Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 658

Chapter 658: Strange ending
The dense crowd became silent.

Against Xue Yu who had won eleven times, that Blood Enchantress person dared to hold back?!

The crowd was silent.  This fight, it was a bit interesting!

Xue Yu was quite generous, watching Shi Qing take off his clothes, “Can we keep fighting now?”


Shi Qing trembled and he disappeared on the spot.  His angry eyes appeared right in front of Xue Yu.

The faces of the two were right up against each other, they could even clearly see the pores on the other person’s face.

Shi Qing’s head went back and with his incredible speed, he slammed his head at Xue Yu’s head.


Shi Qing’s head was blocked by a palm.

The smile on Xue Yu’s face disappeared as he thought, such strange power.  His hand was actually a bit numb.

Peng, peng, peng.

Shi Qing’s iron fists were like a wild storm.

Xue Yu’s hands blocked Shi Qing’s fists.  Even with Shi Qing’s intense attacks, he was blocked by Xue Yu.

“This cultivation technique…...it’s the same as Xue Fei Yang from before!”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Xue Yu’s hands, he seemed to be even more familiar with this technique than Xue Fei Yang.

That Xue Fei Yang, he was sent up by them!

Ye Yu Xi looked around and there was no trace of Xue Fei Yang.

On the stage, the intense fighting of the two stirred up large amounts of “fog”.

That white fog was the spiritual energy the two released while attacking!

The white fog surrounded the two of them and there was only peng, peng, peng sounds that came out.


A strange sound rang through the arena.

What was going on?

What is it?

What was the result?

It should be Xue Yu who won, right?

Everyone stuck their heads out to look at the stage as their hearts filled with curiosity.

Ye Yu Xi’s group’s gazes also didn’t leave the stage.

The fog slowly dissipated.

Two figures appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Shi Qing’s entire arm was ash grey white and a fist was on Xue Yu’s chest.

In return, Xue Yu had a palm on the left side of Shi Qing’s chest.


Shi Qing’s eyes went wide and he spat out a mouthful of blood that landed right on Xue Yu’s arm.

It’s not over!

I haven’t lost!

Shi Qing’s heart roared into the sky.

There was a fierce glow in his eyes as spiritual energy from his body gathered in his fist.

Xue Yu saw Shi Qing spit out blood and felt the spiritual energy gathering at his chest, causing his expression to change.


The two released spiritual energy from their hands at the same time.


The two figures were both sent flying backwards.

What kind of situation was this?!

They were both injured?

The crowd stretched out their heads again.  After over ten matches, Xue Yu was finally suffering!

Seeing the situation on stage, Ye Yu Xi knit her brows.

The other side’s cultivation was higher than Shi Qing’s.  Properly speaking…..he shouldn’t have been injured with Shi Qing!

“There are people outside waiting for us.”  Bai Jin Yi came over and spoke to Ye Yu Xi in a low voice before sitting down.

“Un?  There’s people?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold, “Fatty, Tian Zong, when we go out, you two will protect Shi Qing.  There are people trying to cause trouble with us.”

“Yes, master.”

“Yes, boss.”

The two responded.

Shi Qing and Xue Yu on the stage both flew backwards.

The arena staff member quickly ran over to confirm their situation.

The staff member looked at Xue Yu with wide eyes before looking at Shi Qing in the distance with a look of disbelief.

“Announce the result.  My luck wasn’t good, I admit defeat.”  There was a bitter look on Xue Yu’s face, but his eyes were still brightly lit.

“Xue, Xue Yu has fallen off the stage.  Winner, Blood, Blood Enchantress!” The staff member shouted out.

“Ya!  Shi Qing won!”  The fatty was the first to react!

What was this situation?

What bullshit was this?

The crowd began to stir.  Xue Yu actually fell off the stage and lost?

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