Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Another dispute
The next day, I only woke up when it was noon.  Ling Yue and the other girls had already prepared a sumptuous meal and when I woke up, we directly began eating.  Everyone slept until it was quite late and our stomachs were empty, so we swept the table of delicacies clean.

When everyone finished eating, we all planned on enjoying the iced tea Bing Cha made.  Ling Yue’s phone suddenly sounded and her face became serious after she heard the voice, causing a layer of frost to gradually appear on her little face.


Ling Yue was very angry as she slammed the phone on the table.  It instantly shattered the cell phone into pieces and the components flew very far.

Everyone was stunned.  Finally Bing Cha looked over at me and I asked in a cautious and small voice, “Ling Yue, what happened?”

Ling Yue gritted her teeth and said, “Two hundred production players with large amount of gold went to Forgotten Valley to dig out the red copper, but they were ambushed by the Fated members and they were all killed!  Of the raw materials that we purchased for over twenty thousand, half of them dropped, humph! Didn’t Wang Jun Jie bring a hundred members of the fighting department to protect them, what were they doing!”

Bing Cha’s face turned cold as she said, “Why is it that group of Fated trash again!”

I let out a breath and said, “It’s very clear, Fated Madman has locked onto us.  In Sunset City, if we don’t ruthlessly suppress them, we might not have a way to stand up!”

Ling Yue said through gritted teeth, “All of you log on with me.  We won’t level today, we’ll properly PK with those bastards from Fated!  Humph, Bookworm, come out with me tonight!”

I was shocked, “Why are we going out?”

“To buy a cell phone!”  Ling Yue’s beautiful eyes looked over the wreck of the cell phone and she said it as an understatement.

So, the six people of the studio logged on together.

After locating where the red copper mines were on the map, I immediately sent a message to Sword Flame Dragon Soul, “Brother!  There’s some trouble with Xue Yue. Gather some people, we’ll be meeting at the east gate of Sunset City!”

Dragon Soul quickly responded, “Alright!  How many people do you want?”

I thought about it, “As many as possible!”

“Good, I’ll be there soon, ha, ha!”  Dragon Soul was clearly very excited.

When I came to the east gate, Ling Yue and the others were already there.  However, Ling Xue had a language test this afternoon at her college, so she was missing.

Very soon, large amount of players began to gather from all directions and each person had the two words “Sword Flame” in their name.  These were all experienced players, elites that Dragon Soul had brought from the previous game. Now that they had all been gathered, they would definitely have more cohesiveness compared to that Fated group!

Heavenly Punisher was holding a sparkling axe, Ghost Fire was silently standing there, not saying a single word, and Dragon Soul seemed like he had just finished lunch, as he stood there patting his stomach.  He directly said, “Brothers, it’s time for life and death! There are people shitting over our Xue Yue’s head, what should we do?”

The large group of Sword Flame player almost shouted at the same time, “However much comes out is how much we’ll make them eat!”

Ling Yue’s group and I were shocked.  Damn, they really are fierce!

When most people had arrived, Ling Yue immediately said to me, “Bookworm, let’s set off!”

So, a large team of over four hundred players headed in the direction of the Forgotten Valley.

After heading out not far, we met a group of ragged looking Xue Yue production players holding their picks.  They came over with aggrieved faces and said to Ling Yue, “Director Ling! We have been killed over three times this morning and over 80% of our mined ores were taken by Fated players.  There are even some people who have dropped their picks…..”

Ling Yue said with a cold face, “Where’s Wang Jun Jie?  Wasn’t he only protecting you?”

That production player couldn’t help spitting, “Protect?  He had a red name after killing a Fated noob and didn’t dare kill anyone else.  He brought those so called combat players to Hero Memorial Park and watched from afar as us production players were slaughtered……”

“That bastard!”  Ling Yue gritted her teeth and angrily said, “How could dad place this kind of useless man this kind of job!”

I came forward and said, “Ling Yue, we should more quickly!  Let’s take back the red copper mining area from Fated. Anyway, Forgotten Valley is a dark side area, so we won’t gain sin from killing people!”

Ling Yue happily nodded and said, “Un, let’s go!”

After half an hour, we swept through the monsters on the edge of the Hero Memorial Park.  When we entered the Forgotten Valley, we saw several Fated players hanging at the entrance.  When they saw how many people we had, they immediately retreated and disappeared into the valley.

Bing Cha pursed her lips and said, “They’re going back to report……”

I couldn’t help smiling, “A short message is enough, is there a need to run back to report?”

Bing Cha revealed a smile, “I forgot……”

At this time, I turned to Dragon Soul and said, “Send some assassins to investigate, clearly find their location.”

Dragon Soul nodded.  Very quickly, several high level assassins of Sword Flame entered the Forgotten Valley, while the others stood by, preparing for a fight.

I also activated the hiding skill of the Shadow Cloak and directly went forward.  Ling Yue quickly asked, “Bookworm, what are you doing?”

I said, “I’m going to see what Fated Madman’s group of bastards are doing.  Relax, I’ll be fine!”

After saying this, I directly headed into the forest and went to the location of the red copper mine.  My stealth was different from that of the Sword Flame assassins, after all, I was now a super high level 45 player, so there weren’t many people who could see through my stealth.  As long as I didn’t take the initiative to show myself, I was absolutely safe!

After ten minutes, in an open space near a mountain, there was a large amount of Fated players gathered together.  There were around five hundred people.

Fated Madman arrogantly stood in front of everyone and said while laughing, “I thought that Xue Yue was incredible, but I never thought they were such a motley crew.  That whatever Favoured Son of the Heavens was such trash, running without leaving a trace as soon as he saw us! Che, this kind of person could actually become a boss in Xue Yue, it truly is strange.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m blind or if Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon’s heart is blind…..”

To the side, Fated Bloodthirster licked his lips and said, “Big brother, to be honest, that Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon and Gentle Breeze Flying Snow are all top quality goods.  If we can get them…..wouldn’t be filled with blessing?”

Fated Madman glared at him and shouted, “Nonsense!  There is no need for you to say this! Last time I saw that Gentle Breeze Flying Snow, ai, I dreamed about her last night.  Damn, that girl is just too damn charming, father might even be blind with lovesickness!”

Fated Bloodthirster said while laughing, “Big brother, this lovesickness needs to be quickly cured.  After we beat Xue Yue today, it’s best if we take in Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon and Gentle Breeze Flying Snow.  Like this, hei, hei, big brother can do whatever you want to do.”

Fated Madman also revealed a vicious smile.

I took a deep breath.  Alright, now is the time to scare the tiger and deter Fated!

“Hua la……”

With this sound, I pushed aside the tree leaves in front of me.  The Star Chasing Bow released a white glowing arrow into the night!

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