Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 870

Chapter 870: Women were also people
Although these girls were recognized as talented, but they normally read all kinds of poetry and created all kinds of works.  Even those common birth girls didn’t dip their fingers into the water, they didn’t know the real suffering of the citizens.

To have them solve the problem of droughts and floods that even the ministers couldn’t solve?

This was simply an idiot’s dream!

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help shaking her head and sighing.  She felt that her son’s thoughts were just too wishful and making it too hard for these girls.

If they had a good method, what use were the ministers in the court!

She thought about it and instantly became angry.

Why would the emperor raise a question that no one could solve, it was clearly because he didn’t want to pick an empress!  This brat, he actually dared to play games with her at this time!

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face instantly sunk.

“Emperor, what is the meaning of this!  Are you saying that as long as the Guan Nan area’s flood and drought problem isn’t solved, you won’t get married?”

“Your son didn’t have this meaning…..”

“Then what meaning do you have!”  Empress Dowager Zhou angrily cut Mo Chuan off and sharply said, “This is a hard problem even the ministers in the court can’t solve, yet you ask these girls for answers.  They are just girls, they aren’t well studied ministers! This flood and drought disaster is a large matter for the country, you should be asking those ministers who are being paid to do their job instead of these weak girls!”

When the girls heard this, their eyes looking at Empress Dowager Zhou was filled with respect and awe.  An intimate sense of gratitude was formed.

The Empress Dowager is truly good, these were the words in their heart!

“Mother, have you forgotten something?  Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of a country!  Ministers are people, but so are women, what is called talent?  What is called virtue? One can’t be considered talented just because they can recite a few poems!  Your son wants to marry an empress that can understand the suffering of the people, share responsibilities for this ruler, walking together with your son.  Your son doesn’t want to marry a flower vase to place in the palace nor does he want a caged canary who knows how to sing! Mother, do you understand your son’s meaning?”

Mo Chuan powerfully said these words one by one.  They were like hammers slamming into Empress Dowager Zhou’s chest.

She looked at Mo Chuan in a daze, looking at him with completely new eyes.  It was like her first time meeting him.

Looking at him, she felt her eyes become warm as a hot stream swelled upwards.

Son, you’ve finally grown up!

He had his own thoughts and understandings, and he could determine ability on his own.  She could finally give the heavy burden on her shoulders to him completely.

“Emperor, this widow understands your meaning.  Your mother will choose a girl who fits your thoughts to be your empress!”

Empress Dowager Zhou reached out her hand and held his right hand, giving him an understanding smile.

Mo Chuan’s words made the faces of the girl turn red and they lowered their heads.  They wished they could hide in a crack to hide their shame.

Even the proud Xia Yu Yan who looked down on all the other girls felt shameful.  She had indeed felt she deserved the title of the number one talent of the capital city because of her poetry.  The many admirers who came to learn from her and the young masters who trampled her house’s threshold to propose had cultivated her proud and conceited character.

The brisque words that Mo Chuan had said this time was a slap to the face for her, instantly waking her up.

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