Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Give a bit of rent
Looking at the two boys in front of her, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes had completely different looks.  There was no need to mention Huo Ling’s divine beast heritage, but the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng could seen through Huo Ling’s bloodline in such a short time…...It was like Bai Jin Yi said, this kid really knew everything!

“You’re speaking nonsense!”  Huo Ling angrily glared at Seven Stars Blue Dragon Ginseng.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling with a bit of a strange look, she never thought that Huo Ling had this kind of backbone!

Huo Ling raised his two little fists and gestured in a human like manner, “Try saying that again!  I’m clearly a bird, not a beast!”

Ye Yu Xi gave a series of sighs as her expectation was disappointed more and more.  Ye Yu Xi now honestly felt that Huo Ling might have been expelled from the sacred beast clan because of his IQ…...

Calming her chaotic mood, Ye Yu Xi honestly looked at the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, “Do you plan on staying in my chaotic space?”

“Considering the fact that you have a pretty good relation with the gigolo out there, this dragon master will bear with it and stay in here temporarily.”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng had a generous expression.

He, he!

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh.  Perhaps this person was the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, but he didn’t have any gratitude in his voice and treated himself as an ancestor.  However, since he arrived in Ye Yu Xi’s hand, even if he was a bit famous, she still would make him bleed a bit!

“I’ve heard Bai Jin Yi say that the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng doesn’t have any attack power.  In terms of effectiveness, you are a treasure on the continent and on the Purple Cloud Continent there are few things you don’t know.  If you want to stay here and news were to get out, I might be chased down by the entire Purple Cloud Continent!” Ye Yu Xi stared at the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng without blinking.

Ye Yu Xi’s words were like a gamble.  To the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, the most important thing was having a safe place, to avoid being caught by others and kept as a slave.  The chaotic space was a very good choice, so Ye Yu Xi was gambling on how important the chaotic space was for the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng stared at Ye Yu Xi without any expressions.  For a while, its aura was very calm, but it couldn’t refute Ye Yu Xi’s words. To it, the chaotic space was indeed the best place to live, “Tell me your condition then.  This dragon master has lived for seven thousand years, I can understand your little thoughts.”

“I haven’t thought of a specific condition yet, but shouldn’t you pay a bit of rent to me first?”  Ye Yu Xi’s heart let out a sigh, she had gambled correctly!

“This is easy.  Here~This is for you.”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng was very generous.  It reached around in its little apron before taking out a purple ring and throwing it to Ye Yu Xi.  To the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, as long as it didn’t have to break its arms or legs, anything else didn’t count for anything.

Space Ring?

Ye Yu Xi took the thing the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng threw.  This kind of ring would be a treasure in Ningyuan City and after putting her spiritual energy in, Ye Yu Xi revealed a look of joy.  There were things inside! Although there weren’t many things, from the aura they were releasing, it seems like they were treasures.

“I have no use keeping those things, so you take them.”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng was a plant and things like cultivation techniques had no use to it.

Huo Ling saw that its master had received treasures, so he also acted like a young master as he said to the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, “I don’t want your things.  As long as you give me a bite, I’ll let you stay in the chaotic space, alright~~”

Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng: “......”

Ye Yu Xi: “......”

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