Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 130

Chapter 130: So big
“Then begin.”

“Right now?”


Since there was a way to increase her physique and her foundation, Ye Yu Xi would not wait any longer.  To Ye Yu Xi, time was the most precious thing!

“I have a cultivation technique called the Nine Seals which was add nine seals onto your body.  Each seal requires more spiritual energy to refine your body, so the more seals you have, the lower your strength becomes.  In the future, it’ll be harder to release the seals and the effect on improving your body will become stronger.” The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng carefully explained the Nine Seals cultivation technique effects.

“I’ll add nine seals right away.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a determined voice that did not contain a trace of hesitation.

This time it was the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng who was shocked!  Nine seals! There had never been anyone who dared to add nine seals to themself.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng thought Ye Yu Xi would choose to add one or two seals at most.  His voice was filled with shock, “You’re crazy! Nine seals, that is an amount that no one has dared try before!”

“If I’ll do something, I’ll do my best.”  Ye Yu Xi had already made up her mind, she had to catch that man!

“What do I need to do.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the stunned Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng came back to his senses and he looked at Ye Yu Xi with eyes filled with praise.  There were many people with talent, but there were very few people who had such decisiveness in doing things!

“Just sit and cultivate.  That’s right, eat this. Although it’s grade isn’t that high, it does have a bit of use.”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng gave the Purple Source Berry in his hand back to Ye Yu Xi.

Huo Ling just listened to his master and the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng speak, asking with a cute expression, “What are you saying, I can’t understand at all.”

Ye Yu Xi and the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng ignored Huo Ling, the two of them already had a full understanding of Huo Ling’s IQ…...

Hu, hu, hu!

Ye Yu Xi sat down cross legged and ate the Purple Source Berry in two-three bites.  Her mouth was filled with tiny currents of electricity.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng stood behind Ye Yu Xi and a spiritual energy seals quickly formed in his small hands as he gave a low roar.

The seal fell onto Ye Yu Xi’s head.

Un, humph!

With a groan from Ye Yu Xi, the spiritual energy seal entered her body.  The gravity around her seemed to double as the spiritual energy cycling her body also slowed down.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng did not give Ye Yu Xi time to react.  He quickly formed a second spiritual energy seal which entered Ye Yu Xi’s body like the first one.

With five seals in a row, even if it was the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, his face was looking a bit serious.  These nine seals was quite a large consumption for it!

Ye Yu Xi felt that her spiritual energy was entering every part of her body, nourishing her meridians.

“Wa——So big——”  Huo Ling who had been watching from the side covered his little mouth in shock!

Behind the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, there was a vague figure that was a giant human shaped ginseng!  This ginseng was ten meters tall and it was in the shape of a human. Although it was just an illusion, there was a rainbow coloured spiritual energy aura around it, making it look like not a normal item.


The illusion behind the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng moved and quickly put its hands together.  Instantly, the illusion disappeared and there was a rainbow seal in his palm. The seal entered Ye Yu Xi’s head and instantly her face looked very fierce.

Ye Yu Xi felt that her bones were incredibly itchy.  After the itch passed, her bones were filled with pain, like there were tens of thousands of ants nibbling on her meridians.

After the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng put the last seal on Ye Yu Xi, he let out a sigh.  This was his first time condensing the nine seals in procession and the final one had even used his source power.  Although it was hard, it was still fine since the nine seals were done.

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