Legend of the Asura Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Profane
At the beginning of the world, there was chaos.  Chaos gave birth to the world, accumulating into yin and yang and the five elements, creating the world’s laws and the order of heaven and earth.

This was the explanation of chaos his adopted father had given him in the Chaotic Art, it was astonishingly similar to the chaotic blood the Purple Lightning Qilin mentioned.

A layer of transparent light appeared on Feng Xiao’s right hand, that’s right, unbelievable transparent light.

The Chaotic Art’s first layer allowed him to inject life force into her.  But before this, he had to find the reason why her life force was quickly draining.

He gently placed his palm onto Xi Ruo’s head and the transparent chaotic power slowly entered her body.

Xi Ruo’s body trembled as she felt that she had suddenly entered a colourful world.  It was slow, but the colour gradually dimmed until it completely disappeared. As for her, she had unknowingly lost consciousness.

The five slender fingers went over her slender nose, her fragrant lips, and her jade neck.  Feng Xiao carefully felt the changes coming from his hand.

He softly held her breast and that beautiful feeling from his hand made Feng Xiao lose his mind for a second.  He never thought that Xi Ruo’s delicate appearance was hiding such a large pair of breasts. His hand could only hold half of it and the soft feeling from it made it seem like water would come out just by softly pinching it.

Feng Xiao secretly cursed himself and quickly suppressed his thoughts.  Suddenly, there was an abnormal feeling coming from her heart.

Feng Xiao’s mind focused and he quickly surrounded this suspicious object with chaotic qi, determining that it shouldn’t appear here.  There was a slight change with his finger and the long thing slowly became smaller until it disappeared into thin air.

Feng Xiao took back his right hand.  He had a serious expression as he opened his hand, looking at the strange thing’s form.

Being in the Chaotic Art’s first layer, he could make very small things into a void state and slowly turn it back to its original form.  This was already heaven defying and shocking enough.

This was an ability that shouldn’t belong to this world.

A thing that looked like a silkworm that was three centimeters long and had a layer of faint white light around it appeared in his hand, only it no longer moved.

Feng Xiao’s eyes jumped open and the flames of rage turned his eyes red.  He crushed it and this evil thing was shattered to pieces, finally disappearing with a burst of chaotic energy.

A Soul Absorbing Gu Insect, it was actually a Soul Absorbing Gu Insect.

What kind of person used such a cruel method to take care of this girl.

A Soul Absorbing Gu Insect, as the name suggested, it was a gu insect that drained a person’s life and soul.  Once it was planted, it would quickly integrate itself into the host’s blood and it couldn’t be found even with high class detection techniques.  It would slowly drain the host’s life force, letting them die after tasting despair. The Soul Absorbing Gu Insect would disappear after the host lost all their life force, so it was hard to discover the cause.

There was no doubt that this was the most sinister gu insect in the world because once it was implanted, there was no way to solve it.  All the people that knew about this gu insect thought this, but the one who implanted this gu insect would not think of a heaven defying existence like the chaotic power.  

Feng Xiao gave an angry “humph” sound and continued investigating Xi Ruo’s body.  For her body to become like this in a short period of time, there wouldn’t be just one.

That’s right, there were an entire seven of them in her body and they were all of different size.  It was clear that they were implanted at different times. The smallest one was only the size of a fingernail, it was less than seven days since it was implanted.

This was a very shocking result.

Feng Xiao’s eyes slowly narrowed and there was a frightening cold glow in his eyes.

He gently touched that pale face and muttered, “Poor girl, don’t be afraid.  No one will be able to harm you in the future.”

It was as if the asleep Xi Ruo had heard Feng Xiao’s words and her slightly knit brows gradually relaxed.

A finger fell between Xi Ruo’s brows and continuous chaotic energy wildly entered her body.  Being filled with pity, Feng Xiao held nothing back as he wanted her to recover as soon as possible.

Yang Ao Tian was like an ant in a hot pot, restlessly walking around in front of the door.

After an hour, the door was still tightly closed.  After this long time, not only was he worried about his little sister’s safety, there was a faint hope that accumulated in his heart.  There were many times he had the impulse to charge in.

At least he wasn’t like those other so called doctors and divine doctors, leaving after saying “there was no illness” in just a few minutes.

Feng Xiao was panting.  Exhausting his chaotic energy made him so weak that he couldn’t even stand.  He was weakly lying on the floor as he slowly absorbed the heaven and earth energy to recover his chaotic energy.

His face was as white as paper, he couldn’t even lift a single finger.  Even a three year old child could easily take care of him with a blade.

“Yao’er would certainly be very pained if she saw my current appearance.”  Thinking of Yao’er, Feng Xiao couldn’t help revealing a warm smile.

After a few minutes, 30% of his chaotic energy had recovered.  Feng Xiao slowly stood up and patted off the nonexistent dust on his body.

“Hu, this young master hasn’t suffered like this before.  This kind of not being able to lift a finger feeling, this is not something humans can accept.  I’ve suffered a loss, a huge loss.”

“Un?  Should I take some interest?”  Feng Xiao looked at Yang Xi Ruo who was like a fairy as he muttered to himself.

Without the pressure from before, Feng Xiao was suddenly like a beast on an angel’s body.

He had no sense of shame.  Since he broke through to the first layer of the Chaotic Art two years ago, his personality had gradually changed.  All the rules of the human world became dog shit in his heart.

Doing whatever he desired, doing what others didn’t dare think, that was his style.

Raising Yang Xi Ruo’s wrong season coat, he sat a moon white little blouse inside.

Feng Xiao’s eyes froze, Xi Ruo’s two jade breasts were actually this big, the top was almost about to split open.  There were even two pink buds that were clearly printed on the blouse.

He carefully reached his right hand into her blouse and softly gripped it.  Instantly, a delicate feeling filled his hand that was incredibly soft and slippery like cream.  Feng Xiao felt like all his blood was surging forward and he couldn’t control himself as he greedily rubbed it.

The beautiful rich feeling almost made Feng Xiao go wild.  He pulled away the little blouse and the two suppressed snow mounds bounced out, being full to a scary level.  Feng Xiao who only wanted a touch began to wildly devastate those two jade mounds. Gradually, the snow white mounds released an enchanting glow. Those two nearly transparent pink tips also slowly turned a seductive red colour.

The two crystal like tips kept trembling under his kneading.  Feng Xiao lowered his head and opened his mouth, gently sucking on the red tip of the left side.

The two rich white mounds began to fill with enchanting waves, as the bright red crystal like tip began to turn hard under his passionate sucking.

“This is truly a charm that makes one wild.  Xi Ruo, I’m already planning to never let you go in this life.”  Spitting out the red tip and looking at her slightly red little face, Feng Xiao revealed a wanton faint smile.

Opening the hand that was wildly grabbing her right breast, Feng Xiao found that there were already a few faint bruises on her skin.

Feng Xiao looked at his right hand and revealed a bitter smile.  Lovingly stroking it one more time, he covered the two mounds with the blouse again.

“I really am a beast, a beast that has defiled an angel.”  Feng Xiao whispered to himself, which could be considered a compliment to himself.

“I somewhat understand the side effects adopted father was talking about, I can’t control my lust.”

“I don’t know if Yao’er will praise me or be jealous when she finds out…..”

After helping Xi Ruo cover up with the blanket and giving her head a soft kiss, he quietly left the room.

When the door opened, it was like Yang Ao Tian guarding outside the door had his butt poked.  He grabbed Feng Xiao and said, “How is my little sister.”

“Big brother…..”  When Feng Xiao wanted to reply, a soft voice made his mouth freeze and he stood there in a daze.

Yang Ao Tian immediately pushed aside Feng Xiao and looked at his little sister.

Feng Xiao swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

Damn, was she awake the entire time just now or did she just awaken.

If it was the former, it would be a hit to Feng Xiao’s heart.

Feng Xiao broke out in a cold sweat and carefully came over, but seeing no changes to the expression of the siblings and a look of gratitude in Yang Ao Tian’s eyes, his heart relaxed.

Hu, this young master’s saving the beauty, reputation of an innocent man, and reputation of a gentleman was almost broken.

“Big brother, I really feel like my body is filled with energy and I want to eat many things.”  Yang Xi Ruo excitedly stretched her energized body, like a bird that was freed from its shackles.  She didn’t have distant eyes, but rather a look filled with excitement.

Yang Ao Yian tightly held his little sister’s hands as his body trembled and he didn’t say a word for long time.

“Big brother Wind, big brother Wind, are you here?”  Xi Ruo turned her empty eyes, anxiously calling for Feng Xiao.

“Little sister Xi Ruo, I’m here.”  Feng Xiao felt very anxious and didn’t dare look in her eyes even though she couldn’t see him.

“Did you save me?  It must be. Thank you big brother Wind, I knew that you could definitely do it.  I feel like my illness is really completely better.”

Seeing Xi Ruo’s happiness, Feng Xiao’s heart calmed down.

“Little sister Xi Ruo, your body is still a bit weak and you need to rest.  You should be completely better in a month. Quickly lie down. Brother Yang, let’s leave.”

Yang Ao Tian nodded, not hiding the excitement and gratitude on his face at all.

After the two of them walked out of the room, Xi Ruo knit her brows and placed her hands on her chest.

“So swollen, so painful, and…..wet……”

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