Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Catching monkeys
The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng looked at the empty stage and swallowed its half spoken words, revealing a trace of sadness in its face as its eye turned a bit red.  Compared to the thousands of years in darkness, the feeling of having people to talk to was very good…...


Ye Yu Xi appeared with Huo Ling behind a large tree.  Only, Huo Ling always stood on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder in the past, but this time Ye Yu Xi was holding Huo Ling in her hand.

Arriving in front of the Purple Thunder Monkey elder, with Huo Ling translating, the Purple Thunder Monkey elder agreed to Ye Yu Xi’s new request.  If they wanted their help in roasting the pheasants and rabbits, the Purple Thunder Monkeys had to first peel them, otherwise they wouldn’t have time to cultivate.

The monkey elder quickly agreed to this little matter.

Even with the experience from last night, they had to work for several hours before everything was taken care of.

Next, they naturally were beginning the training they had agreed on with the Purple Thunder Monkey elder!

“Young miss, what is the training today.”  Qing’er looked at Ye Yu Xi with a curious gaze.

The fatty also echoed out on the side, “That’s right, boss.  You kept it a secret the entire way, can you tell us now.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at their expressions and gave a satisfied nod with a mysterious smile, “Today’s training is catching monkeys.”

Catching monkeys?

Everyone was stunned, especially the fatty.  Looking around, weren’t there monkeys surrounding them, so which monkey did they need to catch?

While the fatty, Qing’er, and the others were stunned, there were shua, shua, shua, sounds coming from the trees as unfamiliar sounds rang out.

“I have already made an agreement with the Purple Thunder Monkeys’ elder, they will send out their strongest five adult Purple Thunder Monkeys to train with us.”  Ye Yu Xi had just finished speaking when an extra monkey appeared beside everyone. There were two of them that were still eating rabbit meat.

“I was wondering what it was, but it’s actually this simple.”  The fatty was very casual about this.

Bai Jin Yi sat in the tree, watching as Ye Yu Xi and the others chased the monkeys.  He praised in his heart: This girl really did come up with a strange method of training.  Although this method is crude, it has to be said that it is very helpful in increasing spiritual energy.

“Brat, the girl you like isn’t bad, just her cultivation is a bit low.”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng slipped out of Ye Yu Xu’s chaotic space at an unknown time, silently appearing beside Bai Jin Yi.

Only when the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng appeared this time, there wasn’t a rich medicinal smell, otherwise it might have attracted the attention of many monkeys.  After all, most spirit beasts were very sensitive to heaven and earth treasures!

Bai Jin Yi was shocked to see the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng appear beside him, it could actually perfectly hide its aura!  After thinking about it, he had been too naive to think that by locking onto Ye Yu Xi that he could sense when the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng would leave the space, to stop it.  Thinking about it now, his thoughts were a bit too simple.

“You can actually perfectly hide your aura?”  Bai Jin Yi asked the question in his heart.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng revealed a proud look, “Without this bit of skills, how could this dragon master live to this day.”

“It seems like dragon master is pleased with the space, otherwise you would have secretly left already.”  Bai Jin Yi said to the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng in a small voice, as his eyes kept watching Ye Yu Xi’s group chasing monkeys on the ground.

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