Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Boss’ weakness
Instantly, our group’s defenses dropped by 10%!

Ling Xue lost over 1600 HP from a slash from the Demonized Commander, she was so scared that her face turned pale.  Bing Cha also fell into a panic and quickly ran backwards!

Ling Yue raised her hand to use an Ice Arrow to reduce the boss’ move speed as she said with a serious expression, “This is bad.  If it continues like this, it’s possible we’ll be exterminated here…..”

I was pulling the boss’ attention with my Armour Piercing Arrow while saying in the team channel, “Everyone don’t forget.  Ling Xue, don’t run too far, come back when your HP is full. Bing Cha, move back a bit. Ling Yue, aggro the monster with me.  Purple Rhyme, pay attention to healing HP and adding curses!”

So with my arrangement, our squad of five finally stabilized our formation.  Me and Ling Xue were aggroing the boss back and forth with Ling Xue in the middle to delay it and relieve the pressure on us.  After all, with the continuous buffs and debuffs, Ling Xue couldn’t face the boss’ attacks head on.

Time passed bit by bit and this Demonized Commander, this Gold Boss made it quite hard for us.  Sometimes it used the Death Cover, sometimes it used the Meteor Rain, hurting me and Ling Yue very much.  It was a good thing we had quick reaction speeds, otherwise we would have lost our lives already!

Ling Yue sent several fireballs into the boss’ chest.  The flame scattered in all directions, but the damage was not as we expected, with each fireball only dealing around 500 damage.  Moreover, I gradually noticed that whenever this Demonized Commander was attacked, it would unconsciously lower its wrist to let its chest armour or wrist guard to block Ling Yue’s fireballs.

So I said, “Ling Xue, can you get the boss to lift its arm?  Ling Yue, attack the boss’ armpit…..”

The two sisters understood.  Ling Xue quickly came forward and arrived in front of the Demonized Commander like the wind.  The Light Flow Sword had a blue glow as she used a Water Moon Slash, with the 1102 damage figure floating high up.  At the same time, the Demonized Commander raised the giant sword in its hand high up and slashed down at Ling Xue!

“Elder sister, quickly!”

As Ling Xue called out, Ling Yue had already sent out a fireball, which landed right on the Demonized Commander’s armpit.  With an explosion, there was a giant damage figure that appeared above the Demonized Commander’s head.


It was actually a critical hit!  However, even if it was a critical hit, Ling Yue’s magic attack this time far surpassed the damage it dealt before.  It seemed like my guess was right, it was like the information Spirit of Grief published, each boss had a weak point.  As long as this weak point was grabbed, one could kill it with half the effort!

Ling Yue’s face was filled with joy as she said with a faint smile, “Just like this, Xue’er, we’re doing this again!”

Ling Xue however had been swept away by the boss’ sword.  While she was being healed by Purple Rhyme, I used the the Armour Piercing Arrow to distract the boss, giving Ling Yue and Ling Xue more time.

We kept using our battle strategy in an orderly manner.  It didn’t matter if the Demonized Commander had thousands of strategies, it was only a matter of time before it was killed.  At this time, I received a message. It was Sword Flame Dragon Soul, “Bookworm, you borrowed our beauty Purple Rhyme again? How about it, isn’t she quality goods?”

I couldn’t help smiling as I quickly replied, “I just borrowed her to level together.  What, are you jealous?”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul replied with a laugh, “If being jealous had its use, we would be able to keep Purple Rhyme.  Hei, hei, she’s always distracted when leveling with us, she clearly thinking of you! I say, Purple Rhyme is really good, she’s beautiful and gentle.  You should take her! Anyway you are in the same city, it won’t be hard on anyone…..”

I was very speechless as I replied, “What are you thinking, my feelings to Purple Rhyme are really…..Forget it, I don’t even know her name, I don’t even know if she’s married or not.  What use is there in thinking about this, I should focus on leveling! You guys, can you not level without Purple Rhyme?”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul said, “We can level, but without Sword Flame’s number one beauty, our morale has dropped 90%.  The remaining cleric girls are far from being able to compare to Purple Rhyme…..”

I instantly felt sympathy, “Make do with it……”

This time, Sword Flame Dragon Soul said with a serious voice, “I investigated it today and I’ve obtained news on Fated Madman, I’ll tell you about it now.  The Fated Guild was created by a subsidiary of one of Shanghai’s companies and Fated Madman is that son of their chairman. His name is Lin Ao and he has one little sister name Lin Piao Yu, who should be Fated Floating Rain.  As for that Fated Bloodthirster, he should be the adopted son of Lin Ao’s father who has an even more despicable personality. For now, we only know this much. What do you think?”

I said, “I know.  I went to Shanghai with Ling Xue today and met Lin Ao and Lin Piao Yu in real life.  It’s as you said, Lin Ao is just a spoiled silkpants and that Fated Bloodthirster is nothing more than a hoodlum.”

“Oh?  So it’s like this…..”  Dragon Soul immediately said with an ambiguous laugh, “No wonder you don’t like our Purple Rhyme, you know Gentle Breeze Flying Snow in real life.  No wonder, hei, hei…..”

I also laughed.  We were all men, there was a tacit understanding!

I hung up the call.  At this time, we were surrounding the boss and the Demonized Commander was already wildly running around, with only a sliver of its HP left.  Its long sword swept out with another Meteor Rain, creating chaos in the Ancient Ghost Temple’s fifth floor, making these little girls cry out with tempting cries of shock!

I was completely surrounded by the lights of the Meteor Rain.  there was a meteor that fell to my right covered in flames, falling onto Ling Yue’s Flame Qi Shield with a “putong” sound.  Instantly the Flame Qi Shield was shattered and Ling Yue was instantly killed by the Meteor Rain!

Light gradually gathered and Ling Yue was revived, but she hadn’t escaped the range of the Meteor Rain.  I was shocked and quickly flew over, charging in front of her without a word to block a meteor. She couldn’t revive for now, so dying meant losing a level!


There was a sharp pain from my back and I was instantly killed, but I was also instantly revived on the spot!

Ling Yue looked at me with a surprised looked and I quickly went over to support her up.  Behind us, there were large groups of meteors still falling down, shaking the entire fifth floor!

Ling Yue pulled my hand and said with a smile, “Bookworm, you died just now……”

I secretly complained in my heart.  It was like the Demonized Commander was locked onto us and a second wave of Meteor Rain fell from the sky!

Ling Yue as a mage was slow, so there was no other choice, I had to pull her along as we ran.  In the end, Ling Yue had a bright smile as we ran shoulder by shoulder around the fifth floor, avoiding the boss chasing us.

At this time, it suddenly became quite and the flaming meteors above us disappeared without a trace.  Looking over, the Demonized Commander’s hill like body was laughing as it gradually fell down and Ling Xue was slowly pulling her Time Flow Sword out of its chest!


System notification: Congratulations, your team has killed the Gold Grade Boss, Demonized Commander.  You have gained 350000 EXP and 1000 Prestige.

The girls were filled with joy, they had finally killed this rampant boss!

Ling Xue had a smile as she dug the loot from the boss’ armour, which was a shield and two skill books.

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