Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 52 part 2

Chapter 52 Awake, not calm part 2

However, Le Tian’s clothes were really suspicious. Also, why did he stay here for three days? Did he stay to cure her illness since she was asleep for so long?
“Why are you wearing that?” asked Mu Zi Ling out of curiosity.
How was Le Tian supposed to answer her question? Confess that he had been pulled out of bed at midnight by Gui Ying? That Gui Ying hadn’t even given him time to change? Was that really a good thing to say?
“Is there something wrong with the Princess’ body? Why were you asleep for so many days?” asked Le Tian, causally laughing as he tried to change the topic.
The only thing he wanted to know right now was how Mu Zi Ling had slept for three days.
Now, it was Mu Zi Ling’s turn to receive an unwanted question.
Should she pretend that her body was actually unwell right now? It was true that she was tired and hungry right now. Should she admit that she had been unconscious for so long since she was in the Stellar System raising ancient poison worms?
“No, it’s just that I haven’t been getting much sleep these days, so I was just catching up needed rest,” lied Mu Zi Ling with a fake smile on her on her lips.
Even Mu Zi Ling wouldn’t have believed herself, but other than that, she couldn’t think of any other excuses.
Le Tian didn't believe Mu Zi Ling at all. However, since she seemed so uncomfortable with coming up with an excuse, Le Tian could only laugh and drop the question.
When he was taking Mu Zi Ling’s pulse, he was certain that there was nothing wrong with Mu Zi Ling’s body. Instead, her body was in a very good condition. So why did she sleep for so long?
“Did your highness drink the jar of soup?” asked Le Tian, pointing to the empty jar on the table.
Mu Zi Ling’s eyes followed the direction that Le Tian was pointing at. Wasn’t this the jar of soup that she brought back from the Royal Palace? She had already emptied it, so how did Le Tian still figure out that it had soup in it originally.
“No, I didn’t drink any of it. Does Young Sir have any questions?” answered Mu Zi Ling truthfully.
Why would Le Tian ask this question? Did he figure out that something was wrong with the jar of soup?
Hearing Mu Zi Ling’s response, Le Tian’s heart settled down.
“I didn't have anything to do, so out of curiosity, I opened the jar to take a look at what was inside.I found something was wrong with the jar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it,” evaded Le Tian, once again.
He didn’t directly say that there was ancient poison worms in the jar of soup. He wanted to see if the Qi Princess actually knew what creature the jar of soup contained.
Hearing these words, Mu Zi Ling silently cursed in her heart. Who would look into a empty jar because they are bored? He definitely looked into it on purpose, but this time she wouldn’t argue with him.
Although she doesn’t know how high Le Tian’s medical skills are, she does know that  you would not be able to tell that it was a Heart Controlling Gu unless you are an expert on ancient poison worms.

However, she was already really impressed that Le Tian can tell that there was something wrong with the jar of soup. It was not a strange that Le Tian was not able to tell that the jar contained Heart Controlling Gu.

“There was indeed something in the jar.” said Mu Zi Ling calmly.

Since Le Tian could tell that something was wrong with the bowl of soup and told her, then there was no reason for her to act dumb anymore. She doesn’t know if Le Tian knew that this jar of soup was from the Empress, but she believes that Le Tian would not harm her.
“If Princess worded it like this, you must know what is inside of the jar?” asked Le Tian
He originally that that Mu Zi Ling would throw the question back at him, and ask him how did he find out that something was wrong with the jar of soup. He didn’t expect for her to directly tell her that there was something in the jar. Did she knew that there were ancient poison worms in the jar?
At this moment, the Long Xiao Yu, who was sitting on the soft bed unmoving, squinted his eyes in interest. As it turns out that this woman knew what was in the jar of soup. If this was the case, then why did she take the jar of soup out of the Royal Palace with her? Did she see something else in that jar of soup?

Mu Zi Ling didn’t respond to him immediately, instead, she turned to Xie and said, “Xie, I’m hungry. Go prepare something for me to eat.”

“Yes.” replied Xie was she was leaving. She didn’t think too much about this because Young Miss has not eaten anything for three days now. She must be very hungry.
After Xie left, Mu Zi Ling opened her mouth and said, “It was the ancient poison Gu.”
The reason that Mu Zi Ling got Xie out of this room was because she didn’t want Xie to hear the words that she was about to say. Xie was very inexperienced and was pure at heart. As for certain matters, she would not let Xie know and prevent Xie from worrying more.

“Ancient poison Gu?” said Le Tian as he pretended to be startled.
Although he already guessed that Mu Zi Ling probably already knew what was in the jar, but hearing such a calm response, he was still startled. He really didn’t admire the wrong person! This Princess was not so simple!

If Le Tian was started that Mu Zi Ling knew that it was the ancient poison worm in the jar, then the words that Mu Zi Ling was about to say would make him unable to be calm anymore and hug her thigh.
“Yes, it is the ancient poison worm. To be more specific, it was Heart Controlling worms that have not matured yet. They are able to control a person’s will and thoughts.” explained Mu Zi Ling calmly.
She was surprised when she first heard about this, so there was nothing to be surprised about now.

Long Xiao Yu was also shocked by Mu Zi Ling’s words. This woman truly wasn’t simple. She was even smarter than what he thought. He suddenly felt more and more interested to find out what other secrets Mu Zi Ling has been hiding.
When Le Tian heard these words, he was also unable to stay calm. Then he stuttered, “Heart… Heart Controlling Gu…”
What kind of person was the Qi Princess? How could she know about so many things?! She knows poison and medicine, but now she also knows the methods of ancient poison Gu! She even know what type of the ancient poison worm it was and could even tell its breed. He really wanted to kneel down to the Princess.
Le Tian has never heard about the Heart Controlling Gu, but he understood after Mu Zi Ling explained it. It was probably just used for turning someone into their puppet. The Empress was trying to turn the Qi Princess into a tool that she could use.
Now he has confirmed that the Qi Princess was not just any normal person for her to be able to see through the Empress’s tricks so easily.
However, since the Princess would be enemies with the Empress from now on, it would be a dangerous thing to do. No matter how strong Mu Zi Ling was, she still only has one head and two arms. It would not be safe for her to continue on like this alone. It was not guaranteed that nothing would happen to her in the future.
Le Tian secretly looked at Long Xiao Yu, and he saw that Long Xiao Yu was still sitting on the bed calmly. It was as if he was not interested in Mu Zi Ling’s words at all. Although he couldn’t tell what Long Xiao Yu was thinking about this moment, he was certain that Mu Zi Ling’s words did affect Long Xiao Yu.
His lips then curled up. Although the Qi Princess doesn’t have three heads and six arms, the Qi King does. The Qi King has more than three years and six arms.


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