Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 26

Chapter 26: PK battle in the cave
I was a little surprised and immediately grabbed onto Ling Yue’s arm.  I pulled her into a corner of the third floor to hide.  A rock was perfectly sticking out, covering our shadows.

Ling Yue blinked her eyes and the leaned against my arm.  Immediately a warm sensation was transmitted.  I lower my head to look and found that while Ling Yue was in a hurry to grab my arm, the two peaks she could be proud of was placed around my arm and she had not noticed yet.
Immediately, my heart couldn’t help going “putong, putong”.  Ling Yue noticed something was strange and then smiled as she spoke in a low voice, “Are you really nervous right now?”
I nodded with difficulty.  Of course I was nervous.  With such a beautiful little girl leaning in closely, what kind of man wouldn’t be close to dying!
Ling Yue raised her head to look at me, her eyes were filled with a smiling teasing look.
Right at this moment, a voice came from the second floor, “Yi?  There are so many monster corpses here, did someone already pass through this place?”

Another voice then said, “It doesn’t matter, we’ll go down and take a look.  It would be best if we could directly go to the 5th floor and finish the quest!”

My heart began to beat fast.  This was bad, there was actually other people here with the same quest as us!

Looking at Ling Yue in dismay, the two of us both had looks of worry on our faces.

Not even half a minute passed and three figures appeared on the third floor.  Ling Yue and I were both surprised!

These three people were all leading players of Battle Soul.  They were all quite strong.  Battle Soul Defying Heaven, level 29 Berserker, Battle Soul Drifting Wind, level 28 Mage, and Battle Soul Iron Wing, level 30 mage!

These three people were all famous people on the top of the Chinese levels ranking.  They were respectively second place, fourth place, and fifth place.  Ling Yue took first place at level 32 and I took third place at level 29!

By some kind of coincidence, the top five players of the Chinese Server had unexpectedly met in this tiny Netherworld Cavern!

Battle Soul was a very famous organization, they’ve swept through all the big and small games.  They had long been established as the king’s of the Chinese gaming world and these three people were clearly people in management at Battle Soul!

Battle Soul Drifting Wind was a little suspicious as he said, “There are so many monster corpses here, but why are there no people?  Have they gone back to the city already?”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven gave a loud laugh and shouted, “The friends hiding inside, please come out!”

Ling Yue and I looked at each other in dismay.  This person could guess that there were people hiding here?”

We couldn’t not come out, so, I came out a single step.  I was being careful to avoid the monsters aggro range.  Ling Yue followed behind me, holding her mage staff as she walked out.

When Battle Soul Defying Heaven saw me, he couldn’t help making a “yi” sound.  He couldn’t help smiling as he said, “It’s actually Easily Angered Bookworm, the number three expert on the list!”

However, when Ling Yue appeared beside me, the Battle Soul members all trembled.  They were astonished as they said, “It’s actually……Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon!”

Ling Yue was wearing a fiery red long robe which fluttered slightly, she was incomparably beautiful.  The exquisite delicate skin and the long white neck perfectly accentuated her beautiful face.  And there was the beautiful young girl’s body hiding underneath the skirt.  The abundant twin peaks that towered above and the perfectly round butt beneath, it was enough make anyone’s throat dry.

For a while, everyone was in a daze.  That Battle Soul Drifting Wind’s eyes began to glow and he swallow his saliva, then he said, “How beautiful…...Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon is so beautiful……”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven coughed and said, “Old Second, mind your image.  You always become like this once you see a beautiful girl!”

Battle Soul Drifting Wind gathered himself and gave a smile as he said, “We never thought we would meet the famous Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon here.  It seems like she’s actually quite a beautiful girl!”

Ling Yue gave a gentle snort.  She probably seen this kind of pervert before, so she chose to ignore him.

Battle Soul Drifting Wind looked a little embarrassed.  Battle Soul Defying Heaven at the side said, “Are you guys also doing the quest?  How about we work together here?  We can’t see the levels of the monsters here, so a forming a party should benefit everyone!”

Lin Yue did not care about them as she said, “I already have a companion, I don’t need anyone else!”

After finishing, Ling Yue reached out to grab my hand.  She made it look very intimate.

It wasn’t strange that Battle Soul Drifting Wind stared over at me with a sinister look.  Although it was only for a second, I still clearly saw it.

“Humph, not knowing how to appreciate others!”  The silent Battle Soul Iron Wing suddenly gave a gentle snort.

I immediately replied in an angry voice, “That mage over there, you should be more careful about what you say.  You should remember loose lips lead to trouble!”

Battle Soul Iron Wing raised his brows and roared, “You think you’re so great because you have a higher level?  Let me tell you, father here will never put someone like you in my eyes!”

Ling Yue instantly raised her staff and indignantly said, “If you want to fight, then just make a move already.  There’s not need to keep bickering!”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven laughed and then raised his axe.  He seemingly unintentionally rushed forward a few steps.

I was a little startled.  Fuck, this berserker wants to close the distance and then fight?

Facing three experts of the level rankings, I definitely could not let them make the first move.  So, before the opponents could make a move, I had already shot out an armour piercing arrow!

With a giant “peng” sound, the white coloured arrow slammed into Battle Soul Defying Heaven’s chest!


This conspicuous figure appeared above Battle Soul Defying Heaven’s head, but since he was a berserker with high quality equipment, he had over 2000 HP.  My one attack didn’t even make him lose half his HP!


A sound gently rang out and Ling Yue released a fireball.  It slammed into Battle Soul Defying Heaven’s chest and he lost another 642 HP.  Instantly Battle Soul Defying Heaven’s HP had fallen into a dangerous area!

It was obvious that the attack power Ling Yue and I had had surprised Battle Soul Defying Heaven.  He never would have imagined that our attack power would be this strong!

But the members of Battle Soul weren’t new players.  Battle Soul Defying Heaven did not care that much and continued rushing forward, then he raised his giant axe to chop down at me.  I only saw the glow of a flame and then I felt a pain in my chest, I couldn’t help but fall backwards.  Then looking at my HP, I couldn’t help being shocked.  I had actually lost over 800 HP, I was close to being killed!
But Battle Soul Defying Heaven was even more surprised compare to me.  It should be because he wasn’t expecting to almost kill me with a single attack!

The two mages, Battle Soul Iron Wing and Drifting Wind were not just standing by doing nothing.  Two fireballs shot out at Ling Yue.  They were trying to suppress the number one female mage in «Spirit of Grief», not letting her have a chance to make a move!

Immediately Ling Yue’s fire qi shield fiercely trembled.  Her HP had been brought down by half!

I quickly drew back, leaving the attack range of Battle Soul Defy Heaven’s giant axe.  At the same time, I shot out another arrow right at the level 28 mage, Battle Soul Drifting Wind!

As if she could silently understand me, Ling Yue also threw out a fireball right at Battle Soul Drifting Wind!

With two “peng, peng” sounds, Battle Soul Drifting Wind had no chance to dodge and two “546” and “678” damage figures appeared above his head!

With a white glow, Battle Soul Drifting Wind gave a pitiful cry and then he dropped a pile of potions as he was sent back to the city!

At the same time, Ling Yue’s name turned a red colour and became a red name!

Battle Soul Defying Heaven flew into rage, “Kill Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon!”

Ling Yue was not startled, she withdrew two steps to leave the other mage’s attack range.  Then she quickly shot out a frostbolt, hitting Battle Soul Defying Heaven right in his shoulder.  Immediately, Battle Soul Defying Heaven was covered in a layer of frost and his move speed decreased!

I took this precious opportunity and quickly swallowed a 500 HP red potion, then I turned around.  Then I quickly rushed at Battle Soul Iron Wing and the golden bow in my hand had already been replaced with a glowing dagger!

Battle Soul Iron Wing was startled and had clearly seen that the glowing dagger’s attack power was not small.  So, he quickly turned around and ran for the second floor.  At the same time, he shouted, “Boss!  You have to be careful!”

Seeing Battle Soul Iron Wing run away, I immediately raised my middle finger.  What kind of expert are you!

On the other side, Ling Yue had already been chased down.  Battle Soul Defying Heaven’s axe fell down on the flame qi shield and she lost over half her HP.  The flame qi shield could block 70% of the damage on received, from this it was clear that Battle Soul Defying Heaven’s attack was at a terrifying level!


A blue glow covered Battle Soul Defying Heaven.  My ice arrow instantly slowed down Battle Soul Defying Heaven, but Ling Yue had pushed herself into a crevice.  She charged past Battle Soul Defying Heaven and began to run in my direction!

But at this time, we heard a voice coming from behind us, “It’s these two people!  If you help us kill them, we’ll give you 100 gold coins!”

I instantly began to complain about our hardships.  It was Battle Soul Iron Wing’s voice.  This bastard was actually hiring someone to kill us?

Hearing the whistling of the wind, a fireball shot right at Ling Yue.  The caster was Battle Soul Iron Wing!

I was very worried.  Ling Yue’s flame qi shield had not recovered yet and while her HP was slowly recovering, she still wouldn’t be able to live through Battle Soul Iron Wing’s attack with less than half her HP!

When I tried to block for Ling Yue, I found that the fireball went through the space between my armpit.  It ruthlessly slammed onto Ling Yue’s body!

Seeing that Ling Yue was about to die, she suddenly gave a low surprised roar.  But at this moment, a holy glow suddenly shined down on her and Ling Yue recovered all her HP!

Healing Technique!  It was the cleric’s intermediate Healing Technique!

Battle Soul Iron Wing’s fireball did not take the rest of Ling Yue’s HP.  Ling Yue had a shocked face as she quickly released another fire qi shield!

I looked up and my heart skipped a beat.  That beautiful cleric that saved Ling Yue, wasn’t that Purple Rhyme?

And the people standing beside Purple Rhyme, they were clearly Sword Flame Dragon Soul, Sword Flame Heavenly Punisher, and Sword Flame Ghost Fire!

Purple Rhyme gave me a smile, but she did not say anything.

But that Battle Soul Iron Wing was angrily cursing, “Fuck!  What are you doing?  Father clearly wants you to kill them, why are you healing them?”

After he finished speaking, a flame glow appeared.  Sword Flame Heavenly Punisher’s axe fell right down on him!


With a single strike, Battle Soul Iron Wing’s body was split to pieces.  He turned into white light as he was returned to the city!

Sword Flame Heavenly Punished rubbed his nose.  Then he smiled and said, “Little brat, don’t you know that Bookworm is our brother?”

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