Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 51

Chapter 51: I went on a blind date
Not long passed and aunty’s bike stopped at a second grade restaurant.  When we went in, we found that there was a mother and daughter pair that was waiting there.

I took a quick look, finding that the girl had phoenix eyes and slightly curved brows that gave birth to a natural even look.  Her look seemed like the entire world owed her money.  It was the just like my old company’s manager that only knew how to find fault with people and how to play Farmville at work.

Aunty politely went forward and said with a smile, “I’m sorry, we’ve made you wait.  My nephew is bad with time, but he is a fine person!”

The other side’s mother looked me over and said, “Not bad, just don’t know how well his teeth are!”

I was stunned.  Damn, are you looking for a son in law or a donkey?

So they began to order the food.  When I saw the menu, I was a bit surprised and reached for my pocket.  It’s over, I was in a rush to leave and actually forgot to bring money!

The mother and daughter did not restrain themselves as the ordered several dishes, costing around two hundred yuan.  My heart was beating, but it was a good thing aunty was here, otherwise I would have made a fool of myself.

But at this moment, aunty suddenly looked at her cell phone and said, “I’m sorry, something came up with the company and I need to head over.  You can take your time!”

I was stunned and quickly pulled aunty before saying, “Don’t…..You’re leaving like this?”

Aunty turned around and asked in a surprised voice, “You brat, what are you doing?  I’m giving you a chance to talk alone!”

After saying this, aunty pushed away my hand and quickly disappeared into the distance on her bike.

My butt fell back down in to the chair.  It’s over.  This kind of meeting always had the man pay which was fine, but I didn’t bring any money with me!

However, I calmed myself and spoke naturally.

In the end, the girl asked my about my family and my profession.  I honestly answered everything and told her everything about myself.  I worked at a company and made around two thousand a month, not having to pay for any benefits.

Immediately, that girl’s interest clearly diminished.  She urged the dishes to come faster, as if she wanted to leave after eating, not wasting anymore time with me.

I was hungry for a long time and ate in large bites.  In an instant, the table filled with dishes was swept clean.  When the waiter came with the bill, I also looked for a chance to go to the bathroom.

But at that moment, my cell phone suddenly rang.  I looked and saw an unfamiliar number!

After picking up, the other side’s voice was very familiar.  It was Ling Xue and she asked, “Little fool, where are you?”

I asked, “What’s up?”

Ling Xue gave no concessions as she said, “Don’t ask that much.  Tell me where you are and I’ll go find you!”

I thought about it.  Having Ling Xue come was fine too since I could borrow money from her to pay the bill, which would help me avoid being embarrassed.

So I told her where I was and Ling Xue immediately hung up.  In that instant, I heard the horn of a car sounding outside.

In just a few minutes, there was a brand new white BMW parked outside the window, attracting the attention of the customers.  It was as if they couldn’t believe that someone who could afford a BMW would eat at a place like this.

So, the door opened and a beautiful little girl appeared in front of them.  Ling Xue was currently wearing a pink coat with a white shirt inside and a red necktie, as well as her long black hair draping over her chest.   She was wearing a pale pink skirt underneath that revealed a pair of snow white legs!


Ling Xue closed the car door and entered the restaurant like a spring breeze.  From afar, she saw my red faced appearance while I was looking for a chance to escape to the bathroom and walked over with a smile.

Many people in the restaurant were stunned and most of them rubbed their eyes.  They did not dare believe that such a beautiful little girl would drive a BMW to a second rate restaurant like this!

Finally, Ling Xue fixed her skirt and sat down beside me.  With a smile, she asked, “Why are you eating here?”

I revealed a look of embarrassment as I looked at the mother and daughter in front.  That girl immediately revealed a look of disgust and said in a hate filled voice, “No wonder he was so half-hearted, he had this kind of beauty waiting for him!”

The mother was also angry and complained in a small voice, “You really aren’t sincere.  Girl, let’s go!”

I immediately told Ling Xue about the money for the meal in the small voice and Ling Xue looked at me with a look of despise as she said, “It’s like this.  You still dare to go on a blind date without bringing any money?”

I was surprised, “How did you know I was on a blind date?”

Ling Xue gave a gentle smile, “I, your elder sister is so smart, how could I not guess this?”

At this moment, the mother and daughter turned to leave, but Ling Xue said, “Don’t be so anxious to leave.  Take out your two thirds of the money for the meal before leaving!”

Instantly, the girl’s face turned red and she angrily said, “Why is there someone this stingy……”

I deliberately looked away from her.  Mother fucker, when one didn’t have money, one had no choice but to obey those that did!

In the end, the girl slapped a hundred yuan bill on the table and said, “Today was truly an experience!”

Ling Xue played with her hair and said with a faint smile, “Three people cost two hundred, so should you give one hundred and thirty?”

The other girl was already gritting her teeth, but she could not deal with Ling Xue, this beautiful girl that was driving a BMW.  So, she took out another three ten dollar yuan bills and slapped it onto the table before indignantly walking out.

Ling Xue giggled and took the money before using her card to pay.

When I awkwardly walked out with Ling Xue, all the men in the restaurant were staring right at me, like I was an alien.

Ling Xue opened the door and said, “Get it!”

This was my first time riding this kind of high class car.  After digging my way it, it was very comfortable.

After Ling Xue came in, she started the car and said, “I’ll send you home?”

I nodded and just sat in the car.  Thinking of the awkward matter that passed, I did not say a word.

Ling Xue turned to the side and looked at me, “Why aren’t you talking?  Are you angry because of what happened and won’t talk now?  Are you blaming me for ruining your good thing?”

I said, “No, it’s because there’s nothing to say.”

“Che, how annoying!”  Ling Xue strangely said this before ignoring him.

When the car returned to the little neighbourhood, aunty was already waiting for me down below.  It was as if she had received the mother and daughter pair’s call and she immediately scolded me, “You brat, you really are good for nothing.  I finally found someone willing to meet you.  Although that little girl isn’t all that pretty, you still can’t do that to her.  Right now, all my face has been lost by you, you brat!”

I kept apologizing and at this time, Ling Xue had already parked the car.  Holding the keys, she walked over with a smile while playing with them.  Seeing my awkward apologizing, she felt very satisfied.

However, aunty’s eyes quickly fell onto Ling Xue and instantly, aunty revealed a wild glow in her eyes.  She asked, “Bookworm, this girl, is she your friend?”

Before I could answer, Ling Xue had already greeted aunty with a smile and said, “Yes, aunty.  I am Bookworm’s friend!”

Aunty’s face broke into a smile as she said to me, “Good brat, no wonder you’re not satisfied with anything.  You actually know such a beautiful little girl.  Hee, hee, I’ve seen many girls before, but them added together cannot compare to how beautiful she is!”

When Ling Xue heard aunty’s praise, her smile became even more sweet and her eyes curved like a pair of crescent moons, making her face even more moving.  Being in the same place as a beauty like Ling Xue, I think I can live ten years longer.

Aunty began to question her, asking her name and her job.  When Ling Xue said that her dad was the boss of a company, aunty’s smile became even wider.  I just stood there silently on the side, not understanding what aunty was thinking.

After a while, aunty finished asking her questions and said to me, “This little girl Ling Xue was even found by you, you really do have skills.  I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing with you in the future!  Ling Xue said she’s still going out with you, just remember to come back early!”

I was stunned, but Ling Xue had already pulled me into the car.

When the car started, I asked, “Now where are we going?”

“We’re going to the studio!”  Ling Xue casually said.

I asked in a surprised voice, “The studio?  We’re not going to the Blue Star Corporation?”

Ling Xue couldn’t help revealing a faint smile, “I’m talking about the new studio location, the house that I already bought.  One or two days ago, Bing Cha and Summer have already moved in.  You should prepare yourself to move in.  Everyone should be together and take care of each other!”

I was a bit surprised, “Ah?  Moving in together?”

Ling Xue blinked and said with a smile, “That’s right.  I’ll be moving in during the summer and leveling with everyone.  We have to set up our Xue Yue trump card team in «Spirit of Grief»!”

I was feeling very satisfied in my heart.  Like this, wouldn’t I be the only man in the studio?

Then from now on, I would live with a large group of beauties, I really don’t know what will happen.  Thinking of Last Year’s Summer’s showy appearance, I couldn’t stop my heart from beating fast.  But thinking about living together with beauties like Ling Xue and Ling Yue, my heart began to fill with ripples.  Like this, I was filled with anticipation towards my future happy life!

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