

Ling Yue revealed a faint smile, “Aren’t we your friends?  Why do you make it sound so sad?  It’s like you’re saying you’re destined to be alone…..”

Purple Rhyme at the side nodded with a smile, “Un, our Sword Flame group are your friends too, as long as you don’t look down on us~~”

I quickly revealed a smile and said, “How could I?  I’m afraid I won’t be a good match for Sword Flame!”

At this moment, Ling Xue’s beautiful figure appeared in front of us.  She looked behind her once and then gripped the Light Flow Sword as she ran to our side.

“Keng, keng!”

The ground vibrated below our feet and we heard a “hong” sound before seeing the large gates of the arena burst open.  A giant beast reached its head out and following behind it was its giant body.  On the back of the beast, there was the boss sitting there fully armoured with a blue cloak dancing in the breeze, making him look very majestic!

[Beast Riding Corpse King] (Gold Level Boss)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Additional Information: Paralyzing attack, has a chance of stunning enemies.

Like we had expected, we couldn’t see the stats of the boss at all, but everyone understood that this boss was much stronger than the previous one because it was a Gold Level Boss!

Gold Level Bosses had the chance of dropping Gold Level Equipment.  Although the chance wasn’t high, the Gold Equipment was still enough to turn a new player into an expert!

So, I gripped the Golden Bow and excitedly said, “Beautiful girls, it seems like the final fight tonight is approaching!”

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