Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 48 part 1

Chapter 48 Remember to throw it far away part 1
When Mu Yi Xue saw Long Xiao Yu walking towards Mu Zi Ling, her face 
revealed a sinister look.
She had naively thought that her beloved highness, the Qi King had indeed 
been listening to what she said. Since Mu Zi Ling had hit her earlier, she 
would now suffer from karma. The best thing that could happen, was if his 
highness, the Qi King, decided to divorce her.
However, why was his highness, the Qi King, standing so close to Mu Zi Ling?
With Long Xiao Yu in front of her, Mu Zi Ling couldn’t help but start to feel nervous. 
Why was everyone looking at her? She hadn’t meant to start laughing on accident. 
Was laughing even really such a crime? If she had tried to resist, she would’ve 
ended up suffering from internal injuries okay?!?!
Long Xiao Yu glanced at her, but remained silent. Then he slowly lifted his hand.
Now Mu Zi Ling had started to panic. Why had Long Xiao Yu raised his hand? Was 
he about to slap her? Was he slapping her because she laughed earlier, or was he 
slapping her because he watched her slap Mu Yi Xue earlier?
When Mu Yi Xue saw Long Xiao Yu about to slap Mu Zi Ling, she was delighted at 
Mu Zi Ling’s run in with karma.
Of course, she hadn’t forgotten to pretend to scream for him to stop. Pitifully, she 
tried crawling up to him to stop him, but she couldn’t. So instead, she tearfully 
sobbed, “Your highness, please don’t hit my sister. It was all Xue’er’s fault! I beg 
you to not hit my sister!”
Mu Zi Ling looked at Mu Yi Xue as if she was an idiot. Currently she was too scared 
to even think of laughing again, instead, she opted for holding in her breath.
Damn you Mu Yi Xue! How can someone be as hateful as you? You can even make 
your bad intentions seem good!
However, Mu Yi Xue really needed to practice her situation worsening skills. The 
words that she spit out could make a person feel sick. Thank goodness she had 
only eaten a pastry at the Royal Palace today, otherwise she would be throwing 
up by now.
If it was not because Long Xiao Yu was present, she would definitely slap Mu Yi 
Xue a few more times.
At this moment, all of the Manor’s servants were very confused and worried.
They all know that other than looking at the Princess a few times, The Qi King had 
never ever looked at any other girls. How would it be possible for him to slap the 
Princess because of another girl? However, his stance looked like he was about to 
slap her.

Normally, the Princess treated them very well, and she even treated them better 
than anyone else. Sometimes, she would also give them a lot of reward money. They 
all really liked this Princess.

At this moment, they all really hated the girl named Mu Yi Xue. She comes here every 
other day to throw a fit. She was clearly the one who was bullying, but now she was 
saying that she was the one being bullied. She rightfully deserved that slap to the 
face, so what was she still acting for?

However, the servants could only watch, and they didn’t dare to yell stop.

When everyone was holding their breath waiting for his highness Qi King’s hand to 
land on the Princess’s face, Xie bravely opened her mouth to stop him.

Just as Mu Zi Ling’s eyes were shut tightly, and she looked like she was about to get 
slapped, something warm suddenly appeared near her chest.
She opened her eyes and looked downwards to see that in front of her was the jar of 
soup that she took from the palace.
What was going on? Wasn’t Long Xiao Yu about to slap her? As it turned out, he was 
only here to deliver the jar of soup to her. His robe was really large, and he hid the jar 
of soup inside of it.That was why no one saw it.

“Once you finish with taking care of your matters go back in the Manor. Remember to 
be careful when you go out of the Manor these days.” said Long Xiao Yu coldly.
When he finished talking, he didn’t even wait for everyone present to process what 
has just happened, and he walked towards the Manor. Within the blink of an eye, his 
silhouette had already disappeared.

Such a dramatic scene made everyone stand frozen in their spots. This also includes 
Mu Zi Ling.

She also felt annoyed and angry. Why did she make up such a big scene with Mu 
Yi Xue? Although she couldn’t see through Long Xiao Yu, she still understands him 
a bit.
Long Xiao Yu looked like he didn’t even glance at Mu Yi Xue, and he didn’t even put 
her in his eyes. Mu Yi Xue would probably only believe what she wants to believe, so 
she probably doesn’t even know this yet. Even if she told her that the Qi King didn’t 
even look at her, Mu Yi Xue wouldn’t believe her.
In plus, what kind of person was his highness Qi King? How could he lack demeanor  
and slap a woman?

However, when she thought of the words that Long Xiao Yu has said earlier, she 
started to laugh again. Long Xiao Yu said that she could go out these days and not 
that she may not go out without important matters. This means that she could go out 
whether or not she has important matters to take care of.

Mu Zi Ling was so immersed in her fantasy of being able to go out that she forgot the 
two other words, be careful, that Long Xiao Yu said.
Now she doesn’t have to worry as much as before. She doesn’t have to be sneaky 
about leaving the palace anymore.
Although the words that Long Xiao Yu said before wasn’t the words that she wanted 
to hear, when she thinks about it carefully, Long Xiao Yu didn’t seem as hateful as 

“Young Miss, his highness has already left. Why are you still laughing?” asked Xie as 
she confusedly looked at the Mu Zi Ling who was laughing to herself.

As it turns out his highness Qi King wasn’t going to hit Young Miss earlier, instead,
he was just delivering something to Young Miss. She was almost scared to death. 
How could it be possible for his highness to hit Young Miss because of Second 
Young Miss? What kind of status did Young Miss have, and what kind of status did 
the Second Young Miss have?

“You saw it wrong. I was not laughing.” said Mu Zi Ling seriously as she retrieved 
the smile on her face.
Xie was suddenly laughing because of Mu Zi Ling’s expressions, “You didn’t laugh, 
you didn’t laugh. It was this servant who saw wrong.”

Young Miss has clearly laughed earlier, yet she said that she didn’t laugh. Young
Miss must’ve been laughing at the fact that his highness Qi King didn’t slap her earlier.
Mu Zi Ling then looked at the uncle Fu who standing in the group of servants, and 
she really wanted to say. This Princess will go out rightfully now. Let's see if you still 
dare to stop me and tattle tale on me.
Uncle Fu started to wipe away the sweat that was dripping down as he was being 
stared at by Mu Zi Ling. He was innocent! What was the Princess doing? Where did 
he offend this Princess?

Ever since last time, when his highness and Princess has a talk, the Princess 
started to act cold towards him and ignore him. The only thing that he has done was 
stopping the Princess from going out.
The Princess usually treats him pretty well to, so even if the Princess leaves the 
manor, he would not complain about her to his highness. He has even praised the 
Princess for being smart! Why was this ancestor blaming him now?


  1. I really love this scene!!! You go girl!! And too bad you didn't get your way bitch so go home and cry and leave them alone! But she's so silly with her laughing.

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