Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Showing off the Light Flow Sword
I revealed a smile, “Ling Xue, come back to Sunset City with me.  Wait for me by the warehouse manager!”

Ling Xue was a little surprised, but she nodded as she smiled and said, “Un, alright!”

So Ling Xue and I took out Town Return Scroll at the same time and after destroying them, a strong magic transferred our bodies to Sunset City!

A crowd of players were surrounding us when we appeared and very quickly, everyone turned to look at Ling Xue.  With such a beautiful swordswoman, it would be weird if no one stared at her!

I rushed over to the warehouse manager and took out the golden glowing Light Flow Sword.  Then I entered the nearby material shop and sent a message to Ling Xue, “Come to the material shop!”

In just a few minutes, Ling Xue’s beautiful figure appeared in the shop, finally escaping the crowd chasing after her.

I directly opened the trade window and carefully placed the Light Flow Sword in.  Then I pressed the confirm trade button.

[Light Flow Sword] (Gold Equipment)

Attack: 185-270
Strength: +24
Vitality: +20

Agility: +15

Additional effect: Increases the user’s skill attack power of 20%.

Required level: 30

This golden sword’s light revolved around it and it had strong stats that scared people.  This number one Golden Grade Sword in «Spirit of Grief» had caused a large stir today.  All the players in this world had learned that this Gold Equipment had appeared in the Chinese Server in just a few hours, but no one knew that this weapon was actually here!

Seeing the perfect and beautiful glow around the Light Flow Sword, Ling Xue’s beautiful eyes was covered in a layer of mist.  Her voice was almost trembling, “Little fool…....This Golden Equipment, who did you steal it from?  Why did you take this out to tempt me with……”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as I pressed the confirm trade button once again, “What do you mean by stealing it?  I got this from killing a boss.  Ling Xue, your attack is pretty bad now, so I’ll just give this sword to you.  Don’t be polite because if it wasn’t for your helmet, I wouldn’t have had the chance to earn this piece of equipment.  If I give this sword to you, I’ll feel a little less guilty……”

The corners of Ling Xue’s beautiful lips curled into a smile as she gently clicked the accept button.  Accepting the Light Flow Sword, she said in a low voice to me, “Thank you…….”

I revealed a mischievous smile, “Is it over already?”

Ling Xue’s beautiful face turned red as she said in a small voice, “Then what do you want?  Do you want to win this miss’ body with just a piece of Golden Equipment?  Absolutely not.  You need to bring at least a piece of Dark Gold Equipment……”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Alright, a piece of Dark Gold Equipment it is.  I’ll find one sooner or later!”

Ling Xue revealed a faint smile and said in a sweet voice, “Alright, but this time I really do need to thank you!  Actually the value of this Golden Equipment has already surpassed the value of the helmet……”

Seeing her charming appearance, I couldn’t help smiling as I said, “If you feel like I’ve suffered a loss, then how about you level with me?”

Ling Xue seriously nodded as she said, “Un!”

I was secretly pleased.  Like this, Ling Xue’s attack would be completely different and our leveling speed would be much higher now.  Moreover, leveling with Ling Xue made me very happy, after all, who wouldn’t be secretly happy leveling with a cute girl!

Looking at the time, I saw it was around 2 am.  I then said, “Do you want to go back to the Ancient Ghost Tomb to practice some more?”

Ling Xue smiled and nodded, “Un, alright!”

So we repaired our equipment and bought potions, then we set off once again!

A gentle breeze blew in the deep forest as the tall grass swayed and the nightingales flew through the air.

This time walking through here, it felt completely different as I walked side by side with Ling Xue.  I had originally wanted to find her very much in the game and now that it had happened, my heart was filled with joy!

Ling Xue did not disappoint me at all and she was just as beautiful in the game.  A single smile was enough to fill someone with joy.

Ling Xue was completely different from Ling Yue.  Ling Xue was a very upbeat young girl and she showed a very pure face to everyone.  As for Ling Yue, she had an even deeper beauty.  As the director of the company, she had to show a stern appearance, making herself seem cold to the point that no one dared to come close to her.  It was only in the game that she would smile like the 20 year old young girl that she was.

Perhaps, Ling Yue had a lot of pressure being the successor of her family’s business!

Ling Xue said, “My elder sister is a very great person and I’ve always been proud of her!”

Of course I wouldn’t know that in the next few days, Ling Yue would say the same thing to me.

But from what I could see, whether it was Ling Xue or Ling Yue, they were both so outstanding that no one had the courage to defile them.

After around half an hour, we passed through the breezy forest.  Along the way, we met several leveling parties, many of them having five people and some even having ten people in their parties.  Regarding the combination between me and Ling Yue, they were naturally envious and several male players stared at me with astonished gazes.

There were even some people that came up to us directly, “Big brother, let me level with you guys.  I’m a Berserker already at level 19 and I have a Dark Iron Axe, so I definitely will not be a burden!”

I said, “Alright, little brother should still kill the wolves outside the Beginner Village, the outside is very dangerous!”

Ling Xue pursed her lips into a smile as she said, “You’re being too straight with them!”

I said, “Who would try to strike up a conversation like this?  It’s not very smart……”

Ling Xue meaningfully said, “Then, how about you strike up a conversation with me then?”

I let out a deep breath and smiled at Ling Xue as I said, “Miss please wait a minute, our clothes are actually the same color, so it must be destiny.  Miss, may I borrow your chest…..”

“Stop, stop~~”  Ling Xue couldn’t help smiling as she said, “Little fool, you’re quite a hoodlum aren’t you!”

I tried to explain, but Ling Xue did not listen to me.  This time, we penetrated through the forest and arrived at the other side of the Ancient Ghost Tomb!

After entering the first floor, we saw that the monsters had already respawned.  It was very clear that the party that we killed had not come back yet.  They only had normal equipment, so they did not have the skills to play around on this first floor.

At this moment, a Blue Wolf Guard charged over wielding a giant blade!

Ling Xue revealed a faint smile and charged forward.  The Light Flow Sword created a beautiful arc in the air as it landed on the Blue Wolf Guard’s shoulder!


This very eye catching damage figure appeared and my chin instantly fell down.  It was not a fatal attack, but it still dealt around 2000 damage.  The current Ling Xue’s attack power was truly too terrifying!


With a second slash, another “1872” damage figure appeared and the Blue Wolf Guard gave a snort as it was killed!  With a rough estimate, Ling Xue’s attack should have already surpassed 500.  It was close to two times my attack power, so it was no wonder she could deal this kind of terrifying damage figure!

Ling Xue couldn’t help cheering as she grabbed my arm.  She smiled and said, “Little fool, did you see it?  I killed a level 28 monster with just two attacks!  It would have taken me 20 attacks in the past!”

I laughed, “Un, un, it truly is great.  We should hurry and clear the monsters so we can go and take care of the boss on the second floor!”

“Un, alright!”

We went on our way without being impeded at all.  With the Light Flow Sword clearing the way, there were barely any opportunities for me to make a move.  Normal monsters could not even stop two attacks from the Light Flow Sword and if Ling Xue used the Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers skill, she could kill the monsters with a single attack.  Those originally violent Blue Wolf Guards were being chopped down like tofu.

The first floor boss had not respawned yet, so we could still enter the second floor.  When we entered the second floor, the Spirit Warriors we killed had already respawned and they were patrolling the area while carrying spears.

This time, Ling Xue directly rushed out and launched a Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers, immediately “1346” and “1423” damage figures appeared above the Spirit Warrior.  The Spirit Warrior’s 4000 HP had been decreased by over a half and with an armour piercing arrow from me, as well as another attack from Ling Xue, the level 35 monster immediately died and dropped a gold coin and several silver coins!

Ling Xue gripped the Light Flow Sword and gave a bright smile as she said, “Little fool, our leveling speed is quite impressive!”

I nodded and continued to kill the monsters!

The Spirit Warriors that originally took a minute to kill now only took ten seconds.  The Golden Grade Light Flow Sword in Ling Xue’s hand completely changed her and now this beautiful little swordswoman was now the main DPS for our party.  Now I did not have much to do and could only occasionally use the Healing Technique on Ling Xue.

When I used the Healing Technique the first time, Ling Xue immediately said in a surprised voice, “You…..Are you an Archer or a Cleric?”

I said, “This Healing Technique cannot be leveled up, it’s a talent!  That’s right, what is your talent?”

Ling Xue revealed a faint smile, “I’m not telling you!”


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