Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Fatty, you’re causing trouble again!
Shadow’s lips trembled as he took Bai Jin Yi and a trace of red appeared in his sharp eyes.  On the way here, to avoid being caught by Gui Qian Xiu’s group, half of the young master’s hidden guards were already gone.

“Brother, come back alive.  When we reach the Medicine King’s Valley, I will treat you to wine.”

The black clothed person took out a piece of jade and handed it to shadow, the meaning behind this was clear.  He reached out to pat shadow’s shoulder and his voice was a bit hoarse, “Medicine King’s Valley has no cowards!

Shadow took one last look at his brother leaving before following Ye Wen and Shi Qing to the new manor.

In the yard, several people had already gathered.

When they came in, shadow looked around and quickly asked, “Do any of you know where young miss Ye is?  Please tell me the location.”

The two Feather Wing members sent by Ying Xue looked at each other before looking at Ye Wen and Ye Man.  There was a look of questioning in their eyes.

“He’s with us.”  Ye Man looked at Bai Jin Yi on shadow’s back.

The two mercenaries then told the location of the Feather Wing headquarters to shadow.


In front of everyone, a pale yellow spiritual energy was released from shadow.  He turned into a blur and left the manor carrying Bai Jin Yi.

“Big sister Man, are we leaving now?”  Ye Wen had a serious look. According to Ye Yu Xi’s instructions, she had already picked ten members with decent cultivation.  This group would be heading for the capital first and the rest would head over in another month.

“The fatty went to the Spiritualist Guild and isn’t back yet.”  Qing’er pursed her little lips as she spoke. It was clear that she was a bit dissatisfied with the fatty.

“Keep waiting.”  Ye Man took a deep breath.  Bai Jin Yi being injured did make Ye Man a bit worried.  With Bai Jin Yi’s strength, being injured like that, how strong was the other side?  If the other side locked onto the young miss.

There was also Shi Qing who had the same thoughts as Ye Man.

Shi Qing clearly remembered just how hard it was to breathe when facing Bai Jin Yi back in the Heaven Mountain Range.  This time Bai Jin Yi was protecting Shi Ying and he was this heavily injured even with his strength…..If he was by Shi Ying’s side…..Then Shi Ying might have…..

Gezhi, gezhi.

Shi Qing’s fists tightened…...

Guang dang!

The door was kicked opened by someone.

“Ai!  I have something you tell you guys!”  The fatty stood in the doorway while holding a rope.  Looking at the people inside he shouted out.

“Quickly go in!”

The fatty pulled the rope and a person was pulled in.  It was an old man.

The clothes he wore seemed a bit luxurious, but he was looking a little worn out.  He was tied up by the fatty and there was a cloth that came from who knows where in his mouth.

“Wu!  Wu! The old man kept struggling as he tried to say something.  That bark like old face was red, seeming like he had been shouting the entire way.


The fatty kicked the old man onto the ground.

“Fatty, you’re causing trouble again!”  Qing’er glared at him. Looking at the old man on the ground, she questioned the fatty, “What is with this person?”

Zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey was on the fatty’s shoulder, defending the fatty.

The fatty waved his hand and explained, “I’m really not causing trouble this time.  This old man, I knew he was not a local from a first glance. Luckily this fat master had good eyes and stopped him at the door, otherwise something would have happened.”

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