Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Assassinating the seventh prince
Da, da!

The horse hooves outside became more chaotic and the four people in the carriage heard a guard call out in front.

“There’s someone here!”

Ye Wen was currently standing in the center of the road, blocking the path of the carriage.  Her body was completely covered by a cloak and with the pouring rain, it gave her a mysterious feeling.

“What is going on outside!”  Ye Xing Yong saw that the seventh prince and Elder Yan’s face became colder, so he shouted outside.

A guard immediately rode over and said, “Family Head, there’s someone blocking the road.”

Ye Xing Yong opened the curtain, but the large rain covered his line of sight.  He could only see a vague human figure, slashing at the neck of a guard nearby.

After waiting for the guards to report to their Family Head, Ye Wen in the middle of the street made her move.

Pa, pa, pa!

Her toes stepped of the ground causing splashes, creating a rhythmic sound enveloped by the sound of the rain.

Ah, ah, ah!

The pitiful screams of men and horses sounded out.

Ye Xing Yong who had returned inside the carriage found the sounds strange and stretched out head out again.  He caught the mysterious cloaked person slashing the neck of the final guard.

“Seventh prince, be careful.”  Ye Xing Yong saw that the mysterious person was actually rushing at the carriage.  With a roar, he jumped out of the carriage with one step.

The guards on the ground seemed to have all died from a single slash, there was no struggle at all.  Ye Xing Yong raised a cold blade in his hand and charged at the mysterious person in front of him.

When Ye Wen saw Ye Xing Yong charging at her, she didn’t dare be negligent.  A family’s head was generally at the sixth spiritual level or above, it was not something she who had just stepped into the fifth spiritual level could block.  Ye Wen tightly held her balde as she wildly moved around. Just based on her superior speed, Ye Xing Yong could not touch her.

Ye Man had been on the roof on the side the entire time.  Seeing that Ye Wen had tangled Ye Xing Yong, she knew her chance had come.  She released her spiritual energy and charged at the carriage.

“Un?  There’s another one?”  When Ye Man charged from the side, Yan Huan had already sensed her.  Based on their aura, the cultivation of the two assassins were not high, with the highest being at the fifth spiritual level.  What was a bit surprising was their stealth technique. If these two did not take the initiative to move, his strength at the seventh spiritual level couldn’t sense them.

“Humph, seeking death!”  Fang Leng Qing also noticed Ye Man charging at the carriage and she gave a cold snort.  She had already taken out her weapon and jumped out the carriage.

The seventh prince saw that Fang Leng Qing wanted to go out to fight, so he wanted to stop her, but Elder Yan reached out to stop him, “The seventh highness does not need to worry.  Leng Qing, is the second highest talent other than Miss Jia in the sect. She can even fight someone in the sixth spiritual level, there is no worry fighting a small assassin.”

“Oh?  Junior sister Fang is actually this skilled?”  The seventh prince was a bit surprised. Just based on Fang Leng Qing’s fragile appearance, it didn’t seem like she was that strong.  He reached out to open the curtains and watch the fight outside.

Ye Man saw that someone charged out of the carriage and her eyes under the cloak revealed a faint cold glow.  Her sword swayed, but she didn’t Fang Leng Qing and just charged at the horse carriage.

“Ah!”  The mysterious person became larger in the seventh prince’s eyes and his heart filled with shock.

A fierce look appeared on Yan Hua’s face, “Arrogant junior!”

A mass of flames appeared in his hand and with quick speed, it hitt Ye Man still in the air.  Yan Hua’s body skillfully jumped out and sent a kick at the mysterious person in front of him.

Ye Man’s body bent over and fell to the ground.  The attack from in front of her had arrived and she cut apart the fireball with a slash, but Yan Hua’s kick landed on her abdomen with a dong sound, sending her body flying!

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