Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 45 part 1

Chapter 45: Here to bring her back part 1
With the announcement of the Qi King’s arrival, the three people sitting at the table 
all looked up with a strange expression on their face. Then they all looked towards 
the door.

Today, Long Xiao Yu was wearing a dark gown with black lining. He was just as cold 
and arrogant as before. His whole body was emitting a calm and serious aura.
Mu Zi Ling was a bit surprised. What did Long Xiao Yu come here for? Did he know 
that she was here? You couldn’t blame her for thinking so narcissistically since there 
was no other explanation to this.

She would not believe that the high and mighty Qi King would choose to come eat 
at the Royal Palace. She would also not believe that he would come just to pay his 
respects to the Empress. That was just not something that Long Xiao Yu would do!
It doesn’t matter if Long Xiao Yu was here for her or not. As long as he was here,
she would feel safe no matter what happens.

Even if she didn’t have a way to deal with the Empress, she would be able to feel a 
heavy rock being lifted off of her shoulders when Long Xiao Yu came.
“So it is Third Brother. What made you come over here?” said Long Xiao Li as he 
stood up first.
Long Xiao Li was also very surprised that Long Xiao Yu came. If he recalled correctly, 
this was Long Xiao Yu’s first time coming to the Kun Ning Palace. Why would Long 
Xiao Yu suddenly pay them a visit today?
At first he thought of was that Long Xiao Yu came because of Mu Zi Ling. He turned 
his head to look at Mu Zi Ling, but then he shook his head. That’s impossible.
Long Xiao Yu didn’t bother with him and ignored him.
Long Xiao Li has already gotten used to Long Xiao Yu ignoring him, so he did not get 
angry and continued to eat his meal.
Then he pushed the plate, that Mu Zi Ling pushed away earlier, back in front of her, 
and he started to considerately put food on her plate again. He was also looking at 
her very affectionately, and he started to put more and more food onto her plate.
Long Xiao Li’s moves were just to tell Long Xiao Yu that he had his eyes on Mu Zu 
Ling. Then he happily thought that Long Xiao Yu would gift this woman to him one 
The eye signals that the Empress has been sending Long Xiao Li was completely 

Only now did Mu Zi Ling recover from her shock and return to normal, but then she 
saw a whole pile of food on the plate in front of her. She rolled her eyes at the food 
that Long Xiao Li has piled up on her plate, and then she pushed the plate of 
overflowing food far from her with a handkerchief.

This plate has been touched by Long Xiao Li earlier, so she doesn’t want to touch it .
If it was not because of the situation right now, she would’ve already busted out and 
dumped that plate of food on Long Xiao Li’s head. Who cares about his identity and 

Long Xiao Yu would probably not care, but she was still the Qi Princess! Long Xiao Li 
even dares to put food on her plate right in front of the Qi King?! This beast was
really a deadbeat that was not afraid of anything. What was he thinking about now?

Since Long Xiao Li has been angering her time after time again, then he couldn’t 
blame her for doing this. She took out a liquid from her sleeve and dripped a few 
droplets on her handkerchief.

This time she would not let Long Xiao Li be able to stay near woman. All of his 
concubines were gone, and there was also not that many commoner girls for him 
to steal. After abstaining for so long, then he could only go to the brothels. This time, 
she’ll make sure that he’ll never want to leave those places.

“This son greets the Empress mother.” Said Long Xiao Yu apathetically, as he carried 
no expressions on his face. It was as if he did not see Long Xiao Li affectionately 
putting food on Mu Zi Ling’s plate and didn’t see the eye signals that the Empress 
has been sending Long Xiao Li

“Since Xiao Yu came, then let's eat together!” said the Empress amiably.

Compared to Mu Zi Ling and Long Xiao Li, the Empress was a lot more calm than 
them. She still acting like a motherly figure and ignored the fact that Long Xiao Li 
was affectionately putting food on Mu Zi Ling’s plate.
However, at this moment, no one knows that the waves in the Empress’s heart has 
already gone crazy. How could she not know what Long Xiao Li’s moves meant 
just then? Xiao Li was usually very quick-witted, so why was he so stupid now?
She knows that the reason for Long Xiao Yu to come today, was most likely because 
of Mu Zi Ling. If this was the reason behind his arrival, then it would be impossible 
to get Mu Zi Ling to drink that bowl of soup.
However, ever since Long Xiao Yu come into the room, he did not even glance at Mu 
Zi Ling a single time. It was as if Mu Zi Ling was not the Qi Princess. No, it was as if 
she did not exist.

This made the Empress very confused, and this also made Mu Zi Ling doubt if Long 
Xiao Yu was really here for her.

“There is no need for that. This son has stuff to do.” No matter if the words the 
Empress said was to be kind, Long Xiao Yu didn’t want to receive the Empress’s 
kindness at all.
Has stuff to do? Now Mu Zi Ling understands what was going on. Long Xiao Yu was 
looking for the Empress to discuss something and not here to look for her. It was 
even more impossible for him to come here and eat. All along it was her who thought 
too much about this. She was just the Qi Princess in name. Other than that, she was
basically a nobody. Why would Long Xiao Yu come here because of her?
After hearing these words, Long Xiao Li started to act narcissistically. He thought that 
Long Xiao Yu wanted to to talk to him. He thought that Long Xiao Yu understood his 
moves back then and wanted to gift Mu Zi Ling to him. The chopsticks in his hands 
froze and he laughed, “Third Brother, let’s go talk outside.”  

Long Xiao Yu truly doesn't like women, so this time he would kindly help Long Xiao 
Yu. Not only would he not lose anything, he would also gain a beauty.
“This son takes his leave.” said Long Xiao Yu simply

After he finished speaking, he walked out before the Empress could say anything

Long Xiao Yu’s moves even made the Empress believe that he was looking for Long 
Xiao Li. This meant that her plan could continue.
She can tell that Mu Zi Ling was not suspicious at all about the soup, and that Mu Zi 
Ling was truly happy about it. The more the Empress thought about this, the happier 
she became. As long as Mu Zi Ling drinks the bowl of soup, then her plans would go 
as she has planned.
Mu Zi Ling felt sad inside and bits of pain slipped into her heart.
She didn’t care if Long Xiao Yu was not here to look for her, but why did she still feel 
sad? She was sad that Long Xiao Yu was ignoring her when he came in. He didn't 
even look at her and treated her like air. Afterwards he just left like that.


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