Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Dodge
After eating and logging on, I appeared in the Sunset City square.

Opening my friend list, I saw that Ling Xue was not on yet, she should still be sleeping.  Thinking of her cute sleeping face, I couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

Of the Sword Flame group, only Dragon Soul was online.  Purple Rhyme, Heavenly Punisher, and the others were all offline.  What was worth noting was that Ghost Fire had already reached level 40 and had changed Jobs.

Opening the Chinese level rankings, there was a new change.

1. Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon
Level 40

2. Easily Angered Bookworm
Level 40

3. Sword Flame Ghost Fire
Level 40
Dark Magician

4. Battle Soul Defying Heaven
Level 39
Beginner Berserker

5. Sword Flame Heavenly Punisher
Level 38
Beginner Berserker

6. Gentle Breeze Flying Snow
Level 38
Beginner Swordsman

7. Battle Soul Drifting Wind
Level 37
Beginner Magician

8. Battle Soul Iron Wing
Level 37
Beginner Magician

9. Fated Madman
Level 37
Beginner Berserker

10. Favoured Son of the Heavens
Level 36
Beginner Magician

There were already three players that had changed Jobs in the Chinese server and I believed that in another day, Battle Soul Defying Heaven, Sword Flame Heavenly Punisher, and even Ling Xue would change Jobs.  This was currently the time for the divide to form between players, as the disparity between high level and low level players formed. The three members of Battle Soul on the level rankings showed the strength of Battle Soul as the number one force in the Chinese gaming world.

But Sword Flame wasn’t far off from them, having two people on the rankings and at the very front.  As for that arrogant Fated guild, only their boss Fated Madman could make it into the top ten. It was unknown just how much power and resources were spent to increase his level that much.

But talking about true strength, there was no doubt that the Xue Yue Studio was the true top.  Ling Yue and I had taken the top two position and Ling Xue had taken tenth place. Right now it seemed like Xue Yue’s power was already not bad.

But the game was unpredictable and it was unknown what would happen next.  Moreover, the top players all had close levels, so perhaps the top ten will change by next month.

At this time, Ling Yue had already logged on.  She told me there was nothing important and if I felt like it, I could go practice my skills.

My mood was good, but I wanted to make money!

So, I took several dozen level 30-40 Black Iron Equipment out of the warehouse and set up a stall at Sunset City’s east gate.  I shouted at the top of my voice, “High level equipment, markdown sale! Come have a look even if you don’t buy!”

The result was very fast as a large group of high level players came over!

I looked them over and this group of people had some strong equipment.  Quite a few people had 2-5 pieces of Bronze Equipment, but they were all low level equipment.  Think about it, could a level 10 Bronze Weapon compare to a level 30 Dark Iron Weapon?

So many people came over to my stall having thoughts of buying me out.

Very quickly, a little warrior saw a bracer that added 12 points of Strength!

The little warrior said, “How much for this bracer?  Give me a real price!”

I looked over at him and said, “ I’m a real businessman, all my prices are real!  This bracer, I won’t sell for less than 50 gold coins!”

The little warrior looked at his wallet and his eyes filled with reluctance as he looked at the bracer in a daze.

I was speechless, but I asked, “How much do you have?”

“24 gold coins……”

To be honest, I was not suited to do business because my heart was too soft!

So, I directly sold the bracer for 20 gold coins.  Seeing the little warrior joyfully putting on the bracer as he left, my heart filled with satisfaction.

After my first sale, the wealth kept pouring in.  The group of people were finally willing to take out their money and these group of players wearing low level Black Iron Equipment should also change into new equipment!

But I had a principle.  Level thirty and up Dark Iron Equipment could go no lower than 10 gold coins, but it wouldn’t go for more than 50 gold coins.  After all, the stats of the Black Iron Equipment were shown and no one would want it for a too high price.

In less than half an hour, I had sold everything.  When the Black Iron Equipment I had was completely swept away, I had earned an extra 500 gold coins!

Adding in the over 1700 gold coins I earned leveling yesterday, I had a total of 2300 gold coins.  If these gold coins were exchanged for RMB, I could directly become a rich man…...

After the items were sold out, I directly went to repair my items.  The Star Chasing Bow’s durability was already less than half and repairing it had unexpectedly costed 42 gold coins!  It was a good thing that even if I had nothing else, at least I had too many gold coins! So I did not care about it. I also filled up on red and blue potions, before continuing to level my skills!

As the first player to change Jobs, I had also obtained a Job Skill.


Level: Beginner

Effect: 2% Physical Attack Evasion

Thinking about this, the higher the level of this skill, the more the physical attack evasion would increase by!  It was now 2%, but if it increased one fold every time the skill level increased, it would be 4% at intermediate level, 6% at high level, 8% at grandmaster level, 10% at divine level, and as for even higher…..

Thinking about this, I couldn’t help being filled with joy.  This was definitely a skill made just for archers!

So, I directly returned to the Beginner Village.

Stepping into the dense jungle, I pulled in 4-8 goblins with a few attacks before standing still without attacking back.  After two minutes, the goblin finally did not deal 1 damage, but rather a large miss appeared!

At the same time, my Dodge skill increased by 10 points!

I was filled with joy as I went around the whole map.  I pulled in another several goblins around myself and the Dodge skill level began to quickly increase!

I only needed to pay attention to my health to make sure I didn’t die.

Not long passed when several noobs coming from the Beginner Village looked at me from a distance.  They couldn’t help being amazed, “Look at that, there’s an idiot over there! He does not fight back when being hit by monsters!  He also doesn’t know how to run!”

Another noob said, “You’re stupid.  Can’t you see that he’s surrounded by monsters, how can he come out?”

“Should we save him?”

“Save your ass!  Wait until he drops dead for me, brother needs to change my equipment!”

So, several noobs waited behind a tree in the distance, waiting for me to die.

After half an hour, I finally heard a system notification.


System Notification: Your skill [Dodge] has reached intermediate level!

I quickly looked at my stats.


Level: Intermediate

Effect: 6% Physical Attack Evasion

Instantly I was so excited I couldn’t even speak!  This skill, this should be a gold level skill! When the skill level increased, the effect had actually tripled!  Looking at this, if this Dodge skill could reach the divine level, its effect would reach over 20%. That would be an incredible thing!

I was filled with excitement and wanted to keep practicing this skill, but at this time, Ling Yue suddenly sent a message to me, “Bookworm, quickly come to Sunset City’s west gate.  Quickly, if you don’t come within five minutes, you’re dead!”

I was shocked.  Ling Yue must have something important or she wouldn’t say something like this!

So I immediately pulled out my Star Chasing Bow.  After a Thousand Bladed Arrows, the group of goblins all had over 1000 damage appear above their heads and they all instantly died.

In the distance, that group of noobs waiting for a while were stunned, “Damn!  He’s not stupid, we’re the stupid ones!”

I quickly returned to the Beginner Village and was teleported to Sunset City.  The east gate was around 5 minutes away from the west gate, so I quickly began to run!

When I arrived at the west gate I saw Ling Yue, Ling Xue, Bing Cha, and the other Xue Yue Studio girls all present.  They all had an excited appearance on their faces. As for when Ling Xue logged in, I was too happy from my training that I didn’t even notice.

I was out of breath as I arrived in front of Ling Xue and Ling Yue.  I then asked, “What happened?”

Ling Xu said with a faint smile, “The farming group sent into the game by the Blue Star was pked.  We have to teach a lesson to those people who don’t know how to open their eyes!”

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