Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 33 part 1

Chapter 33: His coldness part 1
Mu Zi Ling didn’t feel like explaining to him any more, and she gave him a look that told him to believe whatever.
Then she got on the carriage, found a comfortable spot to sleep, and told the coachman that they could start leaving.
Long Xiao Ze saw that Mu Zi Ling was ignoring him,and he didn’t dare to go bother her while sleeping.
He was thinking to himself foolishly on what methods his Third Sister in law used to get Boss Ye to sell her the shop.
Suddenly Long Xiao Ze screamed out loud, “Oh no! Third Sister in law, did you use the honey trap on Boss Ye?!? You can’t do that!”
If Third Sister in law really did use the honey trap, then what can they do?? Third Sister in law was so pretty, that boss would definitely be attracted.
Only the heavens knew that Long Xiao Ze was not screaming out on purpose. He was just thinking and screamed out unconsciously. When he realised that he had screamed it out, it was already too late.
Mu Zi Ling, who was resting with her eyes closed, was startled by the loud scream.
She sucked in a breath, then she could hold down her anger anymore. Her veins started to show, and she put all the energy in her body into her legs.
Without hesitating for a single moment, she furiously kicked Long Xiao Ze out of the carriage. Then she screamed, “You go use the honey trap!”
Just like this, poor Long Xiao Ze was so smoothly kicked out of the carriage. Then he screamed with unprecedented brutality, “Ah!”
The coachman in front, Fu Lin, was startled by the person that suddenly flew out of the carriage. He couldn’t leave here just like this, but he couldn’t not go either so he quickly stopped the carriage. He then timidly asked, “Princess, do we wait for Sixth Prince?”
“Ignore him, keep going.” said Mu Zi Ling calmly.
That stupid Long Xiao Ze! He really knew how to pick the right times to scream. After countless times now, he still wouldn't give up. She was even starting to wonder if it was because Long Xiao Ze’s skin was too itchy and was looking for a beating.
Fu Lin saw how intrepid the Princess was, so he didn’t dare to disobey her orders. Then he looked at the Long Xiao Ze who fell on his back with pity, and whipped the horse before leaving.
Inside the carriage, Mu Zi Ling was rubbing the foot that was hurting from her kick, and then said, “It is finally quiet now.” She crossed her arms and she went to sleep comfortably.
When Long Xiao Ze saw the horse carriage drive away from him after getting kicked out of the carriage, he was extremely regretting his decisions. Why did he have to bother Third Sister in law while she was asleep?
“Pei, Pei!”

He finished spitting out dirt from his mouth, and then he stood up sorrily.
Then he started to chase after the carriage screaming, “Third Sister in law, don’t leave me behind! I don’t want to walk back! Wait for me! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
His only reply was a glimpse of the carriage driving off.

When she arrived at the King’s Manor, she coincidentally met Xie and others who came back from the Quiet Garden.
“Young Miss, this servant has successfully brought the medical ingredients to the Quiet Garden. Ru Yi also stayed behind to help out. Everything you told this servant to tell the general has been relayed to him as well.”
Xie walked in front of Mu Zi Ling and described everything that happened at the Quiet Garden today.
“Ok, did my father say anything?” asked Mu Zi Ling dully
“The General wants you to take care of yourself, and go look for him if you need anything.” replied Xie happily.
In the past, the General had always been neutral towards Mu Zi Ling. Now that he was so caring towards the Young Miss, she was also very happy.
Mu Zi Ling also smiled back. It looked like this dad started caring about his daughter. It didn’t matter if it was because she was going to save Li En, or because of some other reason that he suddenly started to care about her.
However, it could also be because they didn’t interact much in the past, so he treated her so indifferently. She believed that their relationship would slowly get better in the future.
Mu Zi Ling remembered that she was trying to buy a shop, so she asked Xie, “Xie, when I married over, how much gold coins was my dowry worth all together?”
Xie thought for a bit and then said, “Young Miss, it would probably be worth about three hundred fifty thousand gold coins.
Three hundred fifty thousand gold coins… She was still missing a hundred thousand gold coins. After buying the shop, she would also need some money for renovating and hiring people. She would need money for everything.
Where could she get the money from? Only now did she realise that other than knowing Long Xiao Ze, she didn’t know much people.
She didn’t want to go look for Long Xiao Ze anymore, since she had already scammed him so many times. Although Long Xiao Ze was willing to give her money, she still felt a bit bad.
“Xie, go organise my dowry and sell it all tomorrow. Then go change it into banknotes.” ordered Mu Zi Ling to Xie.
As for the money that was missing, Mu Zi Ling had already thought of an idea on what to do, the only problem, was whether or not Long Xiao Yu would come home tonight.
“Young Miss, why do you have to change it into banknotes?” asked Xie confusedly. There was a lot of precious jewelry in Young Miss’s dowry. If she sold everything, then what would Young Miss wear in the future?
“I found a shop for sell today, so I’m going to buy it and open a medical store. Don’t worry, I will earn all the money back.”
Mu Zi Ling didn’t mention that the shop she was going to buy, was next to the Night Rain restaurant. That way, she didn't have to worry about Xie asking about everything just like Long Xiao Ze.
Although she was her maid, but she usually guarded her tightly. She also takes out the Long Xiao Yu card every time, along with the fact that she was a Princess. Then she says that Mu Zi ling shouldn’t do this or she shouldn’t do that.
What Mu Zi Ling actually wanted to say, wahs that everything she did, had nothing to do with Long Xiao Yu. She only had the title of princess in name. In addition, she was a person from the modern times. If everything she did was restricted, then she would be very intertwined.
Open a shop? Young Miss wasn’t missing clothing or food right now. Why did she need to open a shop?
Although Xie was very confused, she didn’t ask any questions. Young Miss must have a reason for why she was doing this. As long as Young Miss didn’t do anything heavenly shaking, then it is fine.
“This servant understands.” replied Xie.


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