Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Want to marry someone from the Bai Family?
“Shi Ying is from the Bai Family.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said.

“I don’t know what her surname is, I just know that she still calls me big brother.”

Bai Jin Yi’s eyelids moved and he said in a deep voice, “You like Shi Ying?  I’m saying….not in a sibling way.”

“This is the matter between me and Shi Ying.  Even if you are Shi Ying’s big brother, you still don’t need to care.”  Shi Qing looked right at Bai Jin Yi. Perhaps…..Shi Qing’s heart was afraid that his little sister Shi Ying would be stolen by this handsome young master in front of him.

Suddenly, the surrounding area became silent.

Bai Jin Yi blinked and when he opened his eyes, there were two golden flames burning in his pupils.
Silence, a strange silence.

Shi Qing now felt like the air was frozen.

Suddenly, Shi Qing’s eyes bulged out and became bloodshot as his breathing stopped.  A cold feeling spread all over his body, instantly causing his back to be covered in a cold sweat.

“This is…..What kind of power…..In front of him, I actually can’t even control my breathing.”  Shi Qing’s heart was filled with shock.

Only now did Shi Qing realize that in front of this handsome young master, not only would he be slaughtered, he couldn’t even move a single finger!


Bai Jin Yi’s pressure was suddenly taken back.  The mountain returned to normal like nothing had happened.

Bai Jin Yi cast a glance over Shi Qing before indifferently turning around, “Wanting to marry someone from the Bai Family, you have to take out enough strength.”

Bai Jin Yi left with soft steps, moving into the distance where shadow’s group was waiting and saying in a soft voice, “We’re leaving.”

“Big brother, big brother Shi Qing, he…..” Shi Ying saw the confrontation between Bai Jin Yi and Shi Qing, but she didn’t know what happened.

“He’s fine, just a bit more experienced.  To him, this is a kind of training. Otherwise, he will never know just how big this world is.”  Bai Jin Yi said this before bringing the reluctant Shi Ying away from the mountain.

Before they left, Shi Ying looked at the “stunned” Shi Qing and thought in her heart: Big brother Shi Qing, wait for me…..

Shi Qing was in a daze as he watched Shi Ying leave with Bai Jin Yi.  Finally when they disappeared, Shi Qing fell to the ground.


Shi Qing’s hands were on the ground supporting himself as cold sweat fell from his face.  His entire back was covered in sweat.

Marry into the Bai Family, have to have enough strength…..

Have enough strength…...

Enough strength…...

Shi Qing’s eyes were a bit bloodshot as he watched the sweat falling from his cheeks onto the ground, as Bai Jin Yi’s words kept echoing in his ears.

Shi Qing’s eyes were filled with unwillingness!  His fingers dug into the dirt and his veins popped out.

Strong!  I want to be strong!

Next time, he would definitely have enough strength to protect his little sister!

“Brother, are you hurt.”  The fatty saw Bai Jin Yi and Shi Ying leave, while Shi Qing didn’t move for a while.  He could guess most of what happened, so he deliberately came over.

Hu, hu——

Shi Qing’s breath was not even, but the sensation gradually came back to his body.  He forced himself up and looked at the fatty in the tree.

Without waiting for Shi Qing to speak, the fatty spoke again, “If it’s because of young master Bai Jin Yi, it’s normal for you to be unable to beat him.  Not to mention you, even our boss is not young master Bai’s match. I know your feelings for your little sister, but this matter isn’t urgent, so you should focus on the task at hand first.”

Shi Qing’s expression changed as he said in a firm voice, “Give me the Purple Source Berry.”

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