Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Do you want to play together?
I was standing together with Ling Xue.

“Hey, do you people not have brains?”  Ling Xue loudly said.

The three men and one woman looked back and in an instant, Ling Xue and I were stunned to the point of being unable to speak.  The other side had the same stunned expression!

These people, they seemed very familiar.  It was actually Fated Madman, he had the exact same appearance as the game.  The man wearing a suit beside him was Fated Bloodthirster and the young girl to the right should be Fated Floating Rain!

“So it’s you guys!”  Ling Xue said in a surprised voice.

Fated Madman was also shocked.  After looking at us for a few seconds, he said, “It’s actually you guys.  Is this Gentle Breeze Flying Snow or is it Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon?  I never thought that Easily Angered Bookworm and you would be a couple in real life…..”

Ling Xue’s face turned slightly red and she immediately argued back, “I also never thought that the arrogant and wild Fated Madman in the game would also be like this in real life!”

Fated Bloodthirster’s face fell slightly as he said to Fated Madman, “Big brother, what do we do?”

Fated Madman gave a snort and said, “Hei, hei, meeting old acquaintances here, of course we have to drink some wine together!”

Ling Xue panting in indignation, I was afraid trouble would happen after.  I quickly stood in front of her and said, “Even if we want to drink, there is no spots here, so how about next time!  I don’t want to drink wine on a stolen seat……”

Fated Madman’s eyes turned cold, “Humph!”

The young girl on the side, Fated Floating Rain who was not even eighteen pulled Madman’s hand and said, “Big brother!  How can you act like this! After we go back, I’ll tell everything that happened to dad!”

Fated Madman instantly fell into a panic and quickly said, “Piaoyu, you mustn’t!  Dad will beat me to death!”

After saying this, Fated Madman turned back to me with a cold smile and said, “I won’t entertain you today, but the debts in the game will be returned to you in the game!  Ze, ze, Gentle Breeze Flying Snow is truly beautiful…..”

The other side looked over her and Ling Xue immediately felt uncomfortable.  She waved her little fist and angrily said, “What are you looking at? Want to fight?  I’ll play with you!”

I couldn’t help secretly complaining!  Ling Xue was the master of not caring!

It was a good thing that under Fated Floating Rain’s threat, Fated Madman left in an unwilling manner.  Fated Bloodthirster glared at me before leaving. In a single day, he fell down from level 36 to level 30 from me killing him, so he wished he could swallow me up right now.

Looking at them leave, Ling Xue gritted her teeth and said in an unwilling voice, “This group of willful young masters, they are truly the scum of society!”

I revealed a faint smile and said nothing.

At this time, the woman holding the baby gave us a grateful look.  Ling Xue took this chance to sit in front of her and said with a sweet smile, “Aunty, how old is this little brother?”

Looking at Ling Xue’s affectionate appearance, I thought that she wanted to eat with them.  However, there was already an open table and we moved to a place near the window. We ordered a few special Sichuan dishes and they were all spicy that it almost took our lives!

Ling Xue bitterly said, “We actually met Fated Madman, I never thought that he would be in Shanghai.  Humph, I really wanted to punch him!”

Seeing Ling Xue’s pretty appearance looking ready to fight, I couldn’t help laughing as I said, “Can you punch him?”

Ling Xue seemed like she couldn’t take my ridicule and immediately brandished her little fist as she said, “You want to try it?  My elder sister and I learned Taekwondo since we were young!”

I didn’t argue, “Alright, alright, I believe you.  That’s right, your elder sister wanted me to go to the Hero Memorial Park with her tonight, do you want to level with us?”

Ling Xue blinked before saying with a smile, “No!  What is interesting in killing monsters. We are the earliest players to change Jobs, how about going to the Ancient Ghost Temple instead?  We should sweep up the bosses of the fifth and sixth floors. Could it be that you don’t want to see that legendary final boss of the Ancient Ghost Temple, that general?”

I immediately swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Alright!  If Purple Rhyme also changes Jobs tonight, we’ll go. Otherwise, without a high level healer, we can’t take care of the boss!”

Ling Xue pursed her lips into a faint smile, “Un!  Also, let Bing Cha and Zi Yue come with us. More people makes it easier.  Bing Cha’s equipment aren’t bad, she can also be a meat shield!”

“Un, alright!”

At this time, the dishes came and a fragrant scent filled our noses!

Without knowing it, I became used to eating spicy food, just like getting used to living alone.  However, now I can get rid of one of those habits. After all, humans had to change with the times!

An ancient porcelain bowl was filled with pickled fish and another one was filled with spicy bullfrog legs.  The red and green peppers mixed with the snow white meat, just the visual impact alone was hard to resist for people.

Ling Xue’s beautiful eyes revealed an excited look and she sent a piece of tender frog meat into her mouth.  In an instant, I saw Ling Xue’s snow white cheeks fill with a faint blush.

“Yi?  Ling Xue, you can’t eat spicy food?”  I was filled with a bit of regret, I didn’t ask her about this first.

Who would have thought that Ling Xue would smile and say, “Who says I can’t eat spicy food!?”

As if you prove herself, Ling Xue ate several pieces of the spicy meat and in an instant, her face turned completely red.  Those rosy lips were covered in oil that made them seem more cute and charming.

I was a bit stunned seeing it.  Ling Xue looked up at me and couldn’t help smiling.  She raised a cup with beer and said, “Little Fool, stop looking.  Drink with me?”

I quickly shook my head, “Don’t!  You still have to drive back to Suzhou, you can’t drink.”

“Fine, I’ll swap the beer out for tea……”  Ling Xue called for a cup of iced tea.

I smiled and began to eat.

Ling Xue took a bit before saying with a smile, “Little Fool, after being in the game for all those days, what ambition do you have?  Do you want to become the number one expert in China and look down on the world, or do you want to be like the number one expert of Moon Monochrome, Lin Fan?”

I was a bit stunned before revealing a faint smile, “I haven’t thought about that right now.  Un, I just want to earn some money for the game before helping your elder sister turn the Xue Yue Studio into the world’s strongest team!”

Ling Xue snappily laughed and said, “So it’s like this, it’s fine still!  When you go killing and pillaging later, don’t forget to call me~~”

I couldn’t help smiling ,”Good fellow, why aren’t you like your sister at all!”

Ling Xue’s smile curved up as she said in a ridiculing voice, “You wouldn’t think that I can’t compare to my sister, right?”

“Of course not, of course not.  In my heart, you are the greatest, skilled in martial arts and scholastics, you can rule the world…..”  Seeing Ling Xue raise her chest, I quickly said a few words. Ling Xue’s words had a hidden killing intent, I would suffer a loss if I wasn’t careful.

Ling Xue seemed quite satisfied with my words, so she kept eating.  I ate while I looked in front of me. I had a feast for the eyes and a table full of delicacies, with a life like this, what else could I ask for?

This was my first time having a meal with Ling Xue, it was almost a bit hard to imagine.  I was someone who almost couldn’t afford another meal and Ling Xue was a little beauty driving a BMW, the two of us didn’t have anything in common, but I really don’t know what kind of bullshit luck I stepped in.  Once luck came, it couldn’t be stopped!

Until two in the afternoon, we left after eating our fill.  Ling Xue sent me back to the studio before returning to her school.

When I opened the door to the studio, I heard a voice, “Yi, this little girl Zi Yue really has some resources~”

This seemed to be Summer’s voice.  I looked over and found that Summer and Zi Yue playing on the sofa, as the spring scenery entered my eyes.  Zi Yue had a dishevelled appearance as she laid back on the sofa. Her pink bra was drooping down as her twin peaks stood proud.

Lying on Zi Yue was Summer.  She seemed to be appraising Zi Yue’s body and as a result, her own snow white butt, that perfectly shaped butt that was very attractive was sticking up in the air.

I was stunned for a few seconds before asking, “You guys…..What are you playing at?”

Zi Yue’s face instantly turned red.  Summer stuck up her butt and with a strong teasing smile, “Bookworm?  Do you want to play together?”

I was instantly stunned and my body shook!

“This, wouldn’t be that good…..”

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