Legend of the Asura Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Once strongest Water Magic
“Little girl, sign your name here and you’ll be a noble cleric.”  Heavenly Law took out a wrinkled paper for Feng Yao.

“Wait, don’t sign yet.”  Feng Xiao stopped Feng Yao who was about to sign and said to Heavenly Law with a smile, “Instructor Heavenly Law, changing into a cleric just like that?  You don’t know how to accommodate at all.  Can’t you take out some Hidden Jobs since we are as close as brothers?”

Father being brothers with you?  In your dreams!  Heavenly Law rolled his eyes, “Hidden Jobs?  You think that changing into a Hidden Job is that simple?  The Heavenly Dragon Continent only has that many Hidden Jobs and father is still an Earth Attributed Magician after thousands of years.”

“Che!”  Feng Xiao looked at him in disdain, “You haven’t even reached this level yet?  Look at instructor Heavenly War, having a Hidden Job and a War God Scroll.  Then there’s Tian Xiu, he has a Hidden Job, a Divine Item, and the Hexagram Scroll.  Then look at you, ze, ze~~no wonder you don’t have any status among these instructors.”  Feng Xiao shook his head with a depressed look, as his eyes filled with a bit of pity.

Heavenly Law wasn’t moved and he said without even changing his expression, “Kid, father didn’t fall for this move three thousand years ago, so stop wasting your words.  Change Jobs if you want, father doesn’t care if you don’t.”  He looked like he didn’t care after saying this and continued dealing with the line.

“Eh…..Forget it.  Yao’er sign it first, this old man isn’t easy to trick.”

Feng Yao pursed her lips into a smile and raised the magic pen to sign her name.  The white paper turned into a white light that drilled into Feng Yao and a holy light came from her before it faded in the blink of an eye.

“Big brother, I changed Jobs.”  Feng Yao gently looked at him as she spoke.

“Un, now let’s go kill small mobs for fun. I want to see the might of your Fu Xi Zither.”

Instructor Heavenly Law with a calm face complained in his heart, “Actually daring to say that father has nothing and father has no status, humph!  Who says father has no Hidden Jobs, father just doesn’t want to give them to you.”

“Old man Heavenly Law, let me ask a question.”  This sudden question broke through Heavenly Law’s muttering.

“Ask your question quickly, father doesn’t have that much time to waste with you.”

“He, he, can you tell me why the Water Attributed Magician is weaker than the other magicians?”  Feng Xiao honestly asked.

Heavenly Law’s hand froze and he turned to ask, “You’re not a magician, why are you asking this?”

“I’m just curious.  Although I’m not a magician, you also know that I can change into four more Jobs.  I have to become a magician Job suited to me eventually, so I need to understand as much as possible if I want to be the strongest magician.”  Feng Xiao said without the slightest change to his expression.

Heavenly Law considered it before saying, “This thing isn’t considered a secret on the Heavenly Dragon Continent, so there’s no harm if you’re thirsty for knowledge.”

Heavenly Law ignored the group of people who wanted to change Jobs and gathered his thoughts before he calmly began speaking.

“Tens of thousands of years ago, there was an ancient catastrophe on the Heavenly Dragon Continent.  A great demon called the Demon Monarch……”

“What?!  It’s the Demon Monarch again……”

“Stop interrupting!!  Ke, ke…...The Demon Monarch led the three Demon Gods and ten protectors under him to the Heavenly Dragon Continent to destroy all living beings.  In order to destroy the Demon Monarch, the seven most powerful gods on the Heavenly Dragon Continent of water, fire, wind, thunder, earth, light, and darkness worked together.  They engaged in an earth shaking battle with the Demon Monarch which lasted for three days and three nights.”

“But the Demon Monarch was too strong, so the fire, wind, thunder, earth, light, and darkness gods were killed.  Only the strongest Water Magic God Shui Cang Qiong could keep his life, but his magic was sealed by the Demon Monarch.  He escaped in a panic and no one had seen him since.  Perhaps he ran off to a very secret place to hide himself or perhaps he is already dead.  But the strange thing was that after Shui Cang Qiong disappeared, the water elemental energy on the Heavenly Dragon Continent became weaker and it was harder to communicate with water elemental energy.  It is because of this reason that Water Attributed Magic has become very lacking, so there were less and less Water Attributed Magicians.  To this day, although the Water Attributed Magician Job hasn’t disappeared, almost no one on the Heavenly Dragon Continent changes to this Job.”

“Countless powerful magicians have investigated the reason why it is hard to communicate with water elemental energy, but they haven’t gotten any concrete results.  The only publicly recognized thing is that the strange happenings with the water elemental energy is related to the disappearance of Shui Cang Qiong.  Perhaps only finding him would explain everything.  Only after tens of thousands of years, no one had found a trace of him and no one even knows if he is still alive.”

“So there really is a reason why Water Magic became weaker.”  Feng Xiao secretly said.

“Instructor Heavenly Law, did you just say that the Water Magic God was the strongest?  Does this mean that Water Attributed Magicians used to be the strongest?”

Heavenly Law thought about it before saying, “In some sense, it could be said like that.  From the Heavenly Dragon annals, when the Water God, Fire God, and Wind God who had the same intelligence competed with each other, it was the Water God who won.  Back then, it was Water Attributed Magicians who had the greatest numbers.  But that is not absolute because there were very few who could train Water Attributed Magic to the same unpredictable realm as Shui Cang Qiong.”

“Unpredictable realm?”

“Right!  Water Magic doesn’t have the same high attack as Fire and Thunder Magic, it doesn’t have the same speed and range as Wind Magic, and it doesn’t have the defense and control as Earth Magic, but it does have a powerful advantage the other magics don’t have.”

“Water can turn into countless things.  It can turn into life nourishing water, it can turn into a giant wave that covers the land, it can turn into fog that blocks the sky, it can turn into snow that covers everything, and it can turn into ice that freezes all.  In this world, other than water, there is no other element that can be this unpredictable.”

“But it’s easier said than to accomplish this level.  Only someone who integrates their mind into water elemental energy can bring Water Magic to a level that other kinds of magic can’t reach.  Ke, ke, I’ve said a bit too much, you should have a general understanding of this matter.”

“Un, I understand most of it.  Instructor Heavenly Law, you better get busy, the area behind you is already green.”  Feng Xiao thought about what Heavenly Law said while pulling Feng Yao away.

“Water Magic used to be the strongest!”

Instructor Heavenly Law didn’t know that his casual explanation would create the strongest ability user in China, the Ice Emperor who shocked the entire world.

At this time, he was facing a white clothed man whose expression wasn’t normal.

The white clothed man was angry.  He had waited several hours to finally change Jobs, but this old man in charge of changing Jobs would actually turn around and think about something.  Not far away on the side, a man with his face hidden and a woman with a slender body and a hidden face walked away.  The other side was the Job Change Instructor, so he could only wait.  He waited and waited, continuing to wait, almost becoming as patient as a divine turtle.  Finally, after five minutes, when the two left, he finally couldn’t take it anymore.

“What are you standing in a daze for, quickly change Jobs for father!”


Other than those undying old men and that reckless kid just now, someone else dared to call themselves father in front of me!

Heavenly Law turned around and glared at the white clothed man as he said, “Daring to disrespect father, you’ll never be a magician in this life.”

The white clothed man was about to cry as he wailed, “Sorry instructor, I was just too excited just now.  You are a great person, you wouldn’t argue with a lowly one like me.  Being a magician is my life’s dream……”

“No!  You don’t have a chance.”

“I’ll kneel to you.”


“I’ll give you a thousand gold coins tomorrow!”


“Two thousand!”



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