Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 643

Chapter 643: Disaster in the desert (Part 1)
The boss waved his hand, “I don’t have anymore today, they just bought everything I had.  Go to another place.”

“I’ll pay double, give the water to me.”  A luxuriously dressed girl arrogantly looked at Ye Yu Xi’s group.

Compared to this girl, Ye Yu Xi’s group was covered in dust.  They looked like travelers who had been rushing along, not looking like people with background at all.

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh and chicly turned around, “We’re leaving.”

The fatty heard that girl’s unkind tone and very timely spat on the ground.

“Stop!  Do you hear what I’m saying!”  The girl shouted out.

Ye Yu Xi turned her head to look at her and her vermilion lips moved slightly as she spat out one word, “Scram!”

The most annoying people were people like this!

“Stop, what did you say!  Do you know whose territory this is!”  The girl wouldn’t stop pestering them.

“Si Luo, forget it, we’ll buy from another store.”  A somewhat lazy voice rang out.

Ye Yu Xi only realized now that there was a group of people on the streets.

There was a luxurious horse carriage parked there and there was a sign hanging on it that had the word “Flame” written on it.

The surrounding people saw this horse carriage and all moved to the side.

“Humph!  Don’t let me see you again!”  The girl flicked her head and ran back to the carriage.

Ye Yu Xi looked at this arrogant girl.  The other side seemed to have a noble status, but this didn’t matter to her at all.

“Let’s go.  If we stay here, there will be trouble for us later.”  Bai Jin Yi said beside Ye Yu Xi’s ear.

Everyone left silently.

“Princess, we should have captured that slut just now.”  Si Luo thought of Ye Yu Xi’s cold words and gritted her teeth.

“Based on her appearance, she should be from the Ice Mist Country.  Someone from such a small place, there is no need to argue with them.  Go and look for another water shop, but some extra water.” The princess in the horse carriage said.

“Yes, princess.”  Si Luo immediately left.

“Yuan Na, that group just now, the one wearing white clothes didn’t feel like someone normal.”  A man’s voice came from inside the carriage.

“Oh?  Someone that senior Yi Qi pays attention to definitely is not normal.”  There was a bit of emotion in princess Yuan Na’s voice.

“That person……”  Yi Qi inside the horse carriage looked at Bai Jin Yi’s back and felt it was a bit familiar.


Ye Yu Xi’s group didn’t stay in the town and quickly headed off.  With Bai Jin Yi and Long Xiao Pang leading the way, they charged into the place of death.

With Long Xiao Pang leading the way, at least they didn’t need to worry about being lost in the desert.

Although the desert was desolate, Ye Yu Xi’s group had quite a few people, so they weren’t lonely.

Hei Feng Tian Zong and Hei Sha were chatting and occasionally, a blush would appear on Hei Sha’s face.

The fatty was in the front, following behind Long Xiao Pang while asking him many things about cultivation.

The ones who talked relatively little were Shi Qing and Ye Wen.

By Ye Yu Xi’s side, there was always a being called Bai Jin Yi.

“Do you know who tried to stop us just now?” Bai Jin Yi said in a low voice.

“Who?  You’re talking about that girl?  Her master seems to have some authority.”  Ye Yu Xi recalled the luxurious horse carriage.

“Her master is someone from the Origin Flame Country’s royal family.”

“Royal family?”  Ye Yu Xi remembered the reactions of the people on the street, no wonder they made way for the horse carriage.

“Humph, so what if they are the royal family?”  A trace of arrogance appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s face.
Not to mention the royal family, even if the emperor came, so what?

If she shouldn’t give face, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t give it!

She firmly would not bow to authority!

Bai Jin Yi saw Ye Yu Xi’s pride and shook his head, not being able to say anything in his heart.

In the future…...you still have to meet that princess.

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