Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Ye Yu Xi arrives
The fatty stood there and gave a sigh into the sky, “The heavens are jealous of heroes.  Before settling accounts, I never thought that I, Zheng Hao Peng would die here.”

The fatty gave an emotional sigh.  His heart was clear that even if it became dark, they could only hold on for a night.  The people at the foot of the mountain, for their fortunes, they would not leave before achieving their goals.

Ye Yu Xi had Qing’er bring news back, she would head directly to the city after swallowing the Beast Flame…..

Now the fatty wished that Bai Ji Yi had left a day later.  With Bai Jin Yi here, this motley crew wouldn’t dare act this arrogantly.  Although he hadn’t fought with Bai Jin Yi before, the fatty could feel that with his bit of strength, he wouldn’t even last a single round against Bai Jin Yi.

“Zheng Hao Peng?  Fatty, didn’t you say that you are called Zheng Cai?  Settling accounts, what grudges do you have?”

Qing’er heard the fatty’s ambiguous words and her heart was stunned, as her eyes filled with confusion.  When she wanted to question the fatty, the Purple Thunder Monkeys in front of them began to move.

Zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder looked up and several “water drops” appeared on its furry face.  It screamed out a few times in lament before pointing in the direction of the mountain’s exit and crying out a few times.

The Purple Thunder Monkeys following it made the same action.

“Fatty, these monkeys seem to the telling us to leave this place.”  Qing’er was interrupted by the Purple Thunder Monkeys. She pushed down the questions in her heart and began talking to the fatty.


The Purple Thunder Monkey elder picked up a small piece of dirt and threw it at Qing’er and the fatty’s feet.

Pa, pa, pa, pieces of dirt kept flying out at Qing’er and the fatty.

But these pieces of dirt never hit them.

Zhi, zhi, zhi, zhi, zhi!

The little monkey came over and pulled the fatty’s pants towards the exit of the mountain.

The fatty didn’t move.  The little monkey moved to pull Qing’er’s clothes and it kept crying out anxiously.

“Brother, I, Zheng Hao Pang have stolen everything, killed people, and have done everything that lacks in morals.  There have been two things that have made me happy after living all these years. One is meeting my boss and the other is meeting you all.”  The fatty squatted down and rubbed the little monkey’s furry head. It was like he was talking to himself and also talking to his dead brother.

Zhi, zhi.

The little monkey rubbed its furry head on the fatty’s rough hands and its anxious cries turned into cries of sorrow.  It was clear it understood the fatty’s words and it used its two little claws to desperately pull at the fatty’s clothes.


The fatty let out a long breath and his large lips formed a faint smile.  He looked over to Qing’er, “Qing’er, if we die here today, do you think boss will blame us?”

“The young miss said that dying in battle is the most heroic moment for a person.”  Qing’er’s eyes didn’t have any intention to escape. When she was weak before, she made compromises just to protect the young miss.  Now that the young miss was strong, as the young miss’ maid, something like betraying one’s friends and escaping alone was something she would never do!

“Good!  Ha, ha~~”  The fatty laughed a few times.  He used his sleeve to wipe the blood from his dagger and he turned to leave.

Only…..The fatty didn’t head in the direction leaving the mountain, but rather into the forest where most of the people were gathered.

Qing’er looked at the fatty’s back.  For a while, although she thought that the fatty had a slick tongue…...he was still very reliable!  She raised her sword to follow him.


Ye Yu Xi travelled at a speed that wasn’t considered fast or slow.  When it finally became evening, she arrived at the zone where the Purple Thunder Monkeys were active in.

Walking forward, Ye Yu Xi kept feeling that something was wrong.

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