Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 981

Chapter 981: She’s jealous
“Xiao Si, come over.”  Empress Dowager Zhou said in a deep voice.

Xiao Si looked up at Empress Dowager Zhou and was shocked before quickly kneeling down, “Greetings, Empress Dowager.”

Since he had been beaten by Empress Dowager Zhou, he shook when seeing her and his butt ached slightly.

“The emperor?”  Empress Dowager Zhou asked.

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, the emperor has stayed inside the entire time without leaving because doctor Zhang said that the empress…..might not make it.”  Xiao Si lowered his head and replied.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s body slightly swayed.  She held Su Jin’s hand and stabilized her mind before walking inside.

She suddenly heard Mo Chuan’s angry voice coming from inside, “Xiao Si, what are you sneaking around outside for!  Didn’t this one tell you to find the best doctor in the capital? Where are they?”

Xiao Si was shocked before carefully saying, “Emperor, the best doctor in the capital, that title only belongs to doctor Zhang.  With doctor Zhang here, is there a need to find another doctor?”

“Idiot, fool, you’ve never done a proper job when this one asks you for something!  Quickly find the doctors! Call all the doctors in the doctor yard over and bring all the doctors in the capital into the palace!  If they can’t cure the empress, this one will want their lives!”

Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned.  She didn’t dare believe that this angry voice came from her calm as water son.

It seemed like her son quite liked the bride he took, even having this kind of temper for her.  It simply made her as a mother feel a bit jealous.

Xiao Si gave vague promises before heading off.

“Emperor, how is the empress?  This widow has just heard about what happened.  With doctor Zhang here, is there a need for such a temper?  Even if you kill all the doctors in the capital, will it save the empress?”

Empress Dowager Zhou walked in and a strong medicinal smell hit her nose.

Not only was there Mo Chuan, doctor Zhang was also in the room.

There was a thick gauze on the bed and a person could be vaguely seen under the gauze.  A white as snow hand was lying out of the gauze and doctor Zhang was taking her pulse.

Mo Chuan stood in front of the bed and stared intently at the person under the gauze.  He had a face of anxiety that was also flowing with love.

Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned.  Other than the Chen Family’s girl, she had never seen her son care this much about a girl.

“Your son greets mother.”

Hearing Empress Dowager Zhou come in, Mo Chuan turned around and gave Empress Dowager Zhou a stiff bow.

“Greetings, Empress Dowager.”  Doctor Zhang also rose to give a slight bow.

“No need to be this polite, this widow is here to see the empress.”  Empress Dowager Zhou walked beside the bed and looked over the gauze.  With just a single glance, she was shocked. She almost didn’t dare believe that this person was the girl she had picked for her son.

The face of the young girl in the bed was black and that birthmark that covered half her face was a deep purple colour, making it look even more terrifying.  She was lying on the bed without moving, looking like she was dead.

Even if Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t understand medicine, she could tell that this girl was slowly losing her life.  She already couldn’t hold on much longer.

She couldn’t help slightly shaking her head.

Su Jin’s body trembled and tears fell down, but she forced down her sobbing.

“Doctor Zhang, the empress’ poison…..Is there any hope of curing it?”  Empress Dowager Zhou knew that she was asking this in vain, but she still had to ask.

As expected, doctor Zhang shook his head with a look of shame, “I ask for forgiveness, Empress Dowager.  This old doctor medical skills are shallow and can’t think of any way to cure the empress’ poison.”

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