Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Rite of passage ceremony big plans!
Long Xiao Pang gave a sigh.  His words just now were to distract Ye Yu Xi and wasn’t really mocking her, but it seemed like he had failed.

“Blood Poison is one of the Purple Cloud Continent’s Three Mysterious Poisons.  It’s no use telling you about it now, your bit of alchemy skills can’t cure it. If it wasn’t for your little husband refining the Empty Starry Night Flames, he would have died five years ago.”

“Strange Flames have an effect on his poison?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes lit up.

Long Xiao Pang nodded, but landed another blow on Ye Yu Xi, “Strange Flames, although there are several kinds of it, it is still hard to find.  It’s also very hard to refine and a single mistake will bite you back. It’s better if you slowly increase your strength.”

Ye Yu Xi did not say anything, but she had her plans in her heart.  After the rite of passage, she would find the Strange Flame on the map and see if she could refine it!

Long Xiao Pang talked to Ye Yu Xi for a while before going to the kitchen alone to find something to eat.  Ye Yu Xi swallowed a pill and sat down to cultivate.

Ye Yu Xi had cultivated until the next day’s afternoon, using a total of five pills.  Only her barrier was firm and there was no sign of breaking into the fifth spiritual level at all.

When it was close to night, fatty and the others came back.

Everyone gathered in the discussion room again.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the people who had just returned and asked, “Is there a change in the situation?”

The fatty shook his head.  He had watched those large families and he didn’t know who was going to the Ye Manor’s rite of passage tomorrow, who wouldn’t go because of a previous contradiction, and who would go to watch a joke.

Ye Wen’s expression became a bit more serious, “There’s news from the Dragon Snake Gang.  They said that those unknown five hundred people related to the Ye Manor all entered the Ye Manor’s back mountain today, but it’s unknown what they are doing.  It should be related to tomorrow’s rite of passage.”

Ye Man followed and said, “The City Lord’s manor is the same.  The City Lord’s little concubine Madame Ji has also sent five hundred guards, saying that it’s to maintain order at the Ye Manor’s rite of passage tomorrow.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  It seemed like in order to ensure that they could keep her there, they had played a large hand.  She revealed a smile of disdain. These few people, trying to keep her there was like an idiot’s dream!

“For the rite of passage tomorrow, Qing’er will come with me.  You guys will……” Ye Yu Xi arranged their deployment tomorrow.


While Ye Yu Xi’s side was preparing things, the Ye Manor’s Ye Xing Yong and the seventh prince couldn’t remain idle.

Ye Xing Yong and seventh prince were planning in the manor.

“Seventh highness, the people have been placed.  The five hundred people have been arranged at the back mountain and there definitely won’t be a mistake.”  Ye Xing Yong promised. The five hundred people that came to the Ye Manor a few days ago were all imperial guards from the royal capital!

Most of them were in the fourth spiritual level and a few of them were in the third spiritual level.  With these five hundred people, they could dominate Ningyuan City!

The seventh prince nodded, but was still a bit unsettled.  There was still a trace of hesitation in his voice, “Bing Fan has broken through to the fifth spiritual level, but how stable is her cultivation?”

When Ye Xing Yong heard the seventh prince asking about his daughter’s cultivation, there was an extra bit of pride on his face, “That child Bing Fan’s talent isn’t bad, it’s already stable.  Even if Ye Yu Xi has regained her talent, in just a few months, at most she’s in the third spiritual level. Bing Fan will definitely be able to kill Ye Yu Xi on the stage tomorrow!”

The seventh prince considered this for a while before saying, “Come with me to find elder Yan, this matter must be completely foolproof.  If we try to kill Ye Yu Xi on stage, if something goes wrong, it will be troublesome.”

Although Ye Xing Yong wasn’t too willing, he still followed the seventh prince to knock on Yan Hua’s door.

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