Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Dark Thunder of Fury
The Ancient Ghost Temple’s sixth floor.

Dark mages covered in mage robes were wandering around with jet black staffs in their hands, preparing to attack any intruders that approached.

I couldn’t see the monsters’ information, so I had Ling Yue do it.  These mage monsters were as expected at level 50.

[Dark Sacrifices] (Elite Monster)

Level: 50

Magic Attack: 300-450

Defense: 120

HP: 5000

Additional Stat: These human sacrifices being kept in the dark for a long time has been corrupted by the darkness.  The current them have powerful magic and swear eternal loyalty to their master before death.

It had to be said, these mage monsters with low HP and defenses were the best choice for leveling, they definitely didn’t give low experience.  The only bad thing was that they had high magical attacks and once one was caught by a group, it would be hard not to die.

“Ya!  It’s actually Elite Monsters!”  Ling Xue’s little mouth opened as she spoke in a surprised voice.

Elite Monsters, they were much more broken than normal monsters as the name suggested.  So, the drop rate and experience rate of Elite Monsters were much higher than normal monsters, it could even be countless times higher!

Not far away from us, there were quite a few gold coins dropped by the Dark Sacrifices killed by Ling Xue’s Scarlet Flame Sea, but there was no equipment dropped.  It seemed like the drop rate was still relatively low.

Ling Yue began chanting and any magic that could have her chant was pretty broken.  As expected, the moment the Roaring Flame Staff was raised, a flame dragon flew into the sky and charged at a Dark Sacrifice not far away!”


The roaring flames wreaked havoc as several damage figures appeared above the head of the Dark Sacrifice, with each one being above 1000.  In just a few seconds, the level 50 Elite Monster fell to the ground, turning into gold coins and experience points. The Flame Dragon Spell was a new technique and just beginner level was already this strong.  It made everyone a bit surprised.

Ling Yue’s mouth also opened wide in shock before she smiled and said, “This… seems a bit broken…..”

I raised my Star Chasing Bow and directly shot a Fire Arrow.  It went out with a “sou” sound and exploded with sparks on the chest of a Dark Sacrifice.  At the same time, a bright damage figure appeared, 2104!

Everyone was a bit surprised.  It was clear that the defense of these mage monsters were too low!

When we were feeling happy, we didn’t realize that the Dark Sacrifice had suddenly raised its staff.  With a loud chanting, the colour of the sky in the surrounding area change and there were several giant purple bolts of thunder that fell out of the sky!


After the thunder fell, I felt pain fill my body.  I had lost 1207 HP, almost instantly killing me!

Everyone had damage figures jump out over their heads!

Ling Xue and Bing Cha had directly lost more than half their HP, while Ling Xue had kept her life being protected by her Fire Qi Shield.  Purple Rhyme was directly killed, but it was a good thing she had a Prepared Resurrection on herself, however, she couldn’t use another one for another two hours.

Ling Yue moved very quickly, immediately sending out a fireball and an ice arrow spell, directly killing the half HP Dark Sacrifice!

At this time, everyone looked at each other as we finally understood how terrifying the sixth floor’s monsters were.  We had been caught off guard even with our high defenses. If it were some lower leveled players, they definitely would have been instantly killed under this thunder.

Opening the system and I looked at the combat log.  You have been hit by Dark Sacrifice’s Dark Thunder of Fury and have lost 1207 HP!

So this skill actually had a name, dark mages really were broken.  If that brat Ghost Fire had this kind of Dark Thunder of Fury spell, it would simply be too terrifying!

A Hidden Job, that was something many people yearned for!

Due to the fact the Dark Thunder of Fury was too terrifying, Ling Yue and I immediately changed our strategy.  The two of us were the main attack force, being in charge of killing the Dark Sacrifice in one to two seconds. Ling Xue and Bing Cha were responsible for picking up the gold coins and items the monsters dropped.  As for Purple Rhyme, un, she could sit on the side and watch.

Like this, Ling Yue and I began to instant kill the first Dark Sacrifice.  Although it was much safer, our speed in killing the monsters was much slower and there was a problem with our cooperation.

Two Dark Sacrifices began to chant the Dark Thunder of Fury spell and the girls’ faces turned pale in fear.  We quickly ran away as Ling Yue looked at me in a speechless manner and said, “Bookworm, what are you doing? Didn’t I say that we’re killing the one that was closer to us?”

“That’s right, the closer one.  Didn’t you see that he was standing on the stairs?”

“Wu, wu, wu, this fellow……”

Finally, we took care of the two Dark Sacrifices with Ling Xue’s help.  Although the sixth floor monsters were very dangerous, it was very exciting fighting them.  Ling Yue had a headache while Ling Xue was filled with excitement, running around beside me like a little bird, unable to calm down.  She excitedly used a Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers to kill a Dark Sacrifice, but she aggroed a group of Dark Sacrifices which forced us back to the fifth floor.

Without knowing it, we had already leveled until five in the morning, but the girls weren’t tired at all because these Elite Monsters gave too much experience.  In five hours, Ling Xue had reached level 44, Ling Yue had reached level 47, I was at level 46, and Bing Cha and Purple Rhyme were at level 43!

Moreover, these Dark Sacrifices also dropped several pieces of cleric equipment.  They were level 40 Silver Equipment with quite a few healing increase effects. It was much stronger than the equipment Purple Rhyme already had, so she changed to the new equipment.

Finally, our group reached the end of the sixth floor and it was clear that we couldn’t go any further.  There was a thick iron door blocking our way.

Ling Xue came forward and reached out to push the iron door.  She couldn’t help smiling as he said, “So heavy, it won’t move at all…..”

I couldn’t help smiling.  That was normal, if Ling Xue’s petite body could push open the five meter tall iron door, it would be strange!

Purple Rhyme gave a “yi” sound at this time and pointed at the bottom of the door before saying, “Look over there, what is that?”

I was immediately attracted over.  I saw that there was a door knocker deeply embedded in the door and only a small part of it was revealed.

Ling Xue blinked before saying with a smile, “Little fool, pull out the door knocker.  Perhaps we’ll be able to open the door and see the end of the sixth floor!”

I nodded.  We had nowhere to go anyway, might as well give it a try.

I reached out my hand to grab the iron knocker and forcefully pulled it back.  Instantly there was the sound of metal grinding as the iron door in front of us fell down.  It blocked out the sky, would we still be able to keep our lives if it fell on us?

I was shocked and immediately pulled Ling Xue as we ran away.  Ling Yue, Bing Cha, and Purple Rhyme had looks of panic as they ran away.


The iron door fell and Ling Xue and I had just gotten out of the dangerous area.  We were covered in sweat because it had been too dangerous!

As the dust fell, there were several lights that appeared in the darkness in front of us.  The final boss of the sixth floor was finally about to make its debut!

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