Legend of the Asura Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Xuanyuan Wan’er’s request
“Un…..I know big brother Feng is the best.”  Xuanyuan Wan’er became happy, like a little girl who found her lost hair clip.

“Big brother Feng, after your Eye of the Soul evolved, I can’t see your memories anymore.  Moreover, the day you practice this skill to its peak, you can also see other people’s memories.”  Xuanyuan Wan’er said something that shocked Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

A sword spirit that could see people’s memories and a skill that could see people’s memories.

What kind of goddamn game was this.

“Big brother Feng?  Big brother Feng…..”

“Ah?  Wan’er?”  Feng Xiao finally came back to his senses.

“Big brother Feng, are you…..beginning to hate Wan’er?”  Xuanyuan Wan’er nervously asked.

“He, he, how could that be?  Wan’er is cute and kind, who wouldn’t like you.”  Feng Xiao said with a sincere smile.

Everything would run its natural course.  Although it was hard to understand and hard to accept, there was no harm to me.

Were there few surprises before?

It seems like I need to work harder.  There was definitely an incredible giant secret hidden in the direction pointed out by adopted father.

“Un!”  Xuanyuan Wan’er happily replied and finally relaxed.

“Alright, let’s go level!”

“Big brother Feng, you’re not willing to help her?”

“If I save her, it would be unfair to everyone in this world.”

“No!!  This world is already unfair for her.  Big brother Feng, you only see her eyes without any light and her life force without any hope, but you have to know, her legs are also crippled!  Moreover…..They were broken by her biological father.” Xuanyuan Wan’er’s voice was filled with sorrow.

“What!?”  Feng Xiao was shocked.  He looked at that girl looking around with a smile, her smile seemed so pure that people wouldn’t dare defile it.

“A year ago, her big brother of the same father and different mother wanted to violate her, but she cut off three of his fingers with a dagger.  Her cruel father pampered this son and he didn’t know right from wrong as he broke her leg. Her biological mother and second brother to protect her suffered brutal prosecution before being expelled from the family.  Big brother Feng, do you know? In the beginning, these mother and children were prepared to live the rest of their lives, but half a year ago, her mother went out to buy groceries and was actually hit by a car, losing her life.  As for her, she lost her sight from crying too long. She and her second brother vaguely knew the truth of the car accident, it was their elder brother taking his revenge. But three months ago, she suddenly gained a strange illness, becoming weaker with each passing day…..”

“There’s actually…..this kind of father and brother, this bastard family!!”  Feng Xiao gritted his teeth and his anger made him unable to control the trembling of his body.

Father was a sacred and affectionate word in Feng Xiao’s mind, but it was actually soiled by a beast like this.

He hated them, he would not allow it.

“Big brother Feng, I know what you are worried about.  You are worried that revealing your identity will bring danger to you little sister, right?  Be assured, I have observed this Ao Yang Tian person and he has a tenacious will and a righteous heart, being filled with love for his little sister.  If you save her, he will definitely not reveal your identity and will be filled with gratitude to you for a lifetime.”

Feng Xiao let out a long sigh and said, “Even if I am willing, will they believe a bystander like me?  Moreover, how should I find them.”

Hearing the relenting in Feng Xiao’s voice, Xuanyuan Wan’er became happy, “Big brother Feng, I know where they live.  Moreover, it’s very close to your house, so I believe you can do it. That girl, she has a deep impression of you. Moreover…..Moreover, if you don’t save her soon, after tomorrow, you won’t be able to see her again.”

Feng Xiao’s body trembled.

“Wan’er, why are you so set on saving her?  Is it because she is pitiful?”

Xuanyuan Wan’er was silent.

“Hello beauty, how about becoming friends.”

Feeling a pat on her shoulder, Yang Xi Ruo turned around in a daze.  Looking up and down, her curious eyes fell onto the black masked face.

“How about it beauty?  Isn’t my mask very cool!”  Feng Xiao said with a proud look.  There were countless people that were jealous to death of his Asura’s Illusion.

“Puchi——”  Yang Xi Ruo gave a soft laugh.  She looked at his blocked eyes and said, “You are Wind.”

Feng Xiao became unsteady and almost fell down.  He said in a surprised voice, “How did you recognize me.”

He had told Yang Xi Ruo before that he was called Wind.

“I remember your voice.”  Yang Xi Ruo revealed a faint smile.  That beauty and grace made Feng Xiao suddenly freeze.

“Thank you for saving me last time.”

“Thank you for remembering me.”

The two of them both had faint smiles.  Feng Xiao silently watched this girl that only had light in her eyes in the game and his heart was filled with endless pity.

“I’ll be leaving first.  I think we’ll be able to ‘meet’ soon.”  Feng Xiao gently said as his heart had already made his decision.

“Un!”  Yang Xi Ruo watched him leave with yearning, suppressing the sadness and unwillingness in her heart.

“Ding, you have successfully killed the Silver Boss, Undead Knight Chief.  Prestige +30.”

“Ding, your pet, Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin has reached level 17.  HP +10, MP +15, Attack +5, Magic Attack +10, Defense +5.”

“The legendary strongest sacred qilin, ah.  I think you’re nothing more than a pure rabbit!  What can you even do other than eating my experience points!”  Feng Xiao helplessly looked at Xiao Xiao bouncing on the ground.

Xiao Xiao’s strength was equal to a mage of the same level, but Feng Xiao were fighting monsters at level 38, so there was no use for him at all.

It was like Xiao Xiao understood Feng Xiao’s words as it just laid there looking at Feng Xiao with a dissatisfied look filled with injustice.

Feng Xiao was speechless, looking like he was defeated.

“Today’s strolling time is over.  Quickly leave if you don’t want to be instant killed by this group of shields.”

Xiao Xiao gave a dissatisfied “wuka” sound, but still obediently turned into white light that disappeared into Feng Xiao’s right arm.

“Kill——”  The Asura’s Eyes opened and a large amount of monsters were terrified.  They stood there not daring to move and when they came back to their senses, a flame dragon already hit them…..

After an hour…..

“Ding, your gaming time has already surpassed eight hours, please log off within an hour…..”

“Hu…..So fast.”

Feng Xiao took care of the surrounding monsters and returned to Heavenly Dragon Imperial City.

“Yao’er, I’m going out for a bit this afternoon…..”

“Big brother, how long.”

“Not sure, but I’ll be back before dinner.”

“Un!  Come back soon big brother.”

Hanging up the call, Feng Yao doubtfully looked at the date.

Today was only the 6th, why was big brother…...

Giving the equipment in his inventory to Maniac, Feng Xiao did not forget to harass Rou Rou again before logging off with an obscene smile.

Walking out of his room, Feng Yao was already waiting there.  After carefully arranging his clothes and shoes, she sent him off.

She knew that her big brother normally wouldn’t go out.  He would only go out for special matters, but if her big brother didn’t take the initiative to mention it, she wouldn’t ask about it.

After sitting in a taxi for an hour and then going in twists and turns for another half hour, Feng Xiao finally arrived at the suburb that was his goal.  This was the green house that Xuanyuan Wan’er mentioned.

The environment was very good, with lush grass all around.  If he didn’t come this time, Feng Xiao wouldn’t have known that there was a place this close to nature in the capital city.  Only this place was very far away from the center of the city and there weren’t many houses. A green house became even more conspicuous.

“What should I do?”  Feng Xiao secretly considered, “I can’t just ask them.  Damn, I even have to ask someone else to save someone, why does it have to be this hard for me?”

Feng Xiao walked forward and knocked on the door.

Very soon, the door was opened.  Feng Xiao was surprised because the one who opened the door was a middle age woman.

“Hello, is this Yang Ao Tian’s house?”  He wouldn’t have found the wrong place, Feng Xiao secretly muttered.

“That’s right, who are you?”  The middle aged woman carefully looked over the man in front of her because there weren’t guests that came here normally.

“Oh, I am Yang Ao Tian’s friend.  May I ask……”

“I don’t have friends!”  A cold voice came from inside the room and the door was shoved open.  Yang Ao Tian stood there with a vigilant face.

“It’s you!”  Yang Ao Tian was stunned.  Although they had only met once, he had a deep impression of this person.  His face was one that people would deeply remember with just one gaze. Not to mention that his little sister would occasionally mention him.

“What are you here for!”  Yang Ao Tian didn’t have a good attitude because the other side saved his little sister.  Countless bitter experiences made him separate himself far away from strangers.

Feng Xiao ignored him and just went into the room, sitting down on the sofa.

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