Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Lunar Shadow Cloak
Ling Yue raised the Roaring Flame Staff in her hand and said with a smile, “That’s great, we finally beat the boss.  Now we can finally go to sleep!”

I couldn’t help becoming speechless.  So she actually cared about stuff like this, but it wasn’t strange.  Most people said that beauty came from sleep and sleep would help improve one’s beauty.  In the end, which girl didn’t want to be beautiful?  I believed that once they were high enough level and the level rankings stabilized, Ling Yue, Ling Xue, and Purple Rhyme would not stay up this late anymore!

Staying up late was the privilege of a single young man like me!

At this moment, the Beast Riding Corpse King charged forward with its mount.  Once the wild beast came over, Ling Xue’s Light Flow Sword immediately clashed with it.  Hearing a “zheng” sound, the Light Flow Sword released sparks and Ling Xue was sent flying back several steps!


A giant figure appeared above Ling Xue’s head.  Her HP had been reduced by half!

Suddenly, everyone was shocked.

But at this moment, the Corpse King atop the beast suddenly attacked.  Raising its sword high into the air, it then swung down!


A sword light flew out and the sword glow travelled five yards to hit Ling Xue!


Combat Notification: Player Gentle Breeze Flying Snow has suffered the Beast Riding Corpse King’s sword glow attack and has lost 2345 points of HP!  Player Gentle Breeze Flying Snow has died!

Then it was followed by another sound.


System Notification: The effects of Prepared Resurrection has activated and player Gentle Breeze Flying Snow has been revived without any losses!

Ling Xue appeared in front of us with full HP, but her beautiful cheeks had turned pale.  She quickly ran to my side and said with a voice filled with lingering fear, “Good fellow, this boss’ attack power is so strong!”

All of us were shocked.  Even with Ling Xue’s high defense, that sword glow still instantly killed her.  If it was anyone else, then we might have died before the second attack even landed!

Purple Rhyme immediately tried to use Prepared Resurrection on Ling Xue again, but she got a notification saying that each player could only activate Prepared Resurrection once every two hours!

Like this, Ling Xue could not be revived again.  If she died again, she would fall down to level 34 from level 35 which would be too much of a loss!

Ling Yue was a little lost.  She turned around and asked me, “What do we do now?  Do we still fight this boss?”

I thought about it and then said in a determined voice, “Of course we’ll fight!  However, Ling Xue will no longer go forward and will watch from a distance!  We will fight it together with Ling Yue’s iceball and fireball techniques, my fire arrows and armour piercing arrows, and Purple Rhyme’s curse.  Everyone must remember that the Corpse King’s dangerous skill has a range of five yards and our long range attacks have a range of twenty yards, so be sure to keep a safe distance!”

The girls nodded their heads in unison.  At this moment, the Beast Riding Corpse King charged out once again.  Its small mountain like body seemed to make the Ancient Ghost Temple tremble!

I raised my Golden Bow to release an ice arrow.  Hearing a “pa” sound, it hit the Corpse King’s chest, only dealing 124 points of damage!

So low!

So, I switched to the armour piercing arrow and tried again.  This time I deal 437 points of damage which could be considered quite impressive!

At the same time, Purple Rhyme’s curse skill finally succeeded after failing three times.  A purple halo appeared above the Beast Riding Corpse King’s head and Ling Xue’s iceballs and fireballs slammed into the Beast Riding Corpse King’s chest.  Everyone knew that attacking the mount had no real use and only by attacking the main body could we take the boss’ life!

After Purple Rhyme’s curse greatly decreased the boss’ defense, I shot another armour piercing arrow which dealt 821 points of damage this time!  Ling Yue’s fireball also dealt close to 800 points of damage, which showed her attack was quite strong!

We didn’t see the boss’s HP bar drop by much, but after around ten minutes, we saw the Corpse King’s HP bar drop by a large chunk.  It was estimated that we would be able to kill it within an hour!

After Purple Rhyme’s curse succeeded, she used her Punishment skill to continue attacking, but it only dealt a pitiful 30 damage every time.  However, Purple Rhyme was not discouraged and continued to send out attacks.

In the end, Ling Xue’s attack and my attacks evened out, so the boss’ aggro kept switching between the two of us.  It was a good thing that the coordination between Ling Xue and I was quite good, so we maintained a good distance between the two of us.  It was very safe for the time being.

In the blink of an eye, half an hour passed.  It was already four am and Ling Yue finally began to show a tired look.  It was in this short period of time that the boss suddenly attacked.  Taking advantage of the reduced reaction speed, it suddenly appeared in front of Ling Yue and its giant sword turned into a streak of sword glow!


Ling Yue was instantly killed, but white light appeared and revived her.

Once it lost its target, the boss immediately turned around and charged at me.  I was caught off guard and the moment the ice arrow in my hand flew out, the sword glow already reached me.  I felt a pain in my chest, as if my entire person was being torn apart.


Combat Notification: You have been hit with the Beast Riding Corpse King’s sword glow attack, suffering from a paralysis effect and losing 3345 HP!  You have died!

Then another sound came through.


System Notification: The effects of Prepared Resurrection has activated and you have been revived on the same spot without any losses!

After suffering this shock, I couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat.  I quickly took several steps back and the boss slowed by the ice arrow had no way of catching up to me.  Behind it, the revived Ling Yue began to attack again, sounding out a flurry of fireballs and ice arrows!


The fireball landed on the Beast Riding Corpse King’s chest with a dazzling light.  Finally the Gold Level Boss let out a roar into the sky before the small mountain like body fell to the ground, dropping a bunch of equipment and gold coins!

Ling Yue let out a sigh and said in a small voice, “So close!”

Ling Xue and Purple Rhyme both came over and I naturally walked forward.  I kicked the arm of the boss and picked up the gold coins.  There were a total of 257 of them!

Looking down, there was a deep blue cloak on the ground.  To the side, there was a piece of equipment that made my heart skip a beat.

It was an exquisitely carved curved long bow!

Ling Xue saw this and couldn’t help smiling, “Little fool can finally upgrade your weapon!”

I gave an understanding smile and then picked up the two pieces of equipment.  First I shared the properties of the cloak.

[Lunar Shadow Cloak] (Gold Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 85

Strength: +12

Vitality: +8

Required Level: 35


It was a Gold Level Equipment!

I was a little stunned, but then I traded this cloak over to Ling Xue.  This was something only she could equip.  With this, she would have a total of two different Gold Level Equipment!

In terms of equipment, Ling Xue was probably the world’s best equipped player!

What was depressing was that the monsters of the third and fourth floor all wore heavy armour, so all they dropped were heavy armour.  Like this, Ling Xue would gain a lot.  I just hoped that there were magician and assassin based monsters on the fifth and sixth floors.  Like this, me, Ling Xue, and Purple Rhyme would have a chance to get some equipment.

At this moment, Ling Xue raised the Lunar Shadow Cloak in her hands and was filled with joy.  With a sweet laugh, she said, “Bookworm, look at the stats of the bow!”

I nodded and immediately sent the stats of the bow into the team channel.

[Star Chasing Bow] (Gold Equipment)

Attack: 225-250
Strength: +10

Agility: +8

Required Level: 45


Instantly everyone froze like they had been petrified.  After a long while, Ling Yue finally muttered, “Without being appraised, its power is already comparable to the Light Flow Sword.  In the future, Bookworm’s attack power will be abnormal for a long time……”

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