Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python (Part 2)
She saw that there were large and small wounds on the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python’s body, as well, a part of its stomach was charred black.

Ye Yu Xi thought: It seems like that old man Yan Hua had a fierce battle with this snake.  He must have greatly consumed the snake’s spiritual energy, otherwise her cut just now wouldn’t have been that easy.

Ye Yu Xi’s analysis was right.  The wounds on the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python was indeed left by Yan Hua’s group, but what Ye Yu Xi didn’t know was that for Yan Hua to leave these wounds on the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python, he had sacrificed three sixth spiritual level experts.  Even like this, he couldn’t kill the python and could only injure it.

Si, si——

The Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python stuck out its tongue again before throwing itself at Ye Yu Xi.

Knowing that the other side was injured, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t make it fair like a good person.  She instantly used her Purple Thunder Movement Technique and skillfully dodged the python’s mouth and tail.


Another slash fell onto the snake body.  When you are sick, I take your life! This slash used all of Ye Yu Xi’s strength.

The python took the pain and its body slightly trembled.  The muscles on its body instantly tightened and Ye Yu Xi’s dagger was stuck.

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows.  The Soul Devourer Blade was the only weapon she could use right now.  Gritting her teeth, she twisted her waist and changed her body’s inertia.  Stepping off the snake with her feet, her hands tightly held the hilt of the Soul Devourer Blade.


When Ye Yu Xi kicked off with her feet, her hand tightly gripped the dagger, which in turn sent her body flying.  The strength was too big and even the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python’s thick body trembled.

The Soul Devourer Blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand made an ear piercing noise against the python’s scales.


Being injured again, the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python was completely angered!

It looked up and hissed into the sky.  This sound couldn’t even be called hissing, it was already a roar that seemed to ring through the entire mountain!

In the abdomen of the python, there was a wound that was close to a meter long.  Ye Yu Xi was standing behind the python holding the Soul Devourer Blade in one hand while panting.

That slash just now, the heavy wound on the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python was not fake, but it consumed quite of bit of Ye Yu Xi’s energy.  At least 20% of her spiritual energy was consumed.

Long Xiao Pang heard the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python’s roar and his face fell.  He shouted to Ye Yu Xi, “It’s summoning its companions, quickly kill it! We’re finished if those Copper Marked Snakes come!”

Copper Marked Snakes!

Ye Yu Xi thought of the tens of thousands of snakes she had seen in the mountains.

Her eyes were filled with killing intent, but she didn’t lose the calm a killer should have.

Although she had seriously injured the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python, it still refine the Beast Flame.  She hadn’t seen it spit out the Beast Flame during the fight, so there was a chance it still had trump cards!

When the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python attacked, Ye Yu Xi moved first, stabbing the Soul Devourer Blade at the python’s head.


On the other side of the Serpentine Mountain Ranges.

Yan Hao, Ye Zhi Qiu, and the forces Yan Hua gathered were currently struggling with the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes.

Suddenly the ground trembled!

Feeling this strange tremble, the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes wildly attacked the cultivators attacking them.

“What is going on!”  Yan Hao gasped as he saw the snakes charge out.

“Young master, be careful!  Something strange is happening!”  Old Hong cut off a snake head and protected Yan Hao from the side.

This place was several mountains away from the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python, so its angry roar couldn’t be transmitted here.

But as fellow snakes, the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes could feel its anger!

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