Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Do you dare sign a life and death agreement!
Ye Bing Fan had clearly saw Ye Yu Xi’s kick and Ye Qi Zhi’s challenge was even planned by Ye Bing Fan, trying to test Ye Yu Xi’s bottom line.  After all, they have a life and death battle, it was better to know someone’s bottom line. Only this waste Ye Qi Zhi was taken care of by Ye Yu Xi with a single move.

Ye Yu Xi stood there looking at Ye Bing Fan in front of her and gave a cold laugh.  She thought: This day is finally here.

“Being able to exchange moves with Ningyuan City’s number one genius, it should be considered my honour.  Make your move.” Ye Yu Xi gave a laugh. Ye Bing Fan had this little bit of strength, it was not worth her care.

Ye Yu Xi moved back two steps and opened some space between Ye Bing Fan.

“Stop!”  Ye Bing Fan raised her hand and her voice became a bit louder, “When comparing in martial arts, fists and feet are blind.  Does young miss Ye dare sign a life and death agreement with me? After the fight begins, life and death is up to oneself, how about that!”  Ye Bing Fan looked at Ye Yu Xi in a very confident manner, afraid that Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t agree.


The sound of discussion rang out again.  Life and death agreement, Ye Bing Fan took the initiative to sign a life and death agreement, she wanted to make a fatal move!

The people in the audience stands had different expressions.  Some looked like they were watching a play, some looked worried, and some were just having fun.

After all, Ye Yu Xi and Ye Bing Fan were both surnamed Ye.  Whether they were seriously injured or fell, it would be a good thing for the other powers.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the hesitant appearance of the people around and loudly replied, “Alright!  I’ll sign a life and death agreement with you. In this match, life and death will be decided by the heavens!”

Ye Bing Fan and Ye Yu Xi smiled at the same time.

The two of them moved a set distance from each other and silently watched the other person.


Ye Bing Fan stepped off and flew out at Ye Yu Xi.  When she was halfway there, her hands became claws as she tried to grab Ye Yu Xi’s throat!

Broken Stone Claw!  After practicing this cultivation technique, one’s hands became claws with incomparably might that could break apart mountain stone!  Once people of the same level were caught, their bones could be easily broken.

Some people in the audience stand recognized it!  This was an intermediate Yellow Grade martial art.  In the Ye Manor’s treasury, it was considered a high level martial art.  They never thought that Ye Bing Fan would open with a killing move!

Ye Yu Xi’s cold eyes watched Ye Bing Fan charging at her and didn’t plan to make a move.  When Ye Bing Fan’s Broken Stone Claw reached her neck, her body slightly moved back.

Ye Bing Fan’s fingertip went past Ye Yu Xi’s skin and she could even feel the warmth of Ye Yu Xi’s skin, but it was a pity that this claw hit nothing!

When Ye Bing Fan’s attack missed, her claw turned into a palm which flew out with all her strength.  There was a whistle that came with the palm as it moved towards Ye Yu Xi’s dantian.

If this palm hit, the entire dantian would be destroyed.

Ye Yu Xi toes stepped off and without seeing any movement, her entire body flew back an entire two meters on the ground, leaving Ye Bing Fan’s attack range.

Ye Bing Fan’s two fatal moves did not touch Ye Yu Xi and her face had a trace of annoyance.  Her breathing was visibly a bit faster.

Most of the people present were too weak and gave emotional sighs at the brilliance of their battles.

The people in the audience stands shook their heads.

Ye Bing Fan’s combat experience was too lacking compared to Ye Yu Xi’s!

Although Ye Bing Fan was a level higher than Ye Yu Xi, in the two clashes just now, Ye Bing Fan had used quite a bit of spiritual energy while Ye Yu Xi used her battle experience and timing to easily dodge the danger.  This amazing movement technique could be considered stunning!

Ye Yu Xi on the stage had a smile on her face the entire time.  She clashed with Ye Bing Fan like a cat playing with a mouse.

Only…..Who was the mouse and who was the cat was hard to say!

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